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  1. Take the panel off and check you have 12volts going to the motor. The window won’t move due to gearing in the motor. cheers Mark
  2. There is small print to say specs can change… happened when I bought my Exige. Carbon bits missing etc. typical Lotus. Out of interest bumped into a guy on my way home from Classic LeMans. He was running an RRR dash, to me it looked far far far better than the AIM. Not sure on the full feature set but much clearer to look at and you can customise it. cheers ”Lights on buzzer” anyone? This is a pretty basic function that should, but does not work….. doh!
  3. Was there ever a fix for the “left my lights on” buzzer? As there is no buzzer on mine if I get out of the car and I’ve left them on. cheers
  4. Reuse you gas struts like I did… see here. Really easy and a much much better solution. go to page 2 for all the details how to do it…
  5. That’s interesting as I had bought a Wi-Fi camera, but before AIM, that linked to my iPhone. I could never get the signal to function properly due to all the steel and also it wasn’t a quality device. But that’s, that’s interesting cheers
  6. Any chance of a photo? I have typically seen them in the upper part of the diffuser trim but I was never sure they would last due to the heat fro the exhaust. cheers
  7. Hi, check out the thread. I made a set for one guy until his originals rocked up, really easy if you have a template and some 2mm aluminium. cheers
  8. It’s oxidisation…. Common on aluminium, usually when it has been wet. Try scotchbrite pad and maybe some metal polish. But it will come back. cheers
  9. You don’t need a special tool. A bolt with two nuts will work. Lots of videos on utube. cheers
  10. That’s 1.21*10^-5 percent of the population
  11. MSAR… ask for Malcolm. Tell him Mark put you on to it. cheers
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