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  1. My Exige with EX460 kit and quite some more stuff delights me during 10+ Trackdays a year. I only can agree to what Wilbert said this kit is very reliable even under hard conditions.
  2. Hi Jack, thanks for the speed reply. I'm just a hobby driver and probably not even a good one. I'm driving on tracks with Trofeos and also with a sequential with LSD. My major concern with the stock ABS is not so much the ice mode, which I only experience after jumps when accidentally braking while not all wheels have ground contact. Probably my braking technique is not yet ambitious enough to force the ice mode under normal conditions. The - in my eyes - limited corner braking capabilities are my major concern and I was hoping the Motorsport ABS could improve on that significantly. Do you know if your garage had to replace all the sensors (wheel speed, gyro, etc) or was it possible to use some of the existing periphery like loom and/or sensors? Your plan with the brake booster sounds very interesting and I'm looking forward to hear more about it once you have it and If you don't mind. Cheers, Rainer
  3. Hi Jack, are you sure that your ESP is still working? Would you mind sharing the contact details of your race shop? Best Regards, Rainer
  4. 88°C - 92°C at 32°C ambient temperature, 86°C - 90°C at 24°C ambient temperature, 83°C - 87°C at 3°C ambient temperature. (car is from 2014)
  5. I'm not sure if you can add CAN bus signals to HLT. They need to be decoded and calculated. To my knowledge there are no further signals available then RPM, Throttle, Brake, Clutch, Steering, Wheel speeds, DPM mode (tour, sport, race, off) . The stock Exige has no oil temperature sensor. The PIDs and calculation you can get out of the lua script above. Those are the PDIs I decoded: PID 162 : Wheel speed 1 and 2, and Car speed PID 164 : Wheel speed 3 and 4 PID 276 : break switch, clutch, throttle, DPM, RPM PID 133: Steering
  6. Hi Tomprout, what do you mean exactly? The code above is for the lua interface of race capture pro mk2. It reads and decodes the following signals from the CAN Bus: RPM, trottle, Brake, Clutch, Steering, Wheel speeds, DPM mode (tour, sport, race, off) In addition the engine power is estimated. Do you use a race capture device in conjunction with harrys lap timer?
  7. For all the guys having the same challange is here the lua script for accessing and decoding the main CAN bus signals. I also try to post the configuation for the UI-based can bus integration soon. SampleRate=25 setTickRate(SampleRate) CAN_baud=500000 CAN_chan=0 initCAN(CAN_chan, CAN_baud) g_Clutch=0 g_GpsSpeed=0 I=0 rpmId=addChannel("RPM",SampleRate,0,0,8000,"1/min") steerId=addChannel("Steering",SampleRate,1,-360,360,"Deg.") brakeId=addChannel("BrakeSw",SampleRate,0,0,1) DPMId=addChannel("DPM",SampleRate,0,0,10) clutchId=addChannel("Clutch",SampleRate,0,0,1) TPSId=addChannel("Throttle",SampleRate,1,0,100,"%") GpsSpeedKmId=addChannel("GpsSpeed",SampleRate,1,0,300,"km/h") speedId=addChannel("OBDSpeed",SampleRate,1,0,300,"km/h") speed1Id=addChannel("Speed1",SampleRate,1,0,300,"km/h") speed2Id=addChannel("Speed2",SampleRate,1,0,300,"km/h") speed3Id=addChannel("Speed3",SampleRate,1,0,300,"km/h") speed4Id=addChannel("Speed4",SampleRate,1,0,300,"km/h") powerId=addChannel("Power",SampleRate,0,0,500,"PS") AccelTotId = addChannel("AccelTot",SampleRate,2,0,2,"g") function brakeFilter(value) return,0x01) end function clutchFilter(value) g_Clutch = 0 if(,16)>0) then g_Clutch=1 end if(,32)>0) then g_Clutch=2 end return(g_Clutch) end function processWheel(id,data,offset,modul,factor) local highByte=data[offset+2]%modul local lowByte=data[offset+1] local value=highByte*256+lowByte value=value*factor setChannel(id, value) end function processDPM(id,data) local value=0 if([5],128)>0) then value = 1 if([6],8)>0) then value = 2 if([5],64)>0) then value = 3 end end end setChannel(id, value ) end function processSteering(data) local steer=0 if data[2] > 127 then steer=(data[2]-255)*256+(data[1]-255) else steer=data[2]*256 +data[1] end setChannel(steerId, (steer*0.09)) end CAN_map={ [162]=function(data) processWheel(speed1Id,data,0,32,0.0625) processWheel(speed2Id,data,2,16,0.25) map_chan(speedId,data,4,1,1,0) end, [164]=function(data) processWheel(speed3Id,data,0,32,0.0625) processWheel(speed4Id,data,2,16,0.25) end, [276]=function(data) map_chan(brakeId,data,5,1,1,0,brakeFilter) map_chan(clutchId,data,4,1,1,0,clutchFilter) map_chan(TPSId,data,3,1,0.3984,0) processDPM(DPMId,data) map_chan(rpmId,data,0,2,0.25,0) end, [133] =function (data) processSteering(data) end } function onTick() I=I+1 processCAN(CAN_chan) local GpsSpeedKm=getGpsSpeed()*1.609344; local rpm=getChannel(rpmId) local speed=getChannel(speedId) local AccTot = (getImu(0)*getImu(0)+getImu(1)*getImu(1))^0.5 setChannel(AccelTotId,AccTot) if(GpsSpeedKm ~= nil) then setChannel(GpsSpeedKmId, GpsSpeedKm) g_GpsSpeed = GpsSpeedKm if(GpsSpeedKm > 20) then startLogging() elseif(GpsSpeedKm < 5) then stopLogging() end end if(rpm ~= nil and g_GpsSpeed>5) then local m = 1300 local cwa = 0.4*2.034458 local rho = 1.2 local FAcc = m*getImu(0)*9.81 local FAir = 0.5*rho*cwa*(g_GpsSpeed/3.6)^2 local FRol = 9.81*m*0.01 local PowerMot = 1.136*1.36*((FAcc+FAir+FRol)*g_GpsSpeed/3600); local gain = 0.2; g_PowerMot = gain*PowerMot+(1-gain)*g_PowerMot; setChannel(powerId,g_PowerMot) end end function processCAN(chan) local msg=0 repeat local id, e, data=rxCAN(chan, 0) if id ~= nil then local map=CAN_map[id] if map ~= nil then map(data) end end msg=msg+1 until id == nil or msg > 100 end function map_chan(cid, data, offset, len, mult, add, filter) if offset+len > #data then return end offset=offset+1 local value=0 local shift=1 while len > 0 do value=value+(data[offset]*shift) shift=shift*256 offset=offset+1 len=len - 1 end local cv=value*mult+add if filter ~= nil then cv=filter(cv) end setChannel(cid, cv) end
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  9. Hi, I wonder if anybody is aware about the PID's and coding of the following signals on the CAN bus: TPS, Clutch Switch, Brake Switch, RPM, Steering Angle and Wheel Speeds. The background of my question is that I have the RaceCapturePro MK2 package which has an open source firmware. Now I like to aquire the signals above in a higher time resulution then possible via OBD. RaceLogic have decoded the signals so it's possible. I'm grateful for any suggestion. Cheers, Rainer
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