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  1. Mark030358

    Ali radiator for 380:Sport

    Interesting point of view. thanks and appreciated.
  2. Mark030358

    Converting whp to Bhp

    Is it an SSC upgrade? Or a bespoke fir? If SSC then either the dyno or your car has an issue. cheers
  3. Mark030358

    Ali radiator for 380:Sport

    The problem is it will come back. Cheers
  4. Mark030358

    Converting whp to Bhp

    From what I gather a tvs1900 in an Exige should make around 415hp at the flywheel. So let’s say 20% losses therefore on your BEST run your only making 360 at the flywheel. On your second run the powe is well done, maybe heatsoak. For sure it’s not 415. However as Andy said no two dynos read the same. cheers
  5. Mark030358

    Ali radiator for 380:Sport

    Hi Stephen, Here you go. surround1
  6. So my front clam is coming off next month to have the windscreen replaced under warranty due tondiscolouration of the black surround. While it’s off I was considering replacing the radiator with an ali one as I believe the original radiators are prone to popping the ends off. In fact a 220 SC Elise I had with around 10 k on the clock did exactly the same ( after I sold it) and I believe it’s the same type. Anyone else done this and can anyone advise a supplier/type etc. And any other thoughts? Cheers Mark
  7. I close the boot with my trickle charger connected. Easily enough room for the cables to fit without damage. cheers
  8. Mark030358

    Rules before run in?

    hits the rev limiter.... you know the "Bap... Bap... Bap" sound.... I'd ask about the two low oil pressure events. Other than tho I wouldn't be too worried. Once I got 400 miles on mine I upped the rpm with the occasional excursion for a few secs. cheers
  9. Mark030358

    Aqua Blasting Cleaning

    Do the glass beads embed themselves into aluminium. My understanding this happens with normal bead blasting and they they eventually come out into the engine. results look excellent by the way. cheers
  10. @GFWilliams as an aside, just watch your "Driven" slot on YouTube, really good and well worth the ten minutes it took. 👍 cheers
  11. Mark030358

    New job equals less time to use car :(

    @DJW quoted "So now I’ll have 2 cars I won’t get to use much ..... I need to see a shrink 🤔" Just love the common sense of it all........ I'd do EXACTLY the same, BRILLIANT....... 👍👍👍
  12. I think all 380 owners should boycott this magazine 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  13. Yep I paid the small amount of £'s and downloaded all the Exige manuals plus those for my daughters Elise too, great value 👍
  14. Hens teeth in a few years, collectors item, or so I keep telling myself 😂
  15. Mark030358


    Welcome to the 380 club.... 👍