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  1. Anyone fitted gas struts to the rear deck? If so what type. thanks
  2. The generator wasn’t fitted for the dyno run. It’s an Elan engine👍
  3. In all honesty, if I knew then what I do now I probably wouldn't have bothered. Yeah I had some issues, but they are all history and AIM sorted them out and the dash works fine. But if your tall (say 6') you can't really see the shift lights or indicators. For all the calls to modify the rev range this still hasn't come about (but I wait in hope). cheers
  4. Not many useful ones if you dont have the extra sensors... imho. I put air intake temp, and gearbox temp though that doesnt appear to work. On the digital variant I put the air temp again and fuel %age.
  5. I’ve posted these elsewhere, but for us classic lotus owners, decided to post here too. Had my engine to JS Motorsport for some work I wanted doing, prior to me taking the car on a Swiss Alps tour next year. There wasn’t really anything wrong with the engine apart from a slightly noise cam follower, but I decided while it was being opened up to do everything. Head although ported previously, was finished off by JS. Fitted Forged rods and pistons, all bolts are now ARP, valves and guides also done, along basically with everything else. Used JS “special” cam followers too. Full engine balance, flywheel skim etc etc. Engine then run in on the dyno and a power run performed. Have to say I have been exceptionally impressed by JS, very very knowledgable and more than that, very good to chew the fat with, spot on in fact 👍 So here are some pictures along with two dyno runs, taken 10 years apart. I am exceptionally pleased. One thing I did do after speaking with JS about this was to fit an updated oil pump, primarily due to my tour next years and lots off continuous motorway driving, plus all the ups and downs of the mountain passes. I hope you enjoy...
  6. I think this is a permanantly live feed and not switched via the ignition... cheers
  7. Get a 2bular set of manifolds and down pipes
  8. My fuel warning comes on at around 25%, is this correct. Just seems a bit early. thanks
  9. Have to agree with Dave H111, Moroso sump all the way, fit and forget. just my 2p worth.
  10. Same here with bits of stuff that disappeared off the 380 Sport when I bought mine. cheers
  11. @geartox How about these? From my installation. cheers
  12. @Kevin WheelerGoing to share that info on hammer if that’s ok?
  13. Brilliant that, just watched the video. Elan is only 700 kgs and that will go on top... thanks
  14. Hi all, I bought my mum a flat in the village where I live and it has a single garage. So I’m looking for a 4 post lift to fit in it, mainly because I want to store two cars. Problem is that the garage has an up and over door. Normally I would go right ahead and change it, but thats not possible as the covenant states that no one individual can just make changes and also it falls in a conservation area. Aside from the door, the garage has ample height. Thus I’m looking for one of these that has a low post height, so that the up and over door can get past. The smallest I have seen is one with 2.2m posts. I’m guessing I could chop some material off the top of the posts, but this would mean the cables would be too long and I don’t really what to mess about with those. Anybody help with this? Cheers Mark
  15. @Jack While this thread has had a bump, do you have a pictures showing the take off for the oil pressure sender and also of how/where you mounted it? I'm guessing its remote as I can see the oil capillary pipe I'm guessing if you used a steel Tee you will hace secured this somewhere. thanks Mark
  16. Dealers got a better "deal" from Lotus, which isnt there now.
  17. Nope, discounts not as good as before, well on the 430 that is. cheers
  18. It was Lotus who told Aim what RPM range to use (allegedly)......
  19. Almost brought a tear to my eye. Have to get my daughters S2 VVC out. Oh and yeah, the displays look good too... cheers
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