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  1. Hi all, Been doing some maths using 3 cars which are currently on the market: 2015 Evora S Sports Racer - £48k 2013 Evora S Sports Racer - £42k (Actually up for 43k but unsold for a while so possibly overpriced) 2011 Evora S - £36k So that's roughly a £6k drop in asking price every 2 years or £3k per year, obviously you then have to figure in the dealer margin when trading in/selling.
  2. In order for a 400 to be £50k in 12 months then they are going to have to lose about £1k per month based on current prices, I've been looking in the classifieds and they aren't really going down that fast. There have been a few SR's up in the 45k-50k mark which have sold over the last couple of months. I'm just trying to work out which is the safest place to put money depreciation wise if overall cost isn't really the problem. M11 Evora S - £35k MY12-15 Evora S SR - £45-50k Evora 400 - £60-65k
  3. I know nobody can predict the future but what are peoples thoughts on depreciation per year for 2014/2015 sports racers around the £45k-£50k mark? With the 400 coming out do you think they are still likely to drop a bit?
  4. Thanks everyone for your suggestions so far! My main reason for going for IPS wasn't really preference for an auto, I've just read that the manual gearbox was the weak point of the car and there have also been some premature clutch failure problems. How much improved are these two areas on the Sports Racer? If I go for a manual this obviously opens up a bigger market, including the car below, what do people think of it? Seems more expensive than other Sports Racers which I've seen up for sale or would you say it's still reasonably priced? Thanks in advance, Neil
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  6. Hello, Long term lurker on here, think I have finally decided the Evora is the next car for me, unfortunately I know the exact spec I want and was wondering if there's any numbers available in terms of each build to let me know if I'll ever get what I want, which is below Sports Racer Ardent Red Evora S with IPS gearbox Thanks, Neil
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