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  1. @Jokke Vlo I have my car back from last week and currently testing new things. But I can't share what. Hi Jokke, I been wondering where you'd been, last thing you posted mentioned Komotec upgrades. Did you still plan on going that way? TBH if I keep this, then thats probably my route. Anyway I'll be interested when you "Can Say" as your posts are usually very informed. cheers Mark
  2. I'd be up for this. BUT, I havent given them a chance to fic it. When I bought my car I checked every Exige and Elise in the showroom and the amount of free movement was incredible. None were solid. Anyway, as I said, I need to give them a chance to resolve the issue. Appears they have had a go on the new 112K Evora, so why not an 80K Exige? cheers
  3. Go for it Peter... Saw that the NEW Evora has a fix for the squeaky seats. I see NO reason Lotus the cant fix ours.... For sure if they don't I wont ever buy a new Lotus again... cheers
  4. So does that mean there are fixes for all the cars they sold with seats that aren't fit for purpose? Especially the ones that are around 6 weeks old.... I bloody hope so!!
  5. Just get on their facebook page and give them some grief on there. I'm pretty sure they read that ..... As for the internet originally an idea of a UK engineer actually, well apart from the US military that had a somewhat earlier system....
  6. ok thanks Well fook me with a broom handle......Just watched/listened to the video and from memory that is EXACTLY the noise... have you got a photo of where you put the foam? thanks Mark
  7. Well fook me with a broom handle......Just watched/listened to the video and from memory that is EXACTLY the noise... have you got a photo of where you put the foam? thanks Mark
  8. Peter, It's definitely from the rear, or appears to be. However when I'm back from work I'll check out what @MartynB suggested I.e. The seat belt. i have named the dealer aware too. I'll try and get some audio on it too... cheers mark
  9. Hi Marytn, I'll check that when I'm home, thanks. Guess velco will work... Still rather shocking though... cheers Mark
  10. It just squeaks like a banshee at the moment, does not appear to be loose.
  11. I'll just keep talking it back... three year warranty... if no fix then I am assuming you can claim compensation under sale of goods act I.e. Fit for purpose/ known defect. When I bought my first V6 from new had the clutch flywheel etc all changed... I was not fooking happy... cheers Mark
  12. my new 380 sport started after 300 miles. I've lodges a complaint but the SQUEAK is far far worse cheers Mark
  13. Have a look at these pics. A little parallax error but around 3.5 to 4" as measured. I took these as I got a fooking parking ticket on the first day I got it... could not get onto my sons drive so tried to talk my way out of it, still got the fine though. But wouldn't go up the incline as depicted from the picture with a plank of wood ??
  14. Hi all, Following on from my other post (Ferry/Euro tunnel) and all the help received I wonder if I can ask for a little more help i.e. a list of recommended hotels, B&B's that people have stayed in. Preferably with parking at the hotel. Can be cheap or expensive, as long as they are good, I'm not proud. I'll be travelling from Calais, southwards via say Reims, Dijon then cut across too Aosta, passing Geneva. Then up into the Obergoms (for the good stuff ) , then onto St. Moritx. From St. Moritz back home via the Black Forest. So basically if anyone knows any hotels for... Middle of France, Aosta/Val-disere, Andermatt, St Moritz, Black Forest areas that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance... Mark
  15. What a great forum this is!! Just want to say thanks to all the guys that responded. Tunnel out Rotterdam/Hull ferry on the way back (home via Germany/Holland). thanks Mark
  16. Hi, This maybe a stupid question, but presumably there must be some Exige drivers who have taken their V6's to Europe via ferry/train. So I have some stupid questions to ask (see below) re crossing between UK and France/Holland as I'm planning an Alp's trip for next year. So.. a) Any operator to avoid like the plague? b) Any issues with ground clearance getting on and off Ferries/Trains? c) How is the car secured? d) Hate to mention this point, any ports to avoid because of migrant issues? e) Any issues with the Chunnel? Any suggestions welcome.... My route will probably be a full loop, so UK-France-Alps-Black Forest-Rotterdam Ferry thanks in advance Mark
  17. @M4rk Thats one drive back I'll sure enjoy
  18. @rs200evo Its definitely "not normal", its just plain awful and really loud. If it was just a bit noisey, then fine, but its not. There are no other squeaks and rattles with the car, just perfect. It can't be the carbon seats themselves, so surely must be the frame mechanism/mounting that is moving around. Anyway, told Oakmere about it, so on 1000 mile service I'd expect it to get some TLC. cheers Mark ps maybe I am a fat git
  19. Minor update..... 350 miles in. Car really is excellent!! Apart from the SQUEAKING FEKING DRIVERS SEAT.... started at around 300 miles and has not stopped. No, I'm not a fat git either... so have to agree with @JayEmm , this is totally [email protected] for a car that cost in excess of £80K.. you cannot defend this poor quality... seems to be from the lower right hand side... in fact it's that bad it could be used in a porno movie... I hope someone from Lotus reads this forum 'cos it's terrible!!!!!! BUT everything is is fine, excellent in fact, no more electrical gremlins with the AC either... cheers Mark
  20. If Lotus build cars in China, i.e. The new Exige, Elise, Evora, to flog in the UK, this will be my last Lotus. cheers Mark
  21. @mickv I get the carbon when I ordered it, in my opinion it sets the car off to a tee. The engine covers I refered to are the black plastic ones that Lotus no longer provide with a new car. And I know what you mean by hot, even with the AC on the other day the interior was still warm. Can't wait for the 1000 miles, but probably will be when I get back from work end July before it gets there. cheers Mark
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