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  1. was my car, gone to another enthusiast. higher price than suggested by the dealers, and probably as good as it'll get in the current market.
  2. thanks Bravo, yes it is my car, and only going as I had recently purchased a Cup430.
  3. Hello, Many of you will have good knowledge of this I'm sure - I wanted to know if an Exige V6 Cup (with Lotus Motorsport exhaust) will be able to get through a 105db static/92db driveby (from 20m away)? There is a Goldtrack day coming up this Thursday 22 March, but before booking just want to be sure! Thank you!
  4. Thanks Farook, first post on here. Yes, I have bought Paul Neale's old car - currently in storage and will have some of the cosmetic bits put back to standard before spring!
  5. Hello, Having previously posted a wanted 2 months back, I am still after a V6 Cup, so long as it is not matte black..perhaps now the trackday season is over there may be better choice? Very flexible on colour and spec otherwise. Please PM me.. Thank you, Dharam
  6. Hello, I am unsure how to contact you re: this car - however, please could you send me an inbox message with a telephone number or more details. There is no name on the forum from which I can contact you Thank you!
  7. Hello, My first post on here..I have never owned a Lotus and looking to buy a V6 Cup in a private cash sale. Have been following the market for some time and see one for sale online at Targa Florio Cars that has now sold (matte black). If you know of one (or if you have one that you wish to sell), please do let me know. Thank you
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