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  1. I think that the whine that you're hearing might be the supercharger spooling up. @Alfo86 How was the car when you recorded the video. Both windows up or down? Sport engaged or not? Car up to temp? Etc... I'm not promising anything but next time I'm out I'll try to get some video of mine so that you can compare. Also, what phone did you use and was it just the phone mic? Will try to get as close to like for like as possible.
  2. Especially a car as rare as the Evora. It's not that likely to be cloned is it??? If mine was cloned I'd be getting straight in touch with @Gm77
  3. I keep coming back to look at this, it's fair to say I'm quite taken. I'm in half a mind to enquire as to the cost of swapping mine for this. I'd have to do a deal to keep my forged wheels though..... @Kalli any updates from today?
  4. I firmly believe that whatever colour car you end up with you'll love! Keep us informed
  5. @Colin P That event at oakmere was my first drive of the Evora and I took that green car out to try the IPS It was impressive but I decided to stick with manual in the end. Sounds like a similar situation to me when I bought. I found an unregistered stock car at a price too good to refuse. It worked out about £5k cheaper than 'best' price that Oakmere wanted for the orange demonstrator with 3000 miles. £5k is very persuasive when choosing colour!
  6. @Colin P do you mind me asking what the premium on the toxic green would have been? I love my metallic grey but I have an aching for colour on my next car.
  7. And green. I appreciate the you've already discounted some of these but thought they might be useful for others looking too. I'll give you that
  8. Not sure of the blue, but don't think it's Essex Boring white
  9. How about an orange with black pack? And here are a couple of photos in others colours in case it's useful. I collected them whist looking for mine... Signature silver
  10. pickle

    Evora Sport 410

    If it's anything like the 400 the engine will keep loosening up and getting stronger. I'm 3500 miles in and it's feeling better all the time..... and I thought it was good to start with.
  11. It's the only reason we had her in the first place
  12. I love parking in the parent and child spaces at the local supermarket (with my 2 year old in the back of the 400). The looks of disgust at the thought of some flash git in a sports car abusing the spaces, changing to confusion as my daughter climbs out is priceless....
  13. @Colin P what charger did your phone come with? I'd have thought you could just use the cable from that to plug into the USB connector in the glove box.
  14. See, there's always a silver lining
  15. Mine is an early car (LOTUS lettering on dash, different pedals, leather insert on boot lid......). Apart from a battery that got replaced under warranty I haven't had any issues. I'm 5 months and 3000 miles in. Although the problems that James has had are terrible I wouldn't want them to put anyone off this remarkable car.
  16. The diamond cut alloys look very nice, do you have any photos side on?
  17. I just can't resist snow photos...... Doubt I'll be going anywhere today. Quite like the way the car looks a bit like one of the clay models used in the design process.
  18. pickle

    Evora Sport 410

    I always assumed that an S in an acronym stood for 'sport', e.g. RS. Does that mean the mps4s is a pilot sport 4 sport? Two sports must make for a very good tyre
  19. pickle

    Evora Sport 410

    @JT73 seems like a 410 will be firmly on my shortlist when the time comes. . Maybe they'll have brought out a targa version by then.... @Snoopy1969 I used to take my old lurcher out in my v220. He used to sit in the passenger seat strapped in with a harness. I would get plenty of attention like that. Maybe I should explore options with my current hounds - turn them into petrolheads
  20. pickle

    Evora Sport 410

    @RJB Thanks, it's great to share the experience of 410 ownership to some extent through reading your posts. Pictures are always appreciated too I'm intrigued to hear your thoughts on whether the charges to the 410 over the 400 have compromised it at all as a pure road car. My 400 is my daily and I suppose that some would consider this compromised when compared to a hatch or SUV, but I am more than happy living without multiple cupholders or the ability to put my dogs in the boot (I suppose I could still technically do this but it's not advisable) for what I get in return. If the 410 offered additional dynamic improvement and a greater feeling of 'specialness' I'd be happy to live with more NVH or a harsher ride. I have little or no interest in taking my car on track, so if that's the only place that the improvements are felt then the 410 is probably not for me.
  21. pickle

    Evora Sport 410

    Has anyone driven, viewed or collected a 410 this weekend that we can talk about?
  22. I ordered the new jet yesterday morning and it arrived today via Royal Mail. It probably took me less than 5min to swap the jets over and I'm pretty pleased with the results. Like @Benmac I found the spray caught the bottom edge of the access hatch, and there's nothing obvious that could be done to stop it. It's only a minor niggle though (although perhaps why lotus went for the crap standard option??). It's a big improvement for a small outlay and a few moments of your time. Photos below:
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