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  1. @Exx I'm not saying that. I would get it checked out by a specialist first. Mine has been looked at and thats the diagnosis. cheers
  2. @Exx Hi, Drag is where the clutch does not release fully. As I said, if it does not go in, try putting it into 3rd they try again, don’t force it too much. I have exactly the same issue and I’m having a new clutch fitted this month, my clutch has 8000 miles on it so not very happy. Even though I have the KT upgrade (from 4000 miles) the car has not been abused ever. Cheers
  3. Sorry folks, it sounds $ hit and probably smells of ozone. I think I have seen the best of the best motoring years over the last 40 or so. The smell of two stroke oil, the smell of synthetic oil as it cools, noisy exhausts, dump valves popping, stuff that your senses can smell, hear and feel..... Electrification just does nothing for me no matter how “cool” the car looks. Now if this car had been fitted with a NA V12, THEN it would be a proper super car. Just my 2p
  4. Sounds like a Dragging clutch if all other gears OK? You could try adjusting the gate at the bottom of the stick first, then the cables. Try going into 3rd gear, then into reverse see if that helps. cheers
  5. I think “a lot” of people would like this and I have to agree with you that a selectable range would be a massive plus. However AIM must also consider other users too. Also for taller drivers who can’t see the shift lights, a way similar to the existing dash design of displaying RPM levels would be a bonus too. cheers
  6. Have to reiterate what the guys above are saying... Happy Ex-460 owner here. But beware, you will need a clutch at some point...
  7. That looks a top top top job. Paint finish looks superb.
  8. Very brave... it will look excellent I'm sure
  9. @David6 To be fair my handbrake is excellent... I guess if the body has been off the bolt has been put in the wrong way round. I see you have posted on That is the best forum for these cars, no offence TLF cheers Mark
  10. @David6 Not sure why you have to lift the body.?? However there is a fixing brace across the strut towers, remove the carpet to reveal it. Also two bolts behind the dash going into the chassis tunnel. Also the seat belts etc etc will stop movement. Have a look at these attachments, may help. cheers mark
  11. @Tex what were your thoughts? cheers
  12. @Screem didn't see that one, but there is a 570GT with 800ish miles on it for what is not a lot more than a specced up 430 New&onesearchad=Used&radius=1500&make=MCLAREN&sort=price-desc&price-from=500&model=570GT&postcode=ch642xq&page=1. To be honest, just canvassing opinion as I've never been in one, I think its called "window shopping". I watched JayEmms videos on Maccas and his reviews don't show then in a good light to be
  13. Anybody on here had both or driven both? Would be interested in your feedback.... thanks
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