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  1. 172369188456 item number. Waiting on getting the carbon tips back from Hangar 111 for the exhaust but will be listed by Wednesday hopefully.
  2. Chrisc

    Evora s exhaust

    No point really. It will only sit there gathering dust Plus I will wait for the 400 to drop a tad, or search for a 410.
  3. Will be listing these two today, if anyone is interested. both almost new!
  4. Chrisc

    Evora s exhaust

    I have a Komotec with Carbon tips if your interested.
  5. 114NM? And they still just turn? Thats not good. Sometimes some of the softer wheels will feel like they keep on turning, but ultimately do stop.
  6. What torque setting are you using? What bolts? Decent quality? And material?
  7. Chrisc

    V6 exhaust

    Still looking? I have a Komotec with carbon tips for sale.
  8. £400 with next day delivery if anyone wants a V1 set. Proper carbon mirrors as well, not the cheaper versions. Or collection is welcome. These are £480 with customs.
  9. Sorry, it was the mounts that have turned up! Just got back in the office today, and they are here. Mirrors are in the post office, but will be here tomorrow If anyone is interested in buying these, then let me know! As unfortunately the Exige has gone, as planning on an Evora for next year.
  10. Looking good! Are the ends not solid to screw in to? And how do I level them up? Just by eye?
  11. Wish I could say the same lol. Although up to an hour they are very good, but over that it does start to twinge!
  12. If it's in anyway, then makes sense to let Hofmanns do it. There almost certainly will be a bit of air in each, but as you say, no point in wasting more fluid if it's getting done anyway.
  13. Haha there you go! So many miss them! But yes, multiple pistons, so two bleed nipples per caliper. Inner first, then outer
  14. Do you do the inner bleed nipper first on each caliper? Then the outer?
  15. Do you think you could do anything with the base plate then? As its shaped, i take it a carbon plinth would be a nightmare, so perhaps vinyl?
  16. I went up to Snetterton on Wednesday, and its 190 miles away from me. Ride up was ok, but after an hour or so, my lower back was not too good! Way back was not good, and kept having to stop. Anyone got a good lumbar solution or can recommend anything? As im doing Spa and zolder, but not looking forward to the drive now!
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