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  1. Can I ask a stupid question about these scissor lifts. They look to me as though they are just like a normal ramp, and run parallel to the side of the car. How can they possibly pick up the from and reat lifting points as I am assuming you can't just use the cenral one. cheers sorry just fixed a typo
  2. Changed mine after two years, lucky not to get stranded on a ferry...
  3. Dans work? He did one for me of my daughters Elise... cheers
  4. THis is the same as the 350/380 ECU's different code ....
  5. Have to agree with most, if not all of that.....
  6. No mate, however "Screems" was....
  7. I was told exactly this when I bought my 380... "Nope, wont be a 4xx"
  8. THIS will be intersting. If I'm not mistaken Jokke Flo did the same with his 380 Sport. Not sure if KOmotec fixed it in the end. cheers
  9. It’s also copy righted too..... KT haven’t fully decrypted the 380 ECU for sure. cheers
  10. Got to love the work KT do, just excellent. Great looking dash. When's the 460 going in cheers... Out of interest what radio is that
  11. This is what I said on your other post and you will 100% get the answer to what is happening with your car. cheers
  12. SO thanks to the above the Hull/Swiss/France legs are done. I now need a good route across the Pyranees from say Perpignan to Santander. Anyone done this and can offer some guidance? thanks as always....
  13. But I’ll probably buy the last iteration of this Marque, the very last.... Why? Because it will be the last of what it is, a real noisey mother fuker of a sports car.... I cannot see me buying any kind of electric car ever,,,, sorry mate, too much gin
  14. thread drift.... and about 59 380's of all types according to that site too...
  15. Thread bump here “sic”..... So was reading the latest manual that you can get online for the Exige from Lotus and it looks like they have changed the damper settings on the 380 sport to match the 380 Cup. FRONT Compression 12 clicks in the new manual this is 7 clicks in the early manual Rebound 9 clicks in the new manual this is 12 clicks in the early manual REAR Compression 14 clicks in the new manual this is 7 clicks in the early manual Rebound 6 clicks in the new manual this is 14 clicks in the early manual Anyone with any suggestions to which is correct..??? thanks
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