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  1. Great morning! Thanks all! The museum is probably the best museum I've been to as well - went on Concorde, was probably too excited for my own good!
  2. What's your Roger Roger? Wish I'd come down tonight now!
  3. What's the hotel arrangements? If we can sort decent food then I might come down on Saturday, as the boyfriend is out Saturday night.
  4. Agreed, I enjoyed it, even though I didn't know who anyone was and I get awkward around new people, so I didn't talk to anyone apart from a guy parked next to me with an LF1, but yes, beautiful cars! Will be going next year!
  5. The baby has been out in the wet!
  6. Hahahahahaha!! Ok, yup, definitely coming to that. I'm staying away from the naked boxer men though...
  7. Thanks guys Dave, I'll get more this weekend as we're going on a road trip to Poole! Will be interesting if the weather stays as per the forecasts! Aha they are a bit. I haven't told a huge amount of people yet so I'm just going to turn up at places and see what the reactions are. I am going to the Brands weekend on Sunday and have got myself into the track parking so I'll be able to say help to everyone there. Good timing for buying the car really! Definitely interested in the Christmas part as well. I'll keep an eye out for that one.
  8. AnnieS2


  9. Thank you I love it so much; I already have two weekends planned for 'driving my car' related things! Did you use the Evora as a daily? Luckily I only live 2 miles from my house so if the weather gets really bad I can just cycle Done! It looks like there's some good bits in there. Will let you know how I get on with insurance!
  10. Thanks Bibs, I'm totally in love with it at the moment! Insurance wasn't too bad actually. Elephant quoted £1700 so I called ClassicLine and they've done it for £1k with the exhaust declared, including breakdown cover and legal, as well as European insurance and breakdown cover. Great service too, can't recommend them enough. (Not sure if I'm allowed to put that on here as I guess it could be perceived as advertising?)
  11. It's an S. I drove an R and I think that'll be the next step, but I'm using it as a daily and I'm only 23 so the S seemed like the more sensible option!
  12. Hi all I've recently taken the 15 year coming plunge and bought myself an Elise S2 (the baby is below). Would be nice to get to know some locals if there are any. I'm always up for a hoon. Cheers Annie
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