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  1. Mark030358

    Gearbox/Clutch noise

    Irrespective of the fact they have changed the clutch once it still does not sound right from the video. If there is still a clutch problem then it is their responsibility to fix it, assuming you haven't over revved the engine or something like that. The comment "aggressive driving" is a joke unless they took ECU data. If you have a good dealer they can help a lot. I use Oakmere (near you) a lot, Paul et al are just brilliant IMHO. They got my clutch fixed on my old V6S (a few hundred miles on the clock) and will also push to get me a (second) replacement windscreen, as the replacement supplied showed the same faults after installation. Plus I would suggest you have a legal recourse if the car has a warranty. Good luck Mark
  2. Mark030358

    Gearbox/Clutch noise

    Shocking reply.... I’d get that assessed independently (definitely not right) and bat it back to Lotus. same box as in the “flagship” 430..... oh dear.....
  3. Mark030358

    Lotus on the Stelvio

    worst driving road iI encountered during my Alps trip in September.... its pants and the scenery down to Bolzano is at best average compare to the rest of the Dolomites...
  4. Mark030358

    Komo-Tec Exige S EX460

    Cheers guys, appreciated!,
  5. Mark030358

    Komo-Tec Exige S EX460

    Thread bump. Ex 460 questions.. Does the body of the Exige need to be ground away near the supercharger pulley to make space for the cooler? And a more general question to Ex 460 owners..... "How many miles have you racked up on the car (track and road) and what issues have you had if any?" cheers Mark
  6. Mark030358

    A couple of questions

    Just a brilliant line.....
  7. Mark030358

    Manual vs paddle shift auto V6

    BOE allegedly have an upgrade to the IPS. Not sure if the upgrade is hardware or software. cheers
  8. Mark030358

    What I've discovered, one month in

    Twas a [email protected] on the motorway, M56 to be precise. Right up my ar$e even though there were at least six other cars in front of me, so going nowhere. Not sure what his point was, maybe he wanted to look in the engine bay, but so close he would have rear ended me if I'd have had to brake for any reason....
  9. Mark030358

    What I've discovered, one month in

    Unless you happen to be unlucky enough to have a prat in a Fiesta ST close by....
  10. Not sure you can slide it as you would lose the thickness of the sealer ( push out the spacers), but a fair point in not far enough back. cheers Mark
  11. Here you go... this is the replacement screen. I’ll look for the other pics later on, but sure I have posted them on TLF before. cheers Mark
  12. Were they wearing a mask and carrying pistols? robbery.... thats obscene...
  13. Hi Imran, Check out this thread on the playground. Maybe you have the same... hope its not https://forums.the cheers Imran, And yes the playground link works, just checked
  14. Mark030358

    1st Time in an exige

    TC light is likely to be the brake switch on the pedal. The TB's rattle a bit as noted above, they dont usually clunk. And finally welcome to the 380 club
  15. Just had mine done under warranty, but needs doing again as the same fault in the black trim surround. All I can tell you is that it "should" be a clam off job, however pulling the clam back a few inches will work. Prices for the kit are on DeRoure I expect. Again, make 100% sure the black trim is not patchy..... cheers Mark