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  1. 10-15 track days????? I got five days at best from the Cup 2! That's brilliant getting over ten to a set!
  2. Glad you got it ok Enjoy the sound! Remeber leave the hose off (plug it) for a better sound
  3. That is me lol. And yes, arrived with their new owner today! To be fair I may get the trofeo again. Really impressed by them, and I've tried a fair few tyres now. Though if they last four track days, then no better than the Cup 2's I normally use.
  4. Yes they are very nice! But ultimately not £1000 with almost new Trofeo A very nice gent purchased the wheels today, so will be winging their way very shortly to him
  5. All I said is that I didn't think it was the best to reach people. Althoigh I didn't realise it had so many views, so it obviously it is the best, just no one wanted the wheels Having a free forum is great, and I'm sure everyone appreciates it. And I didn't even realise that was done by the same person. So thanks to Bibs!
  6. Exactly, so many people always after bits! I stripped one of my E46 M3 verts in three weeks! All parts down to the chassis itself. A whole car in parts gone in under three weeks, now that's some going
  7. Sarcasm, how nice. Yes I know it's free, but I just did not get any genuine people asking for any details. I know it's the wrong time of year, and probably why I had no genuine interest. Just I thought I would of had more people asking questions off there. I am used to BMW though, where if it's not sold in a day, something is wrong. I meant no offence by the way
  8. Deleted lol. Will put a post up there, but ultimately I'm not sure who uses that lotus for sale. Not the best!
  9. Mine definitely says Komotec, and on the tips obviously. I'm sure the actual box says Komotec, certainly didn't come in a box that said capristo! What tips did you get with it?
  10. Its probably a very good system. The original was one of the best sounding exhausts i have heard, bar they are too loud for track. So this one may well be the answer, if it passes noise tests
  11. Exactly. But weirdly i had two people who said they didnt want one as it was not suitable for track! Although i bought mine as it seems the best suited to track!
  12. Its open normally anyway, so dont have to do anything. And yes olug the end, as its a vacuum line, it will suck all sorts otherwise. mine was defintely a lot better like this. Although the Komotec is not a great deal louder than stock (ideal for track) then this just made it sound perfect for me! Pops and sounded great when decellerating and on wide open throttle.
  13. In the end i disconnected the vacuum line, as found in sport mode it would keep shutting the valve even with the override. And sounded much better just in the open position. Valve closed its like stock, very good! It is louder than stock, but not larini loud! Mine was 102 static, and no issues with drive by. Well made and a nice exhaust, shame they forget the tubing all the time!
  14. Haha yes times are hard lol The ZZR do seem to last longer no doubt. So a good choice! If you decide you want a spare set for track, then these are here
  15. If anyone is interested, then please let me know. Prices are negotiable to get them sold! Although im still waiting on getting the tips back for the exhaust, but they will be like new!
  16. Pm me when your ready, as at work but I can call later if you wanted. The exhaust was supposed to come with the extended vacuum line by the way, just they missed it out. Luckily Hangar 111 sent it down asap
  17. I was actually impressed with the quality, especially on the mirrors. Although the writing was a tad inappropriate ideally. They would have been fitted if I had a car to put them on
  18. The Komotec is certainly worth it! Stock exhaust is ok, but ultimately I think the Komotec made the car. It's certainly not too loud like some, and the perfect balance. I was on track with the valve open, and no issues either.
  19. You could of had my wheels and tyres for £1000! crazy how much some of the tyres are, especially for how long they last.
  20. The plan was to store the Exige for the winter, but after having seen the Evora 400, and what may be the new exige model for mid 17, then I was not sure. So a call to Hofmanns, and then within a few days the Exige was gone not something I wanted, but it's pointless stuck in the garage. Plus I just could not live with it as a daily. A truly amazing car, but I think the Evora would be better for me! And saves £200 a month on the chiropractor
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