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  1. Morning all. I'm pretty excited that come the end of the month I'll be the owner of a brand new Evora 400. The car will be my daily driver and will live out in the open under a large beech tree. I'm sure that you'll understand that I'm keen to keep the car looking it's best and I'm looking into some form of detailing, paint protection and film application being applied before I pick the car up. The dealer (MMC) is happy to allow me to organise a detailer to carry out the work. Does anyone have any recommendations on what products I should be looking into, and any companies in the Edinburgh address that carry out the work? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm not sure about that exact car, but speaking with Ian at MMC today it seems that they've been having some problems with their website and cars have been showing sold incorrectly. It might be worth a phone call if you haven't already spoken to them.
  3. Until I get my hands on my new car I'll have to satisfy myself posting some photos from the extended test drive I had over the weekend. I was out of the house by 5am to cover some of my favourite roads before they got busy. Thanks to Oakmere for being so generous with the loan. I didn't buy the Orange car in the end, but if anyone is interested I'm sure Tom or Simon would be able to sort a good deal out. Car was stunning in the flesh and got plenty of attention.
  4. As Colin said, that one sold but I guess that Murray Lotus must have liked the spec so much they ordered another the same. BTW Jayemm, thanks for the videos and updates. As others said they have been instrumental in persuading me to take the plunge. Hope you get the niggles sorted soon. I take heart in the fact that the majority of niggles I've read about in the forums are just that, minor annoyances rather than major issues.
  5. It's a spec that I'm very happy with but it differs from that which I set out looking for. I was originally going for either signature silver or metallic orange. Having now paid a deposit on this one, I've come to the conclusion that grey with red leather is obviously best :-).
  6. I've been lurking for a while, waiting until i found a car before I signed up. As of about 10 minutes ago it looks like I can be added to the list. 2016 400, Metallic grey, black forged wheels, red calipers, red leather, black pack, manual. I'll be collecting after 25th August sometime. I'd like to say thanks to Ian from Murray Lotus if he's reading this - he managed to put together a deal that seemed too good to miss. Looking forward to the collection day already.
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