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  1. Hopefully someone will confirm, but the doors look identical, so I'm 99% sure they are.
  2. Personally i would get a proper pressure bleeder, and then your not risking killing the master cylinder either. I bled mine a couple of weeks ago, and so easy with the proper bleeder. Just pump it up and then work as you would do normally. Using the brake pedal method is very time consuming, and get it wromg and you will just get lots of air trapped. get one of these!
  3. Soon I hope! And ones obvious, it's just the other two
  4. I've just done the same thing It's just how to get to them!
  5. How do the old mirrors come off? Had a look today, but the window seal covers most of the holes, well looks like it
  6. I wonder if they will do the same colours on the new TVR! Tuscan was the one that always stuck in my mind.
  7. I listened to that on max volume, and it doesnt sound like mine although have they changed something from the Exige to the Evora? Bar the 50 extra horses That sound would annoy me, but again its difficult hearing it off a phone.
  8. Sounds good! Though i want mine asap mirrors will be two weeks, so hopefully both turn up at similar times have you thought about a carbon diffuser? Or a carbon roof? Personally i am not keen on the newer 350's matte black bits, so maybe the roof and front cover could be done? Not sure how many would like carbon versions
  9. How do you mean? Do the new ones not come with one? I like my pull out version
  10. Liquid yellow! Dont see many, and such a lovely colour.
  11. It was the solenoid, but I took it out and cleaned it, now it's OK. £290 for a new one, but it would be under warranty anyway. I can't see how you can reverse the hoses though. As I tested the solenoid, and the correct way round, when the valve is open it will release the vacuum from the tube, but won't if it's the other way around, so it would stay shut anyway. If it plays up again, I will just unplug it, as I always have it open anyway!
  12. Looks like a few of us have placed orders for the mirrors
  13. Just to note, that the V1 do not come with the base plates anymore, so perhaps some vinyl wrap just on that small portion. My car is black, so pretty easy to match. Though others may want the V2 so its easier
  14. As above, the new exige could have all sorts added to it! And why not a SSC charger or Komotec? More power and would get a chunk back if you sold it later.
  15. I have gone for the V1, as i personally think it looks better. There is a plate supplied, so no mounting holes can be seen after. And they are in gloss black, as i hate the dipped look. Mirrors are a proper 2x2 weave, as actual carbon. Mounts will take a few weeks, and mirrors should be shipped today fingers crossed
  16. That was the main thing I wanted to see! And from the pics it looks good. Will see when they are here, but fingers crossed it looks neat and like it's supposed to be there!
  17. Chrisc

    Exige LF1 Wanted

    There was one at Hofmanns when i bought mine, although in for a service. I think the owner was considering selling, well from what the guy i was speaking to was saying. Maybe worth calling Pat and seeing.
  18. Or the above must admit, the Exige is the only car ive ever had them on.
  19. They are better for aligning the wheel, and also wont take the paint off! I have titanium bolts, so cant comment, as they are fine.
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