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  1. Finally back home and the Evora was introduced to the dog wagon, a slightly fettled but aging 335i Having not seen a metallic grey Evora before collecting my car this morning I was pretty nervous about whether I'd like the colour. I needn't have worried, I absolutely love it. I do think it needs the red leather and brake calipers to offset it. Car is dirty now, but it's going to be my daily driver so it had better get used to it. I think it wears the grime well
  2. The weather wasn't great today and after some interesting roads initially, most of my journey back was on rain soaked motorway. One of the things that has impressed me most has been how well the Evora handled the job of refined cruiser. I'm going to have to play with the radio settings though. During a motorway stop I found another use for the hot engine
  3. It's a little later than I'd hoped but I'm home now and my two year old is in bed so it's time for an update. One day down and 300 miles into ownership and it's fair to say I'm smitten. Ian at MMC has been a great help throughout me purchasing the car, and I had been looking forward to meeting him at collection. Unfortunately other work commitments dragged him away and Branden had to step in. Really glad to meet him though and he did a great job with the handover. Cheesy picture of me collecting the car.... looking tired after traveling up to Edinburgh the night before
  4. That's my route sorted then, cheers
  5. After what has seemed like an age waiting to collect my car, I'm now sitting having a coffee and waiting for the dealer to open. 18 minutes to go! It's been long enough from the test drive that I've forgotten many of the details and the driving sensations. I do remember that I liked it and the overwhelming need to have one in my life. After picking it up I've got a long drive back home to get reacquainted and some of the running in miles out of the way. I'll try to post some pictures later if anyone is interested. It's a metallic grey 400 with black pack, red leather and forged wheels. 13 minutes now.....
  6. @Colin P Collection day is getting close. How are you feeling? I'm getting quite impatient
  7. Cheers @JayEmm I'm probably the opposite of technologically inclined! My current plan is to download some stuff from the BBC iplayer on to my phone and then playback from there. Sounds like it should be doable. How are you getting on with your plans to upgrade the speakers in yours? I remember seeing a previous thread. Is everything on hold whilst you get the seat sorted?
  8. Morning all, Quick question that I haven't been able to find the answer to by searching. I'm facing a 4 hour journey home next weekend after I collect my new car. Will I be able to play music back through Bluetooth from my phone (HTC1)? I need to be prepared so that in not stuck listening to radio 1 the whole way..... Thanks in advance.
  9. I love a car thread that involves dog pictures. I'm actually tempted to start an 'post a picture of your Evora with a dog' thread of my own but not sure how it would go down with cat lovers. Car looks lovely, congratulations
  10. That is a big compliment to the 400. Did value for money play a big part of your decision, or did you decide purely on the merits of the cars?
  11. @Colin P damn it, you just made me go back and recount. You still win though...
  12. Although I love cars and always have, I've struggled over recent years to actually get excited about anything enough to spend my money on. The 400 is the first car in an age that has properly got my juices flowing. I remember thinking after my test drive that it's like a drug that I need to have more of.
  13. This is more like it, keep it coming folks. 10 days until I collect mine and I can feel the excitement rising
  14. That's a very kind offer, but I think that I'm just going to bite the bullet and order one so that it's here for when the car arrives. If it's no good it's easy enough to send back, but I want to be able to take my daughter out in the car as soon as possible. It's all part of my grand plan to turn her into a car enthusiast so that we can gang up on my wife at the time of future car purchases....
  15. That's good enough for me. If you'd come back and said that they were a pain in the bum it would have rung some alarm bells though.
  16. @theelanman How are you getting on with the YSH now that you've had them for a month? My daughter is just about 15kg now so could get away with the Milano, but part of me is still reluctant to move away from a more substantial seat like the young sport. Has anyone tried the monza? I know it was accidentally discussed earlier in the thread when it was mixed up with the milano. I can't find any specs stating it's length, but I do like the idea of the isofix attachment. Sorry to drag this up again!!
  17. @Gm77 Lovely! I had a bit of a wobble last week about my soon to collected car being metallic grey. I haven't seen this colour in the flesh yet and I was worried it maybe a little dark without enough contrast with the black pack. Photos like the one you posted above go a long way to reassuring me that I made the right choice. Feel free to post more
  18. I bet long beach blue, the signature colour of the m2 would look good too.
  19. I've never met Brandon, but I can confirm that Ian is a top chap and a pleasure to deal with. To my eyes, the contrast between a bright colour and the black pack look really good on an Evora. I really like the lotus orange, but it's a very personal choice. I'd be curious to see how Riviera blue looks on an Evora, or as an outside choice how about Porsche ultra purple or birch green (colour of the 918 brake calipers)?
  20. @dhm a spec that I obviously approve of. I haven't actually seen the metallic grey in the flesh so if be interested to hear your thoughts. I think that the relatively sober exterior and red leather combo will be pretty special though. Having said that, I'm sure I'll be a bit nervous when I see the car for the first time....
  21. @mcx Just add a few hills and it'd be perfect..... I do love the orange with black pack. I think it really accentuates the shape of the car. Lovely
  22. @CocoPops that's exactly the idea. Get it sorted properly in the beginning to save time and effort down the line. I take it that you're happy with the results? I have to say that your car looks stunning in photos.
  23. I think that I've missed the boat on that unfortunately. The car is already at the dealers, although hasn't been registered yet. MMC are going to pass on the name of someone that they use for applying film, but as I've not had to do this before I thought it prudent to check out other options and see what's on the market. My wife's not sold on the colour so I need to make sure the car is looking its best the first time she sees it!
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