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  1. @alias23 yeah, I wont the other one cheers
  2. Correct they dont have the EN coding I think it is. And no, there weren't any dry joints I would recommens the resistors are put on a proper heat sink based on my experience. cheers
  3. Oil pressure typically at 3000 rpm is 35 to 40 with a standard pump. Yes a few cars had alternators fitted as standard. If its got a hot set of cams maybe an idle of 1000 rpm is better. Most of the questions you ask were answered on cheers
  4. Word of warning. I mounted the resistors on the back of the lamps. After a long drive around the Alps on my way home I had a terrible burning smell from the boot. It turned out that the heat generated by one of the high wattage resistors had caused it to melt into the lamp. I think I was really lucky it didnt set the car on fire. I just took them off and fitted the originals. They do look great and GRP are a pleasure to deal with, but too close for comfort for me. I'll post some pics at the weekend. cheers Mark
  5. Update on delivery of Carbon side pods.... Well got to say delivery is pretty much bang on (maybe +1 week) and due to arrive today, however I wont get to see them 'till Thursday as I'm still away. All emails answered in a nano second and kept informed all the time. Can't say much more than that. Next step is to get @MrP_ to fit them for me as he's the expert cheers Mark
  6. KT shielded my cables on the installation. Anyway short story I bought a better type and had them fitted during my last service. It was noticeable that the KT suppler sleeve had started to shown signs of heat damage after only basically driving home from Germany. In this instance too much is good. All I can remember is what I bought was gold in colour, quite thick and expensive. Cheers
  7. Hi Imran, Not at home at the moment, will have a look Thursday when I get back. cheers
  8. Some advice re 2bular... make sure you get top quality sleeved insulation for the sensor cables, the 2bular intermediate pipes mount the sensors very close to the exhaust. You dont want the cables melting. It’s obvious from your pics which one it is. I bought top notch insulation products for this... cheers Mark
  9. wow looks lovely. What I can say is buy some soft squishy bags, you can maybe get 3 small ones in the boot
  10. Out of interest, was the car fixed and what was the problem???
  11. @GFWilliams Hi mate, can you take a few close ups of how you mounted the frame to the door. Have to say by the way looks really good!! cheers Mark
  12. I'll order and post you a pack if you like. Then you can just post me 15 euros, how does that sound? I'm not back in the UK until the 28th July. cheers
  13. Go to lotus great for the older lotus... cheers
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