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  1. Competition car insurance will cover 6 track days, if the car is a second car. Or im with Manning, as they include track days, as long as the organisers are a member of ATDO.
  2. I was thinking the same, but then normally its just extra noise, and i find the stock system does tend to drone a tad. Im not really after extra power (just yet) just a nicer roar (scream) from the V6! If they are not a nightmare to fit, i may look at doing them, and with some 200 or 100 cell cats. But then obviosuly a remap after. although anyone know what the stock cell rate of the cats is? And by fitting 200 cell would i need a remap? As most sensors are ok after 200, just not any less.
  3. That really does sound epic! Love that so so much would just the rear box sound similar though? As often getting rid of the cats changes the note a fair bit. Think im sold though!
  4. From the looks of things either Komo Tec or 2bular seem to be the best for track, but 2bular do seem to be a much longer wait. Do many run the Komo Tec version on track? As a switchable exhaust would be great, and theirs does not have a power drop off between the open and closed valve. Seems good! I need to find some more sound clips, or find someone with one who is not a million miles from me
  5. I can get my boy in the boot!
  6. 6.5kg is great considering the standard wheels are not exactly heavy as such. They look great as well!
  7. Such a nice colour! Can you buy the rear louvre vent, and change it for the glass rear ? Save some weight, and gets some heat out!
  8. Very true! Comapred to BMW M prices the Lotus is just Perfect to get bits for. No more £1200 for a diffuser or £700 for brake pads at last! I will be ordering mine end of next week, just need to sort the airbag bits out.
  9. If anyone is selling their Exige and has one of these, then there is probably a list of people who want them! Me for one lol
  10. Umm thats weird, as i edited my post! I did speak to them, and he has eveything bar the wiring for the airbag in stock. do i need part 5 on the diagram in the previous page? Or do i use the original? And wiring for the airbag, or can i get it coded out? As the cup does not seem to have any wiring for it,
  11. I got quoted £900 for this! So not sure if its gone up considerably. where is the best place to get the boss, wheel and any adaptors etc?
  12. I saw that one in the flesh, and it did look very good! Not many for sale though
  13. Shame Akra dont make anything, though it would probabaly be £5k if they did! Crazy prices
  14. Ould be nice to have a V6 track day. Or test day for Nitron 1 way and 3 way! As this will be the route i go as well. Very well made as well.
  15. I remember with the Radicals, if I you were running slicks then the baffled sump was a must really. I suppose some of the more track focused tyres being so good, then the same would apply. So Trofeo, Cup 2, AD48, ZZR etc etc. For the piece of mind, the accusump maybe a perfect solution.
  16. So the stock exhaust is the only one then? And the sport exhaust Lotus do? seen anyone modfy the stock exhaust? As i found a pcture of one opened up, but now cant find the thread. Maybe a better option, as then you can tailor it a tad more. Though no weight loss
  17. I would love a titanium exhaust, to one save some weight and secondly sound a bit better than the stock exhaust. I cant have it too loud as dont want to be getting black flagged for noise. Any decent lightweight systems which are still suitable for track and still are switchable from an actuator? Ive heard the Larini exhaust, and that sounded very nice!
  18. I will play with the button a bit more then away on holiday next week, but then will book up s soon as i am back. Hoping to do spa on the 4th and 5th of September as well, as i love it there! Hopefully the Corsa's will be good at donny, as will probably be the national circuit, so very suited to the Exige obviousy. Cant wait now! how many have removable steering wheels?
  19. I thought that would be the case, just it does not seem to do much will get some pics up asap!
  20. I am looking to get the quick release steering wheel, well the first mod i will do! Getting out is fun
  21. Hello new people after a long line of M3's, and an M4 i have gone and got an Exige S. From the moment i test drove one, i knew it would put a smile on my face, and something the M4 never did unfortunately. So a 2014 Black Exige S with Race and Premium packs, and im very happy! it will be a daily for me, and a track day or two a month as well. couple of questions though the exhaust valve button, is that supposed to work all the time? As to open and close the valve, no katter what mode you are in? As in Tour it is closed, and sport it will open, but i take it the button wont just open and close the valve? I may opt for 2 way Nitrons depending how Donny goes, and they seem to be the best for the Exige. But what tyres are people using? Trofeo? Or 888R or maybe AD48's. Difficult, as im so used to heavy beasts! Thanks, Chris
  22. That it one gorgeous looking beast!
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