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  1. Nah, gearbox temp does not work… I don’t want to say too much but I don’t really feel the product has been “supported” in the way it should. I got taken in by all the hype pre launch, but on reflection The original dash is best. At least you can see the shift lights and indicators if you are tall and the lights warnings buzzer works as it should. buggy, an interesting phrase you use… good luck
  2. If you have the ODB2 module switched off it won’t read. It’s also interesting to know that if this ODB module is on the the Lotus Dealer Software won’t work. So when you get a service turn it off. cheers
  3. You can get the front and rear clams “bulked”… this means all done from one piece, with the odd cut so no lines BUT the detailed need still be at the top of his game. for example expel has top and bottom sections on the front wing with a join along the top of the wing. Will look ok for a while until the joins get filled in with residue from driving, then it looks awful. I have Feynlab self heal plus coating where there is no PPF, abs it’s excellent. Just pour on wash water and all wash marks come out, fantastic stuff. Mine is PPF’d at the front, front hatch, roof, rear deck, spoiler, sills and rocker panels. I forgot about at the rear behind the wheels, that’s a good shout. some links… look under pre cut kits and you will see what I mean… cheers mark
  4. You would have to put in somewhere between 25 and 30K to fix that…
  5. Seen it…. It’s in a really bad way… shame 😢😢
  6. “Retail Centre” FFS….. Just sums it up! Chapman will be turning in his grave.
  7. Errrrmmmm no. I’m a chartered engineer and I think you will find they are. You my need them notarising, but hey… the bright side is no more EU $ hite…
  8. Which is why I cancelled my Emira order… it’s a JOKE Ditching dealers who have been with them for years to sell out of a shopping centre allegedly. Chapman would be turning in his grave. I won’t ever buy a new one again.
  9. It was a throwaway comment, I was being sarcastic, but seems to me it’s not going to be the Lotus I grew up knowing. cheers
  10. Let’s just call them Geely from now on and drop the Lotus bit… …. and just wait till you are going to the Trafford Centre to look at your new Geely sports car…. No thanks.
  11. This is the reason I’m cancelling my Emira order. I was so pissed off with the news I heard, I vowed I’d never buy another new Lotus. oh and don’t believe this heritage bollocks either… Watch this space….
  12. Apologies for the language, but I was a bit upset. It will come out shortly.... Its not a tin of baked beans we are meant to be buying is it?
  13. Well I'm cancelling mine ASAP ........... utter w*****s.
  14. Not very well if it has to come off I believe. I quoted what several detailers have told me who wont touch fresh paint. Please dont shoot the messenger.. thanks
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