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  1. 1st Meeting point on A92 Thornton by pass at 1st lay-by 7:45am. Mike and I will be meeting there. If meeting up at Stracathro please be ready to leave at 9:00am. Does anyone on the ground have an update on whether the Cairn o' Mount Road is open, Traffic Scotland is showing no incidents or road works/closures on the road. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 Jim S  4 & 5 Mike +1 6 Ian C 7 Duncan 8 & 9 Duggie & Susan 10. Pit Stop
  2. Sorry to here that @Johnny5 hope you get it back soon. Have they been able to source a clutch yet?
  3. Yes, that would be me heading back home after a couple of days in London after the 70th Anniversary at Hethel. A great run up the A697.
  4. Great idea. Given that we had 20% of the world population of official GTE’s this year I’m sure we could get more next year. I have a Gazebo if Lotus don’t have unough to go round 😁
  5. I saw that skulking behind the toilet block and thought it looked rather shabby. Has Stratton built many and are they sold? Sorry I didn’t see your car or meet you but saw No’s 2 and 10 and spoke to Gavin @21gg andArchie @BigErch it was a fantastic day but just a pity there wasn’t a GTE in the “one of every model” line up, maybe next year. 🤞
  7. I have a spare entry ticket and spare seat in the GTE from Dunston Hall Hotel to Hethel on Saturday morning.
  8. Gareth 12:30 sounds good. My number 07774705342 If I’m held up I will let you know Brian
  9. I have a spare seat from Dunston Hall to Hethel and a spare admission ticket if anyone is interested.
  10. Yes it sounds great but BBQ timings are, meet at 6:00pm food 7:00pm. I would love to go to the museum but I do want to get to the Hotel mid afternoon and relax as I will have been travelling down from Inverness late afternoon Thursday after a board meeting, head for home, change cars, pick up the wife and travel to near Durham staying overnight and leaving there first thing in the morning to get to my mother in law's house in Aslockton for midday. Quick turnaround and head off around 1:00pm to Dunston Hall hopefully arriving there about 3:00pm. What time do you think you will pass the A1/A17 junction Gareth? @theelanman
  11. What time were you planning to be passing the A1/A17 Junction? If between 12:30 and 1:00pm I could meet up with you there. I am staying overnight Thursday near Durham and driving to Aslockton (20mins down the A46 from Newark) to drop my wife off at her mum's. I expect to be in Aslockton by midday, quick turnaround and could be back up to A1/A17 junction about 12:30, all traffic permitting of course.
  12. Gareth, I won't be travelling in the convoy as I will be in the Newark area on Friday morning. I am dropping my wife off at her Mother's in Aslockton and will leave from there. I have suggested the route A68, A697, A1 to Newark then the A17 to Norfolk ETA 5:00 - 5:30pm. I travel this route often to the Newark area and usually allow 3 ½ - 4 hours to Scotch Corner, 2 - 2 ½ hours to Newark and would allow 2 to 2 ½ hours to Norfolk. It is a Friday and the traffic can be quite heavy so the timings could be longer. So if no hold ups 7 ½ hours but could be a lot longer if the roads are busy. There is a Shell fuel station and a Restaurant/Farmshop just off the roundabout where the A1 joins the A17 and could be a meeting point and there is lots of parking. I do't think the convoy will be there before 2:00pm. I plan to be there for that time and will contact Ian Parkin to check on the whereabouts of the convoy and there ETA at A1/A17 junction. Hope this gives you a reasonable idea of timings. Bran
  13. Our next breakfast meeting will be at The Fennel Restaurant, Inverurie which as you will know hosts the legendary V8 Breakfast meet every Sunday. We have been there before for breakfast and is a must for petrol heads. A great selection of cars other than Loti will there to oggle at. Usual times apply 10:00am -midday. Suggested meeting point at Stracathro Services for a nice leisurely jaunt over Cairn O' Mount or if you prefer an even more sedate drive via Aberdeen. Please arrive at Stracathro in time to leave at 9:00am 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie
  14. I have just spoken to Ian Parkin and the plan would be to meet at Leven Lotus showroom from 8:00am for departure at 8:30am sharp Friday 28th September. The journey on a Friday will probably take between 7 ½ - 8 ½ hours, possibly a little longer because it is a Friday. If you haven't already got a ticket for this event either from the website or from Ian there is no point in travelling in the convoy as the event is sold out.
  15. I have just spoken to Ian and the plan would be to meet at Leven Lotus showroom from 8:00am for departure at 8:30am sharp. The journey on a Friday will probably take between 7 ½ - 8 ½ hours, possibly a little longer as it is a Friday.
  16. I have been waiting on Ian Parkin getting back to me with a time that they are all leaving Edinburgh, chased him up today and I will post up here when I know. I will be in the Bingham/Newark in Nottingham on Friday morning and leaving from there around 1:00pm to head for Dunston Hall. Hopefully I will be able to tag onto one convoy or another.
  17. I presume you already have a GTE in the display, if not I'm bringing mine.
  18. Yes, got mine this morning. I read the QR Code on the Yellow Sticker and it states: YELLOW - TRACK PARKING 1. THIS TICKET IS STRICTLY NON-TRANSFERABLE 2. CLUB/OWNERS WHO TRANSFER TICKETS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE EVENT 😯 Need to make sure I don't have to move the sticker from right to leftI
  19. Life’s too short to start reading this post from the start........ again. 🤓
  20. Please contact Jim if interested Hi guys, I have had an invitation by Jean-Luc Cartwright, the Tesla Store Manager, for Lotus car club members and other interested ‘petrolheads’ to visit their Service Department in Edinburgh. The date suggested is the morning of Saturday 27th October 2018. Jean-Luc says a typical visit would usually consist of: A presentation detailing the history and planned future of Tesla. A guide round their workshop with a technician explaining the differences in their drivetrain and chassis architecture. A walkaround of the actual vehicles with a member of their team. The opportunity to try the fastest production car in the world for yourselves! Tesla would provide breakfast/snacks depending on the time of day. I will take names and contact details (e-mail or phone number) on a first-come, first-served basis until the limit of 30 is reached. Could you please let me know by Friday 19th October and I will reply to the first 30 to confirm their acceptance. Please pass this e-mail on to anyone else you think will be interested (ladies and gents). Regards, Jim Grant. (01324 556910)
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