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  1. Martin Your solution I am sure will have a positive result with many owners around the world. I am very interested to see a full service guide with photos and parts used. Your work in been noted and thank you for sharing your solution.
  2. This ABS switch has been a battle for a long time now.. When I has the chance to buy a few and help some others I did'nt and now they are all gone!! Its so crazy to think you can loose your car for a switch that does not exist any more. Is there anyway we can bypass this ABS crap!?
  3. See you all @

  4. Steve WOW this is a dream of mine to see a few Esprit together like that especially in Melbourne. Hope we get enough interest in this part of the town to do the same. Just in case someone from Melbourne would like to start the same please contact me on [email protected] PS: It will also be nice to list any cars from your trip that are not register with the Australian Esprit registry to contact me on the same email as I would love to display them on the web as we have with yours. Tony
  5. Here is mine with memory which provides the lowest vacuum and the max boost during the trip.
  6. Dave I have done this work testing almost all chips available with the stock turbo before I replave to the improved ball bearing unit. My advice is that if your turbo is healty dont change it!!!! If all work good with your car you should get the power you are after for up to 10 seconds defore the temp catches up with the unit. If you have changed the fuel pump and the secondary injectors you can go to chip #6 red hot otherwise go for the #5. I have done dyno many runs on my car with all these mods stage by stage which you can view at .. if you need more help please email me and good luck! PS: to produce the power you should have every part of the car should be working 100% dont just blame the turbo. Some times I wish I had my original unit back since the responce was fantastic as per the dyno runs !!!
  7. I agree with the note above its will not be worth it if you are not prepered to do going though some more mods to see the effect. I have done this on mine and dyno tested before and after with no real big change. The change came on some extra mods which I apply and the best of all was the exhaust system. My notes can be found here in case you need more info. On the other hand avery little clean up you can do will help if you add them all together you may see thesome results. If I was you I will start with the fist two mod stages on my pages before pulling anything else apart... HINT: Be careful playing with the turbocharger!!!!
  8. Dave, This sounds more like an electrical fault or something could be wrong with the fuel sensor inside the tank. Start working on the connection of the fuel before looking inside sensor insoide the tank or even the back of the gauge. You may require a servise manual for this to make your life easier. Is sound like a earth issue to me.
  9. Thanks mate will do !!
  10. Love them if you can contact me please [email protected] Tony
  11. I got non genuine rubbers for my S4 locally and they look the same as the original. If you get stuck let me know and I will ship them out to you Contact me on [email protected]
  12. Make sure you clean the terminals of the switch when you do inspection. I had the same issue and the only fault I found was dirt on the electical contact of the switch. Good luck! PS: I believe the lights will not come on when you take the two pole wire off the switch. If you do this you need to short the wires together to duplicate the close ciruit the switch does so be carefull of your fault finding prosess between the mechanical and electical system.
  13. Hans I have just completed with all many of the many of the upgrades on my S4 performance on the duno as I went with the changes. Happy to help with any information you need. I would be very carufull with the choice of turbo if you go that way. See here email me from this site if you need info Tony
  14. I can say that the diffrence is small in performance maybe 2 to 3 HP however the sound is notisible on the 2.2 ltr cars. I am not sure about the V8 yet!!
  15. Will do.... Thanks guys You all have save the day!!! Really appreciated!!
  16. Dave you are right!!! In fact the local Lotus dealer provided me with this part number!!! but I never checked it I suppose trusted his part!!! DEALERS HHHHHHHHHHHH
  17. Thanks guys If thats the case the reference parts list is wrong. I hope you are right !!!
  18. Thats what I thought but the people at K&N are saying the opposite have a look here as I thought the K&N pan is 33-2784 But the products listed at K&N are not saying that.
  19. Guys does anyone know what is the correct part number for the V8 Esprit K&N filter? I am trying to locate the right size but I am getting mixed messages from suppliers. The Lotus part number I have which should fit all V8 including the Sport 350 is A907E6182Z and I would possibly need two of them. Can anyone help with the K&N part number please!!! Thank in advance
  20. Dave, Sorry I missed your question. I have solved the issue with the ABS error light coming on so when you get the convesion fitted tested and if you get the error contact me for the solution. Please email me here as I may missed the post here [email protected]
  21. I have just completed the conversion which allows me to go back to the original look anytime I need. However I dont believe I will ever go back as I love the look and finish of the LED conversion. I am about to take some photos and upload them to the lotus Australia webisite for all to see. PS: I have also solved the issue with the ABS error for the early esprtit as well. The conversion we use comes with wirring, LED lights, and panel. If you need more info please email .. [email protected]
  22. Jim, This part has been an issue for many moths now. No one seems to know where can we source it any longer even Lotus and GM has now stopped providing the part. I can tell you that I know of a single part available in Australia and if that goes I am not sure what we are going to do. Please contact me if you find a solution to this item as I would like to put it back on the cataloque. Tony [email protected]
  23. Nigel, I have done this exercise Please ready on this page and you will find what you need regarding the original weight.
  24. Mick, I dont belive the IAC can cause this fault at high revs. however make sute its adjusted to .065 volts in freescan. You are welcome to get a log also and provide this to the forum for the experts to analise. This fault can be caused by a number of fault condition so lets start with the log first. I hope someone else can provide you with more details. Good luck
  25. WOW!! and I thought I was the only one with an issue. Unfortunately this proves my original issue with the turbo we also received from WC. There is a long post on this forum regarding our experience WITH WC PRODUCTS. I got pretty much the same outcome from WC engineering blaming everything else but the his turbos. I ordered a new complete unit Stage 2 as he calls it!!! The car did not produce any boost at all as per our dyno runs and major test to resolve the issue. We started believing that we had an issue with something else in the car as per WC's recommendations. We return the Turbo back to WC after replacing everything in the car and replaced it with a new stage 1 this time his provided.... The results were the same of course. After 4 months changing everything on the car we looked carefully at the WC turbo again and we replaced his useless wastegate he provided with both turbos to the original we had from Lotus... and there it was!!! the BOOST was BACK... Since we had the boost back we looked at the performance which was no better, in fact 30 HP down from the original factory setup. Dynos test are provided in my post on this matter in this forum. We opened his turbo to review the unit and compare it with the original housing we still had. We also found WC's housing has smaller inside wall diameter from the original at list 2mm so we replace the exhaust housing with the original and we got back the HP we lost from the stock turbo. So over all the WC turbo's we received were not designed properly and would never made the power he promised. Clearly the product is not good enough and we will not ever go near it again. Since we spend so much money on his product and shorting out the mistakes hi never admitted generated from his product we ended up with a turbo that is producing the same HP as the original a power delay @ 3.8k due to the design. I know some people had no issue with his product but I cant see how when we tried everything possible to get his product working for our local market. Unfortunately the after sales support was not quite there where it matters. More importantly an apology was never mentioned regarding the evidence we provided at a high cost to us or even money back for the product. So if you buy WC be prepared for all these issues!! We now like to think that Stephen R&B tunning from Germany may have the right answer to all these issues but due to high cost all ready spend on the WC product we are unable to test further. But it will happen it time. Funny how we got more help from people who never provided anything than the source its self... well thats life!!
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