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  1. Great write up. Interesting to read and I agree with most of your points in the 'Impressions list' I too have had my 2015 Evora for 7 months coincidently. Not done as many miles, but I do use it on a regular basis. Same as you, I am surprised how easy the 3 of us can fit in the car, (Wife and 5 year old son) no problems at all, and he loves being near the engine and near me on car journeys. I too would like the seating position to be slightly lower. I have friends who have Porches and they are amazed at the interior quality and the build quality, even the way the door shuts nicely with a nice sound. I have a IPS and the gear change is very good, and the blips on the down gear is great. Happy driving, hope we get lots of dry days over the winter!
  2. Superb! Thanks @Kevin Wheeler really appreciate this! I will enter the thread and join in the discussion
  3. OH WOW @Bibs that is incredible; thanks for the reminder.... As I said in my post, there is no reason why I shouldn't have made the purchase 3 years ago at the time of that comment... P.s: I hope that there's no way of your knowing how many times I have logged on to this website in the last 3 years!!! LOL
  4. So, I am a long-term admirer of Lotus and the Evora specifically is a car that I have wanted to own for many years. And the time was right in Feb this year as the right car in budget came up (2015 2+2 IPS) I have 1 child (4yrs old) and a wife, therefore the 2+2 is used by the 3 of us and he has plenty of room in the back for him and some his toys / backpack on the 4th seat. (The way the seat is higher in the back with a raised roof in the back, ensures he is sat safely via ISOFIX and he has a great view of the road, plus he loves being near the engine in the back and so close my me at the same time) I still think the Evora is the world’s only mid-engine 2+2? I am mid 30’s and my last few cars have been Automatics and the last was a Jag 3.0d Auto. I like Auto Transmission as my daily commute for work is approx. 100miles, and therefore I do a lot of Motorway miles then slow town traffic at the end of the journey. Therefore, this led me towards the IPS gearbox for the Evora. When I first drove the IPS on a test drive and even since ownership my view is that the IPS gear box is great, it changes gear at the right times, its smooth and Its not too different to my previous 2014 XF gear box for ease of use. BUT, this is a big BUT, when you select the ‘Sport’ mode, the car is AMAZING, its so different to any other car that I have ever driven. It downshifts the gears so quickly and gives you so much speed and excitement. The car really fells like a Super car when in Sport. The quick downshift, the responsiveness isn’t all that’s positive, the noise is great as it opens up the exhaust and also the downshift ‘blips’ are very addictive as the car makes a ‘blip’ sound and revs when downshifting which sounds great and the excitement of that isn’t wearing off! When driving with friends (Who have owned sports cars, including Porsche) are amazed at the quality of the leather, the seats, the dash, the door handles, the way the door closes with a reassuring soft shut, and not a clanky bang, the ride is comfortable. The Sat Nav and the Stereo work really well and a smooth connection via Bluetooth. As I say above, I could drive 100’s miles in one sitting with no negative side effects in comfort. I’m currently on 29.5mpg which I think is amazing (As above, I do a lot of Motorway miles, which helps) To summarise, there was no reason for me to wait all these years to get an Evora. Prices haven’t gone down, it easily can be used as a daily car and I love driving it every time. There’s a lot to read on these forums, and this will help us all make the right purchase, and being patient is key. I wanted to write the above as I’m sure there’s other people like me, in a similar position who are pondering and reading this forum every day multiple times (As I was!!) – Which actually drove me to a point of frustration and a addiction of searching classifieds on every possible website. So to now own a Evora is a welcome ‘relief’ (Not sure if relief is the right word, but I’m sure you know what I mean) I recently parked the car at a restaurant and when leaving followed a few mid aged male friends who I didn’t know, and I heard them look at the car and comment that my car was a nice model of Ferrari. To make the purchase even easier / smooth, I purchased via Silverstone and Aimee who were brilliant. Very supportive in the sales process and providing information and detailing etc. I’m certainly not a lotus expert or a technical / mechanical expert, but If anyone has any questions, please ask me, Ill be more than happy to help. Loving this website and forum and always a joy to read and even today I saw 003a make a post introducing his new great looking Top Gear car and he also shared a Evora transfer sticker, which is great!
  5. Love this! Im going to print it and put it in my Sons bedroom too,,, oh and my study!
  6. It says in the advert its a 2+0 but pics show 2 back seats
  7. Im in the exact same boat, I have been looking daily (OK 5x daily) for the right Evora at around the £30k mark, I am looking at NA as I will be using as a daily driver, so the fuel economy benefit and the cheaper buying price will be good too. But I too, have seen a few cars come up that are SR and 4 years newer at only £8k-£10k increase in price, and I too am thinking that it may be worth the stretch to £40k as the SR come with a lot of extras that I am looking at for a Daily Driver car.
  8. I noticed that no one has mentioned the cheapest Evora 2+2 on Autotrader currently. It's 2011 silver with Tech & sports pack. £29k. With low mileage at 28k miles. Reg is SY60 BWB in the Bristol area. Is this Reg / Car known to the forum members? Its been advertised for a few weeks now; is there anything to be aware of? If has full service history according to the advert. Thanks
  9. Hawks


  10. Great video guys @Bibs. I have been reading this forum for months with great interest, but joined today just so that I could comment on the Video. - As the other guys said, great style of delivery with the humour and detailed commentary. I am hoping to be a Evora owner soon; after months of research, so I hope to add more comments later this year!
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