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  1. My understanding is that it is the fact that the word LOTUS has been replaced by the word LEGS which makes it distorted. To use the new Lotus Logo we would need to have a trade mark licence from Lotus to use it. I thought it best to take down the distorted logo and in the short term replace it with a Saltire. @C8RKH Andy, I think if you were to distort the PORSCHE logo by replacing that word with another e.g. PORKER, the folks in Stuttgart would have something to say about it. Intellectual property is a big thing to large corporations. In my business many years ago one of my Man
  2. I have been contacted by Lotus Cars and asked to remove the "amended" Lotus logo from the online sites due to the distortion and unauthorised use of the logo. I have therefore replaced the original LEGS Logo with the Scottish Flag.
  3. Hi Andrew, I am not sure given the restrictions in Scotland on meeting up with other households that we can organise a meet this weekend. Here is a copy of an email I received from Ed Foster at The Rhynd Cafe near Leuchars. Nothing to stop folks from going out for a drive independently and stopping by for a coffee and bacon butty! Weather dependent I may go out for a drive around Fife on Sunday morning.. Hope you're well, and getting through lockdown OK. As you might have guessed, with current restrictions, we can't officially organise Bacon and Brakes this Sunday mo
  4. Thanks guys, I took a stab at it and went 35 fronts 39 rears.
  5. I have mislaid my handbook and wondered if a GTE owner can advise on tyre pressures for road use. Fronts 235/35/19 Rears 275/30/20 Thanks in advance.
  6. That’s a pity, we’re heading North to Braemar in the Motorhome on Friday. We could have met up with your group at Duns with a Lotus this time. Enjoy your trip and the museum.
  7. Met up with this lovely group of people and their cars at services on M6 North on Wednesday. @Kevin WheelerHope the rest of the trip goes well and the weather improves for you. What day are you at the Jim Clark Museum?
  8. Yes, #8 is a stunning car and I am the current owner.
  9. Great meeting and lovely breakfast. Thanks to @Andrew C for organising this.
  10. Brilliant idea, I'll be there with my bacon roll and coffee.
  11. Obviously tonight’s announcements mean that all breakfast meets for the foreseeable future are cancelled. Stay safe.
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