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  1. It was a fabulous day and great to see round the factory again and the advances they have made in the production line. Pity I have to wait until September to get mine?😧
  2. The Episode was repeated last Sunday 24th July. I was watching and thought "I recognise that guy" and it was when I saw the Type 1 watch on his wrist and rewound to get his Dad's name that the penny dropped.
  3. I'll be there for breakfast and the drive. First one for a long time for me.
  4. bingoking

    Clean V8 SE

    Perhaps the owner didn't fit the plaque as the final 15 weren't delivered with the plaque attached. I received mine a couple of months after I took delivery of the car with instructions on where to place it on the glovebox lid. You mention No4 and No6 above, what are you saying? 4th and 6th from last UK spec cars? I have the certificate of provenance from Lotus and my car is 8th from last. My car came of the production line after the Stratton 7 cars were delivered and they were supposed to be last of the line! My car had the outer exhaust configuration when delivered but I didn't think it sounded like a V8 so I changed mine for the Lotus Federal Exhaust and the "cheese grater" rear valance. As far as I can recall the final edition European and Federal cars were delivered with the centre exhaust. The price of these cars is only going one way and I think £65k is a fair price to be asking for a low mileage car.
  5. Why are the dimensions of the car not on the Lotus website?
  6. It was a pleasure meeting you and Gina and although it was a sad day for me I take comfort from the fact that the car has gone to a true Lotus enthusiast. I look forward to following your exploits with the car and hopefully meet up at an event in the future. Enjoy.
  7. I am about to renew my insurance on my V8 with agreed value. The insurance company have suggested £40k which I think is low. Where did you get the 2-page condition form?
  8. I really enjoyed the Superfan Zoom call but had to leave after the unboxing. Watched it again on YouTube without the interruptions. It's just a pity that the MC did not mute all the mics until he wanted some cheering etc. Cant wait to see this car in person.
  9. @Bibs It looks like my Inbox was 135% full! Could my change of status from "Owner" on LEGS have had something to do with this. Never had a problem before with capacity in my Inbox. I have deleted all messages now so able to PM @ajheath
  10. Hi Ade, Yes still for sale, I'm not sure why you can't message me. I will PM you. Was it you that contacted me through Autotrader yesterday about the my Reg No F110 TUS?
  11. Hi Andrew, Jackie and I will be at Bridge View for breakfast, Clattering Bridge and then Fife Arms. Brian
  12. Yes, it's still there but not a lot of activity on it. If PM me your mobile I can add you to the group. Hopefully we will get back in our cars after lockdown.
  13. I have PM'd them on Facebook asking what price.
  14. I used Protek in Bathgate for a spray job on my Esprit and was very impressed with them. I have also used Roden Motors in Broxburn for a Pearlescent Paint job on my X5. They were recommended to me by Aston Martin Edinburgh and did a job job too. Ditto! Lots of Lotus experience.
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