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  1. Local car show today, my sprint with a +2 and an Elite. Best 3 cars there IMHO
  2. George, how many miles and track did you have on the clutch? Komotech upgrade seems to be fantastic On my bucket list once I'm sure my car is all good. cheers Mark
  3. Absolutley hits the nail smack on the head, great post.... cheers Mark
  4. @C8RKH You miss my point. When all the glossies you get to look at indicate you are going to get something then you don't, i.e. the carbon fibre spoiler tips, (part of the aero package as you quote) incidentally which are now shiney black plastic, plus all the other bits that went missing from the earlier 380 models, it does feels like penny pinching. Actually my biggest gripe, apart from the seats, was the electrics getting soaked as there are no engine covers, so I went and bought them and the brackets afterwards. I've bought TWO brand new Exiges in less than 3 years, the second one partly because of the "sheer beauty and marvel that is the current output of carbon panels and aero" so I think I'm a good loyal customer and entitled to have a minor pop. Anyway, I just love Lotii to death, on my eighth I think and personally wouldn't have any other sports car. Nothing wrong with your point of view, we are all different. cheers Mark
  5. @The Pits Have to agree with your comments about what a (Lotus) forum is for. To me its a place to compliment, criticise and exchange views and information; its certainly not a place to slag the marque off, as if you do, then your obviously in the wrong place. I quote my own post above as a testamentof my views. Also, a good forum should have acceptable banter, as without it, it will eventually die. cheers mark
  6. I have to say we are back on the dyno thing again.... 25% power increase and 17% increase in torque.... oh my, and on a four wheel dyno too!
  7. @430 Cup... 6Things with my 380. I'm no track man, just a bog standard owner, so my riposte to your question from a non-track focused point of view is.... 1) Shite seat rails, squeaks like a porno stars bed. Warranty item, should have been picked up on QC check. 2) Windscreen trim. Screen needs to be replaced as it looks stained. Warranty item, should have been picked up on QC check. 3) The removal of some of the aesthetics, i.e. Engine Covers, Painted Supercharger and Badge, Cabin and Boot Storage Nets. Penny pinching on a +£80K car FFS; and please, no weight saving crap. 4) Some king of "fluid" pumping noise down the right hand side sill. Probably more Penny Pinching, waiting for a reply on this. But told TADTS. 5) Engine RPM limit? Not sure about this one, I'm not a track demon. However, I'm just running the thing in and the car feels significantly faster than my V6S. 6) Price. For me the biggest issue is the trajectory of the price. I had my 380 on order when the Cup version came out, so I told the dealer to suspend my order until full spec and price was available. The equivalent cost of a cup with all my options was from memory I think pushing the order above 90K so I didn't bother. But my biggest fear is the "next generation price"... I am guessing well into six figures + options, and I think that kills it for most of the people I know, sad but true. And to finish, the Exige gives me more than a little tingle every time I get in her and fire it up. A wonderful, wonderful driving machine even if there some QC issues. And furthermore, I'll always own a Lotus. cheers Mark
  8. Lovely lovely car... congratulations
  9. Not tried in either Sport/ Race... will try that tomorrow, thanks Stuart. cheers
  10. One more (irritating thing) is that when pulling off slowly from rest, the first bit of throttle pedal movement does not appear to do anything. Push the pedal further and all is fine. My V6 wasn,t like this. However, when just parked up and the throttle blipped I get an instant response. Wonder if its me and the V6S/380 differences? Anyone had this... cheers Mark
  11. Thanks for the replies, it's on the list for next year.... just in case
  12. Anybody tell me how long the Ex460 kit takes to install? thanks Mark
  13. Thanks Martyn, appreciated.....
  14. Before I picked up my 380, I was told that there might be a "pumping noise" which may appear to come from the front lower drivers side of the car. Also all of the 380's in the showroom exhibit this noise. TBH I thought this was spot on from the dealer to be up front as he knows I'm a picky [email protected] Anyway, mine didn't have the noise until I'd done say 25 miles, but now it does have it. The noise lasts about 5 minutes from start up, then all goes quiet, and for sure it is like a fluid pumping noise. Just wondering what it is.... any ideas, anybody else have this? cheers Mark
  15. Peter, Interesting that they are not aware of the problem, as Lotus have probably replaced lots of seat runners under warranty and this recurring pro that this is a reccuring problem. How about EVERYONE who has/had this issue email Mr Gales and Mr Turnrer? Then I'm pretty sure they would know there is a problem ..... Just a thought Risk is basically the severity of the consequences vs the frequency, so even ONE seat coming loose/away on a small number of units, which may cause the driver to loose control is unacceptable. I'm pretty sure the IVA or whoever it is that certifies/type tests the worthiness of vehicles would fing the above statistic interesting. I believe this was also the case with Elsie Oil Cooler recall. cheers Mark
  16. @NW76 How many miles do you have on your EX460 upgrade? I know you do a fair few track days but you said above the Exige it not your daily driver. I just wonder about the gearbox being able to hold up for say 30,000 miles or so. Do you know anyone who has a "significant" number of miles on a car with the Ex460 upgrade? thanks Mark
  17. @Jokke Vlo Thanks Jokke, good to know.... and as ever a cracking source of information. cheers Mark
  18. @Jokke Vlo Well, having read what you wrote, I looked up an Auto Express road test for the GTS version (copied below). So I can conclude one of two things.... (1) The performance claims are entirely fictitious, or (2) You have a problem with your car. As you say, the car "HAS" to be able to keep up. I've not run my 380 to the full yet, but for sure it feels quicker than my V6S was. cheers Mark Copyright Auto Express below.... Buyers wanting to go faster can choose the Competition Pack version, which adds 19bhp and shaves a tenth of a second off the 0-62mph time for both manual and DCT gearbox equipped models. You can also pay extra to have the electronic speed limiter’s threshold raised to a hairy 170mph. Ultimate thrill seekers should opt for the (now sold out) GTS model, which upps power to 493bhp and reduces the 0-62mph sprint to just 3.8 seconds. It'll cost you, though, as the M4 GTS is more than twice the price of a standard M4.
  19. @Jokke Vlo That sounds like a seriously disappointed owner. Hope I don't feel the same after running the car in, although I'm not a track focused owner.
  20. This should go to JMG and also to IVA... clearly dangerous.... thanks
  21. @Jokke Vlo WoW... Sorry to hear that.... Did you speak with Komotec about just a simple remap to let the engine rev? thanks Mark
  22. 100% Agree with this, statement just takes effort and commitment. Porsche fixed their crap engines didn't they? Anyway, the dealer I use is absolutley spot on and I have every confidence they will fix it. Until then I'll say no more. Still think its a great car, great brand and I'll always have one. thanks
  23. Yes, thats as may be. But don't they have an obligation to fix a sub-standard part that affects many many cars and has done for years with a bit of design and expenditure? Anyway, as I said, they have not had a chance to rectify the problem yet and until that happens I can't say too much. If they can't, well, thats another story and we will see where that leads. I was really pi$$ed off with my first new V6 which had the complete back end removed after a few hundred miles, so to get another "known" problem on another new cars is pants TBH cheers Mark
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