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  1. That’s interesting as I had bought a Wi-Fi camera, but before AIM, that linked to my iPhone. I could never get the signal to function properly due to all the steel and also it wasn’t a quality device. But that’s, that’s interesting cheers
  2. Any chance of a photo? I have typically seen them in the upper part of the diffuser trim but I was never sure they would last due to the heat fro the exhaust. cheers
  3. Hi, check out the thread. I made a set for one guy until his originals rocked up, really easy if you have a template and some 2mm aluminium. cheers
  4. It’s oxidisation…. Common on aluminium, usually when it has been wet. Try scotchbrite pad and maybe some metal polish. But it will come back. cheers
  5. You don’t need a special tool. A bolt with two nuts will work. Lots of videos on utube. cheers
  6. That’s 1.21*10^-5 percent of the population
  7. MSAR… ask for Malcolm. Tell him Mark put you on to it. cheers
  8. There is a new bar coming out for Exige’s with the carbon seats. I’ve had one on order for three months. Hopefully will rock up in a month or so. This gets around the eyelet issue and properly located the harness straps. cheers
  9. sorry to hear you pain… Dave is correct about adjustment. Your dealer has probably done this, but there are two adjusting screws that you can see with the door open (pretty certain you can see it) that alters the angle of the window. Screw it one way and it applies more pressure to the seal. this clip shows you how, you have nothing to lose I guess. cheers ps you should try Oakmere always been fantastic with me.
  10. My 2p worth... If you asked the ordinary joe in the street what defines a sports car, I guarantee (as well as I can guarantee anything) that one of the things he will mention is, it must be a drophead. If its not a drophead, its not a sports car......IMHO If its not a drophead, its a GT car.... I now await the flaming fires of hell....... 👹 cheers Mark
  11. Have to say that @MrP_ is super good
  12. I bought my daughter an S2 111S and it’s THE best lotus I have ever driven. £ for £ just incredible, much more fun than my Exige, far superior to my Elan and better than any Europa I have driven. Just a stunning car ❤️❤️
  13. Well I guess people might be waiting for the cup versions to appear. Lotus have form for this…
  14. Nah, gearbox temp does not work… I don’t want to say too much but I don’t really feel the product has been “supported” in the way it should. I got taken in by all the hype pre launch, but on reflection The original dash is best. At least you can see the shift lights and indicators if you are tall and the lights warnings buzzer works as it should. buggy, an interesting phrase you use… good luck
  15. If you have the ODB2 module switched off it won’t read. It’s also interesting to know that if this ODB module is on the the Lotus Dealer Software won’t work. So when you get a service turn it off. cheers
  16. You can get the front and rear clams “bulked”… this means all done from one piece, with the odd cut so no lines BUT the detailed need still be at the top of his game. for example expel has top and bottom sections on the front wing with a join along the top of the wing. Will look ok for a while until the joins get filled in with residue from driving, then it looks awful. I have Feynlab self heal plus coating where there is no PPF, abs it’s excellent. Just pour on wash water and all wash marks come out, fantastic stuff. Mine is PPF’d at the front, front hatch, roof, rear deck, spoiler, sills and rocker panels. I forgot about at the rear behind the wheels, that’s a good shout. some links… look under pre cut kits and you will see what I mean… cheers mark
  17. You would have to put in somewhere between 25 and 30K to fix that…
  18. Seen it…. It’s in a really bad way… shame 😢😢
  19. “Retail Centre” FFS….. Just sums it up! Chapman will be turning in his grave.
  20. Errrrmmmm no. I’m a chartered engineer and I think you will find they are. You my need them notarising, but hey… the bright side is no more EU $ hite…
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