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  1. 112k including VAT for all that expertise and performance is a bloody bargain.
  2. Am I right in thinking the windscreen wiper is central on the windscreen like a Le Mans racer?! Stunning. Want.
  3. Frustrating isn't it! Yet they see value in a £130k 1700kg Porsche that is overly wide and numb to drive. All brainwashed by the biased press though.
  4. I think that's just the sheet. Otherwise it's going to be painful to park at Tesco...!
  5. Jesus the wing on that! like!
  6. Well up for this, the route looks awesome - if an S1 Elise can tag along at the back.... Doing some of this route in August but sadly in a 320d estate... with numb electric steering YAWN.
  7. Sadly not mate. Robyn has been diagnosed with a hip issue and needs to be put in a cast for 3 months. That and the head gasket, it's been a rough bloody week I am thinking of cheering myself up with getting Madstone Sports Cars to do some performance upgrades to the engine whilst they fix the head gasket - any suggestions on what to get done would be appreciated
  8. Good luck mate, I'll lift a pint for you and your mate. See you next month.
  9. Anyone going down tonight? I'll be popping by for a couple around 7/8.
  10. Me and Mrs are coming, she's 5 months pregnant so have a DD to drive back home - bonus! Bibs Laura Dave Excell Ann Excell ChrisJ James (JayEmm) obione Martyn Kimbers MJK John Ryan Ros Ryan Kalli (Tom) Kalli v2 ( Beth) MJK Avril (Mrs MJK) Wes Fredericks Jeanne Fredericks Atak (Mr) Atak (Mrs) C8RKH Lee Anna
  11. Cheers mate, awesome help! I'll get them installed and share some pics of the car in the snow
  12. Hi, Just wondering if anyone on here has fitted winter tyres for an Elise series 1? I'm thinking of buying a second set up rims (most likely these: and was wondering what anyone would recommend as a good winter tyre, where to buy and what sizes are required? Any help greatly appreciated as I'd like to run the car through winter Cheers! L.
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