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  1. bingoking


    Yes myself and @Al. will be there from 10:00am, give me a call when convenient and we could meet up and you could sneak us on to the McL stand under your jacket
  2. This is your chance to drive your pride and joy around Knockhill and be part of the official launch of Caterham in Scotland! The Leven Car Company are delighted to announce that we are hosting an exclusive track evening at the famous Knockhill Circuit on Thursday 18th April for our Aston Martin, Specialist and Lotus customers. Our event will be running from 1pm - 8pm and we have split the event up into two sessions, the first being from 1pm-4pm and the second from 5pm-8pm. Helmets can be supplied, however drivers can bring their own, and drivers should wear warm clothing and trainer type shoes. We are also excited to announce that we have been chosen to be the official partner of Caterham in Scotland, therefore this spectacular evening will also act as our launch event... and we certainly have an incredible line-up for you all! During the evening we will have static displays from Aston Martin Edinburgh, Leven Lotus Edinburgh, Leven Specialist Cars and Caterham. Our expert and friendly team will be on hand to have a chat with you or answer any queries that you may have on any of our cars. • Sir Chris Hoy is expected in attendance for the day session ONLY, performing hot laps for customers. • Lotus will also be putting on a show, with factory input. Yet to be confirmed. • Caterham CEO; Graham Macdonald will be in attendance with his Caterham race car. • The Aston Martin factory at Gaydon have promised us something special for the evening, which is yet to be confirmed. • Caterham to provide cars for on track demonstrations, posing an opportunity for all to experience what the legendary Seven is capable of on track. Cost: £80 per vehicle *Spaces are highly limited, so act fast before you miss out! *Leven Car Company is not liable to any damage to vehicles on track and vehicles are used at owners risk, no insurance provided. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW Leven Lotus Edinburgh are excited to announce that we are hosting our first 2019 breakfast meeting at our showroom on Sunday 3rd March, from 9am - 12pm. Our team, including our new Sales Executive, Laura Montgomery and our Aftersales Specialist, Ian Campbell, will be on hand for a chat and a coffee at the recently refurbished showroom. If you own a Lotus or any other sports car, we'd love to see you here socialising with fellow owners. Breakfast rolls, coffees and teas will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there! Dates: March 3rd, May 5th, July 7th, September 1st. Address: 26 Bankhead Dr, Edinburgh EH11 4DJ REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW Aston Martin Edinburgh 22 Bankhead Drive Edinburgh EH11 4DJ Leven Lotus Edinburgh 26 Bankhead Drive Edinburgh EH11 4DJ Preferences | Unsubscribe
  3. Please respond directly to Leven Lotus by using the hyperlink here.
  4. until
    A reminder that our regular monthly breakfast meetings from 3rd February onwards will be at Mannerstons Cafe and Farm Shop , unless an alternative venue is posted up on the forum.
  5. You are correct on one front Mark, times change and other commitments get in the way, in my case it is Switzerland and further travel before I can’t do these long trips or motorhoming on the continent. On the other point when I had my DB9 I went along to one AM meeting for dinner and thought never again, that was 5 years ago. The AM crowd were just not the same as the Lotus fraternity. Hope you have a good turnout today and a consensus on going forward with future breakfast meets. Thanks for your help in the past. Today’s room with a view
  6. Thanks for replying Andy. I now have this vision of you with a bricklayers trowel I am sure Mr Trump will manage to build his wall without you Yes we have had some great meets and runs over the years and I am a bit sad that it might not continue. Even if there are no regular meets organised in the future, anyone is welcome to post up on the forum if they are organising an impromptu run and I am sure a few others would tag along if they knew about it. I really hope a regular venue can be agreed on so the breakfast meets don’t fall by the wayside. Enjoy Mexico! and make sure you wear a sombrero to protect you from the Kind regards Brian PS Just about to PM everyone again as a gentle reminder for Sunday as no one has added their name to the list yet although @Alfa2Evora and @Al. have said they will be there.
  7. Thanks John Times change and folks have other interests and nothing wrong with that of course which is probably the main reason for dwindling enthusiasm for breakfast meets and attending shows etc. I do hope one of of our regulars steps up to the plate to help Al. in the future with our meets Hopefully the breakfast meets will continue, possibly at the same venue each month or whatever interval is deemed appropriate. Kind regards Brian
  8. Thanks for your reply and suggestions for future meets. Nothing wrong with your suggestions but it does need someone to organise the away days etc. Organising a regular meet at Powmill or another venue is probably the way forward so that the meets don’t fall by the wayside. Brian
  9. until
    So 2019 is almost upon us and I hope you and your families have a great Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year. The first meeting of the new year will be at Corrieri's Cafe, Causewayhead, Stirling, FK9 5LH on Sunday 6th January 2019, usual time 10:00am - midday. We have been here a few times before and parking is arranged across the road from the Cafe.
  10. So 2019 is almost upon us and I hope you and your families have a great Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year. The first meeting of the new year will be at Corrieri's Cafe, Causewayhead, Stirling, FK9 5LH on Sunday 6th January 2019, usual time 10:00am - midday. We have been here a few times before and parking is arranged across the road from the Cafe. I would urge as many of you to attend as possible with or without your Lotus as there are a few things to organise and decide on for the coming year. There has been waning interest in the breakfast meets this year and if they are to continue we need some fresh input as Al. is offshore for a month at a time and has very little internet connection when he is away. I have been doing this for 9 years or so now with Al. and it all started at Powmill Milk Bar with me @Al. and @hedgerley deciding to meet up on a monthly basis for breakfast. After a couple of meets it was suggested that we take the meets around the country which we have done, however it takes time to contact the various venues to organise the meets. I thought that when I retired a few years ago I would have more time on my hands to do the organising as I like to visit new venues in advance to check them out for car parking, seating etc and to speak to the owner or manager of the venue. We have had help from various people over the years and for this I am very grateful. As most of you will know Jackie and I like to travel and it has been quite difficult to fit in the organising. For example, as in previous years I am not available from New Year until end of March possibly mid April this year as we go to Switzerland in the winter. We have a a big trip later in the year down under and will be away for 8 weeks. Looking at the calendar it means that I am not available to attend or organise at least 6 or 7 meetings this year so what I am really saying is that if the meets are to continue we need someone else to step up to the plate on a more permanent basis and help Al. organise these. A couple of suggestions going forward and to be decided at the 6th January meeting: Revert back to the original format and choose a venue that is happy to take the group each month. This would be my favoured suggestion as once organised there is no further organising required. Someone else steps up to the plate on a more permanent basis to help Al. organise future venues which could come from suggestions brought to the January meeting and a calendar of events produced. Reduce the meetings from once a month to once every 2 months throughout the year Only have meetings from April-October Well, it's really up to you all to decide now how this goes forward so please go along to Corrieri's with your suggestions. I have enjoyed doing this over the years but as I said earlier it's time for new blood to come in and help take this forward. I am sorry but I won't be organising any further meetings but will of course attend future breakfast meetings if I am at home. Kind regards, Brian
  11. OK Mike, thanks for letting me know. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 & 4 Johnny & Audrey - eventually got the motor back after 8 and 1/2 weeks. 220 miles done on Sunday past. Vrooooom. 5 David (only me as Jennifer will be "doing her own thing" that day) 6 Duggie 7 Mike (weather permitting!)
  12. Unfortunately Jackie and I will be baby sitting in the afternoon so can't go on a drive afterwards.
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