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  1. So you used the pizza restaurant, guess you stayed at the same place as I did. Told you a good place to visit
  2. With the KT air box there is a flexi pipe after the carbon filter box which is secured onto the “pipe” so the air is I guess forced in. cheers
  3. Hi Dave, Yep 1st/2nd gear plane okay the car doesnt move when it goes in. thanks Mark
  4. Hi Dave, The problem is when pushing forward trying to engage the gear it’s very hard to select and feels blocked. When it goes in it feels like it just makes it, and goes in with a “jerk/baulk” for want of a better phrase. The neutral position3&4 is fine as is selecting all the other gears they all go in fine, so I’m assuming the throw of the lever forward and aft is OK. cheers Mark
  5. Reverse gear is getting very difficult to engage, in fact very very hard are requires a good shove, all others are fine. Had a look at the manual and the only adjustment mentioned relates to issues on 1st/2nd and reverse, but 1st/2nd appear fine. Anybody had any similar issues? Car is still under warranty but won't have time this trip home to get it looked at, any help welcome. cheers Mark
  6. Yeah, really interesting thread but, does anyone know how to set the date on the inst cluster. Read the manual can only see how to change the time... TIA Mark
  7. And following on... Ability to change rev limit from 9K to 8K (or to 7.5K, to make even better usage of the screen width) - Tell tale light for Cruise Control (use space from second "dipped lights on") - Real time view of sensor information on dash - Airbag delete light setting option (Ok on Cup cars) - Option for Carbon Binnacle - Option for Alcantara Binnacle (with same Alcantara as 410/430 vent surrounds which are just next to the binnacle, without stitch, or with option to choose stitch color to mimic each car's configuration) - Why two lights for "dipped lights on" only one needed - All warning lights are visible in grey - would be better blacked out until illuminated - Screen seen flickering at times. (Race button flickering, RPM display flickering and showing false information, letters flickering) - Remove numeric rpm from analogue display - it is distracting - Exhaust flap status - although not essential, the additional noise is a bit of a give away! - A red theme - possibly instead of the purple/pink, I haven't seen many cars where that combo would be an obvious choice. -A Green Theme for the displays. The white and pink schemes are a bit “meh” Even better a user selectable colour scheme. -Too much black and wasted space on the displays. - On the digital RPM page the actual bars relating to RPMs should be thicker or continuous as per AIM’s other models. (GARW has a better RPM scale) - Engine Oil Pressure should be “selectable” I’d displayed or not. Lots of room on digital display. - Engine Oil Temperature should be “selectable” if displayed or not. Lots of room on digital display. - Gearbox Oil Temperature should be “selectable” if displayed or not. Lots of room on digital display. - Lambda value should be “selectable” if displayed or not. Lots of room on digital display. - Prefer a larger “Indicated Speed Value” than “current gear” on non race screens. Hope this isn’t too late. cheers Mark
  8. which will result in a calculated higher mileage too probably.... Can you put the gear ratios in directly?
  9. Not even fully cracked on the 380 either. I heard a rumour that the guys who cracked the original were jailed, but maybe that’s an urban legend, dunno...
  10. The big dip at 3000rpm is very typical of 380’s. Komo ten can fix this 👍😆👍
  11. Just go to any paint suppliers and they will mix you some to your code. cheers
  12. 🤣 a fair summary..... but still $ hit being away from home. Enjoy the blast 👍
  13. For people like me working Christmas in the middle of nowhere, with no beer, no pigs in blankets, no bacon to ensure the crude oil production continues to fuel our cars......😩😞 Merry Christmas everyone...
  14. Proper OCD... even puts my Mrs to shame. Credir to you mate, looks great 👍
  15. At the moment the extra sensors do not display, they only log. Firmware upgrade due next year to address this.
  16. go @Oldtracker Go on the Banks Seervice station website. There are links to different boards that can help bugger heres the link. Some sites may not be active, been a few years since I sold my last Europa. cheers Mark
  17. This is what I am thinking to try first.... but with a matte finish. But speaking with an expert tonight cheers
  18. Bought two brand new Exige’s in the last 5 years and guess what.... not a follow up from the factory. `They don’t care about the punters at all.... just my 2p worth
  19. I got in there first, wait your turn 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣...... Told you he was the man 👍👍
  20. @MrP_ dogs bollocks of a write up. Exactly what I would do.... 👍👍👍👍
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