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  1. You can't have enough lights and power points in a garage... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  2. ahhhh.... time of year I guess πŸ€” probably cos I've not been out much....
  3. I have to have Covid (PCR) tests as I work overseas, and once we have had them we isolate before travel. The problem is that its only good at the time you take it. If you walk into a shop 30 minutes later, go get petrol etc. you may as well not have bothered. Just my 2p worth. cheers
  4. Tempur KS here too.... perfect πŸ‘
  5. Have ordered a JVC unit for the car (1 din). Just wondering if I have to change out the existing mounting chassis for the new radio or are they β€œuniversal” so to speak. thanks
  6. the V6 Exige is a one piece item, it comes with the surround. Be VERY careful the replacment you get does not have a surround with milky patches on it, it does not come off. cheers
  7. without sounding like an arse....if that was me advertising It'd get pumped straight to the "sales" section, as i have been before....
  8. I think the 380 upwards had larger capacity fuel pumps. cheers
  9. Mark030358

    Type 131

    Funny, I joined the Facebook Type 131 group just this morning πŸ˜†
  10. 460 Ex is faultless and proven many times over..... the go to upgrade imho.
  11. But can I put English as my ethnicity on the next census, as currently we can't.... personally I hope it never happens
  12. Perhaps then I can have ENGLISH on my passport... and when I fill in a census form I can also use ENGLISH, which you can't do at present.
  13. wow..... I remember us talking about that when I had my V6S which was replaced at less than 500 miles.... correct..
  14. Ok, pics as promised. Clutch worked fine in all gears, but selecting reverse was a pig.... Think I was a lucky chap as it happened retuning rom a Swiss Alps trip too.
  15. No, standard clutch, however packing a KT460 upgrade, and in truth the car has never caned. Now fitted with the upgraded parts from the 410/30. cheers
  16. Thread bump..... After 8K miles clutch replaced (could not engage reverse without some chew). Turns out two of the six rivets in the plate had gone. Pictures to follow...
  17. Packing a KT460 they go like hot snot (no pun intended to green car owners πŸ˜‚)................ all depends on what you buy one at. Also make sure you try and get one with the track pack too. cheers
  18. That sounds like the supercharger, definitely a metal to metal rumble I think. good luck sorting it, I hate stuff like this. cheers
  19. All sorted bought two πŸ‘
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