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  1. Well i saw this photo, and fell in love! Something i have always looked at and thought "oh dear" was the mirrors, and these look great! mine are on order and should be here in a few weeks! new plate should be on this week as well! And yes a weight saving again lol
  2. Chrisc

    Alps Tour

    Looks like an amazing trip! I think next year i need to get on more of a road trip. Love going to Spa or the Ring, but not many roads to entertain me! Just motorways
  3. I see in the new 350 sport, that the heating and vent control panel has been updated. So can you actually see if the aircon is on or off now? Rather than sticking your hand over it and trying to peer in plus the newer start/stop and headlight buttons, can they be retrofitted?
  4. No, the exhaust valve is always shut. With no vacuum it's open, so safety if the vacuum line breaks I suppose. But as mine has vacuum all the time, the exhaust valve is shut, so quiet mode. Does not open when it's revved either, but only stationary. When moving, put it to race or Tour, and no change at all. Plus the override switch does nothing. Must be the valve, luckily it's in at Hofmanns for a service tomorrow! So will get them to take a look, and change it fingers crossed.
  5. Just part 12, as that is from the hard line to the rubber hose (part 12) then to the exhaust. Ive always thought the exhaust was quite quiet really, so perhaps a faulty solenoid? Im sure its supposed to open, as the EPV system should mean its open at higher revs. No matter what i do, race mode - no difference, race mode with exhaust override - no difference. So it must be the solenoid, unless its supposed to be a vacuum when at standstill?
  6. Having a bit of an issue. Should the exhaust valve always have pressure from it? As my exhaust always seems to be closed, no matter what setting I put it on. Remove the vacuum line and it's constantly got vacuum on it, so silencing the exhaust! I wondered why it was quiet! Surely it should have no vacuum when in race mode?
  7. I would disconnect the battery, but it looks simple enough. I should know soon, but just waiting on my removable steering wheel!
  8. I have a new set of satin black TD 1.2-1.3 with new Pirelli Trofeo tyres. Tyres are balanced and fitted with black weights. Though wont be cheap, but cheaper than new! Only reason i may sell, is because i have found a set of forged wheels that are coming up for grabs, but a lot more money.
  9. Thats a very good gain then! Umm cable ties for the mounting being so light, i would have thought you could strap it down with a decent band or velcro strap. Wont go anywhere! Will have a look, as. 1.5 kg for the bracket is crazy!
  10. If you are using spacers, then its a no brainer. But other than that, its really just on your choice. Studs are easier with changing wheels, but only marginly. I would not worry about the hubs! Make sure you get a decent set of studs, and not alloy ones! One thing, is they do rust, and quite quickly. Unless you get titanium, which are my preference.
  11. To be fair, change the tips and it would be ok. Just they are awful! Looks like it would be fairly light weight though.
  12. I would be interested as well, as 15kg is quite a bit! going to look into what makes the cup so light, and have a look at weight loss!
  13. The Larini was the first aftermarket exhaust ive heard in person, and it was a superb sound! Tad loud for track, so could not buy one unfortunately. Otherwise i probably would of
  14. Better front axle? Do you mean more camber and wider front tyres? Also they use Cup 2's as standard as well. But imo i dont think the front axle is a better design than the Exige. camber, as we all know does need to be addressed on the exige, but other than that its pretty good. Certainly as a road/track car, then being the design of a Radical or Formular oraintation, its not far off the best you will get.
  15. Is a bit strange! And with the torque of the V6 you would of thought it would decimate most things really. Obviously driver dependant. one thing i was impressed with, people were saying the Cup Exige was around 2.45 around Spa. And a racing driver in my mates track prepped M4 runng 550bhp did a 2.45 as well. E92 M3 was 2.48, again track prepped and 460bhp. The M4 was very quick, well i had similar but without the suspenion and components he had.
  16. The Komotec with the valve closed is very quiet for what it is. Perfect for noise restricted tracks, but you may have to ease off past certain points of the track possibly. Even valve open its not too bad actually, certainly seems the best aftermarket exhaust for track so far.
  17. Aero! More aero, slower top end. That's what I day anyway
  18. Yeah i will do! Be nice to see a few more on track
  19. Won't even go into the Porker engines then To be fair Lotus using the Toyota 1.8 charged unit, and now the V6 is music to my ears. Best suspension and best engines. Imo of course lol
  20. That speaks volume for the cayman to be fair, and not the first GT4 like this either.
  21. Its probably as they are more road going, and the Cup etc are for track. Personally i prefer more camber and neutral toe, but many prefer a bit of toe out on the front, as better turn in. I suppose if they did 1.5 degrees camber, there is not a lot of improvement past that, so start neutral and then people can adjust as they see fit.
  22. Had a quick look this morning, and the tube was in half so thats the switch over issue! Managed to find some heat resistant tubing almost the same as the stock tube, so that will be going on tonight! Luckily there is an access hole i can get my hand into, otherwise i would not be happy
  23. I cant believe how little front camber the exige runs! That's the first thing to adjust, then it really does take corners so much faster, and understeer is reduced significantly. Slightly wider front tyres is always good, though comes with some sacrifices as well.
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