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  1. Book me in for a scoop Got any pole dancers?
  2. Now thats the best solution I have seen, excellent. Do you have a cct drawing of the switches? if so can you add the colour codes to the attachment (not sure how its wired so two possibilities) Again that is abrilliant finish, going to get mine redone like that. thanks Mark
  3. What a great picture in the showroom, the finest footballer to have ever lived and he drove an S2 Europa to boot....
  4. Take the advice above and walk away.....
  5. Two words.... “The Dogs.........” love it mate
  6. Pretty sure mine was a continuous run from front to back, but I will check.
  7. @geartox Is your gearbox temperature from the ECU working? Mine did not display anything Just a “-“ even though the signal had units of DegC. thanks
  8. Here you go mate. Dans email address is... [email protected] Also Mr_P had some slightly different designs done too. But you need 475 as I say he has the font and does a great job. cheers Mark
  9. @Mattmahope Hi mate, So happy for you. I think I said a while ago after my upgrade, the KT are just fantastic, really customer focused and their kit is as you say, OEM or better. I was really impressed when I went, and given your experiences just confirmed what I have always thought, that for an expensive upgrade such as this its the only place to go. Interesting re your low throttle openings, the Ex460 is exactly the same when starting from cold and needs say 1/2 mile to settle down (i.e. the engine to warm up) but after that is perfect. I did the Alps in mine last year and your right, the cars just rip through the gears... and the howl Is beyond belief cheers Mark ps you now need to get hold of Dan to make up the front and rear decals, they are exact as I sent him a template when I did mine. His work is first class.
  10. You want one of these... a 460 Sport....
  11. “ clear nail varnish is applied to seal and protect.” @alias23 who’s nail varnish
  12. Hi Imran, I used my MacBook Pro and //s to update my dash. No issues with it... The WiFi icon will appear not to work, however if you go to network setting you can see if its connected or not. However, you must tell RS that you are using a mac, its selectable from a drop down on the upper left tab (cant remember its name and I’m in bed now, so can’t open my machine). The go to cloud and download the firmware to RS. Once downloaded click on transmit and jobs dome (I think, from memory).... Call me tomorrow afternoon if you want... cheers
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