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  1. Yes no reason they cant be swapped over as they are both 1/2” BSPT I believe. But please check elsewhere to corroborate. thanks
  2. When you mean units what do you mean... a) Uprights and trunnions? b) Wishbones c) SHocks/springs? Best in the UK is Sue Miller, other usual suspects are Paul Matty, SJ Sportscars, Kelvedon. cheers Mark
  3. Oakmere had my deposit a few weeks ago... its not an issue as its refundable if you dont like it....
  4. Lets wait and see, all that is written here is speculation..... admittedley it will be easier to get into πŸ€”
  5. Just get one bought... P ut your money down... Stop speculating... It's just going to look ace.... Not as track focused, but maybe a better alround car.... The V6 can be tuned afterwards in Mendig....
  6. After adding the deck and the 380 Cup wing I got some info relating to body supports that compensate for the extra force applied to the body. These brackets add strength to stop flexing if not fitted you may stand a chance of splitting the body as I think Imran did. They attach to the body using the reverse light/fog light fixing bolts. These are a Lotus part, available from your favourite parts dealer, although one is on back order, cheers
  7. Deposit down this afternoon πŸ‘ If I like it I have a decision to make, if not money back... win win so to speak.
  8. I got 10% off the other day.. jackpot
  9. The anti theft switch is located in a secret position, cant tell you. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ its in the glove box, lower right hand side... I'd check the "pencil" is making a good contact with the brass ring.....
  10. WoW Another trip to Mendig πŸ€”.....
  11. I like to mention companies that do a good job and give credit where credit is due. Sent a +2 propshaft to Firow Propshafts, (contact Mark Rowley 01477 535960) to have it shortend, balanced and painted. I have no affiliation whatsoever. They had it just around 10 days and it came back today. I am delighted with the quality, finish and speed of service, just excellent. Even the return packageing was top notch. By the way 72cm fact to face when compressed. Here are a few shots Cheers Mark
  12. My "theft" tracker monitors the battery voltage all the time, not sure it alarms though when drops below a threshold. It does if its disconnected as I get a call off the tracking company. cheers
  13. Gas struts fitted to carbon deck. So anyone else wanting to do the same I'll share what I did. 1) Measure 22.5" from the top of the deck (outside of the hinge) down the cabon channel and pencil mark. 2) Get two off aluminium 6mm ID threaded ball studs (SGS link here 3) Get a packet of rivnuts, I used aluminium instead of steel. 4) Put a small pilot drill through, the a 9mm on for the final size. 5) use a home made rivnut tool and tighten up. 6) Fit struts, jobs a carrot and works really well. cheers Mark
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