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  1. Nope nothing. If fact the KT tech told me of only a few with gearbox issues, those being from early V6 boxes or really battered on track. One problem was with a spacer cracking, which has been replaced in later boxes by making one of the gears and the spacer from one piece of steel. The other upgrade they offer is removing the plastic bits from the selector forks and brazing in brass plates. I believe this is in fact a H111 design, but told it helps, especially if you are a bit harsh with the changes. cheers
  2. Imran, Nice curve and power from a standard engine Anyway, while I'm here, here is mine. Interesting to note that most 380 dyno curves I saw at KT showed the torque dip between 2750 and 4000 rpm. In fact there was a blue 380 being run up that showed the dip also. KT improved it from memory.
  3. Interesting thread. When I looked to fit rear speakers the sound deadening in the car came right upto the back of the speaker blanking plate. Did you cut it out or was it not presenta? thanks
  4. Have you adjusted the tension, mine is pretty good tbh.
  5. When I was at KY I saw some of the CF and it was stunning, proper good. cheers
  6. Nope, looks like you have the 2 way nitrons (track pack) check inside engine bay and also anti roll bars. cheers
  7. It wont last, really needs the bolts to hold it on. I've scraped mine a few times and for sure the rubber lip would have been off. cheers Mark
  8. @alias23 What was the model number of trolley Jack was this mate? I'm looking for a low profile, long reach, low weight unit. cheers
  9. No, its for a 350, certain. Must be a later version as mine are a couple of years old. cheers
  10. One line is different to the manual I have and that's line No.1
  11. @RedViper Yep, still closed. KT is well, well worth a visit. I highly recommend it.
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