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  1. Update... Well 200 miles in and only day two, want to reach the magic 1000 this summer. Someother minor things, not sure if anyone else has this... 1) The fan and AC didn't come on once, had to stop the car and restart it before they would work. No amount of pressing the AC button or changing the fan speed would make it blow. Anyone else had this? 2) Road noise. The amount of road noise is way above my V6S. I speccd sound proofing but I didn't spec carpets, only mats. Wonder if this is the issue, but I don't think so. again anyone else picked up on this? 3) Cruise Control. Not as slick as my Audi, but functional, good for road works this average speed cameras a la M60 4) Fekkers driving Ford ST badged cars. why O why do they drive right up your arse and when you pull over they drop a gear and screech past? Actually Astra owners do it too... FFS 5) Kawasaki Green. Jesus, everyone and I mean anyone when I stop or park up just salivates on the paint work. Great job by lotus! 6) Got a parking ticket too. Couldn't get on my sons drive due to the length and incline and my lack of road clearance. Parked outside his house, a Cul-de Sac' miles wide, no schools or anything, just double yellows, was there 5 mins and slapped me with a ticket... [email protected] Anyway, really pleased with the monster of a car that it is and got used to the different suspension, it's now not as noticeable now that I've done a few miles. cheers Mark Oh, and I found a USB charger on the lower left hand side of the dash. Also order engine covers too. cheers Mark
  2. Hi all, Picked up my 380 Sport today which is fitted with the Track Pack suspension. I've never had adjustable shocks before on a modern Lotus so I'm after some advice. The car is really really stable at speed and also when pootling along. However, the car seems to "oscillate" for want of a better word, something my old V6S didn't do. Anyway, I'll keep it like this for a while and see how I get on. The car has the stock Lotus settings which are (going from full hard) Front ....... Compression 7 clicks, Rebound 12 clicks Rear..........Compression 7 clicks, Rebound 14 clicks So, any advice for both road and tracksettings? All advice greatly appreciated. thanks Mark
  3. Hi, Well picked the car up and it truly is a step up from my V6S. Can't cain it yet, but there is, or appears to be more "go" for sure. The 4K rev limit for running in is not really an issue, as I said the car just feels quicker. Car looks amazing, only quibble is the drivers seat seems loose when not sat in it, but no movement when sat in it. Carbon as mention is wonderful, glad I took it. Car has the track pack and has the Lotus default settings ( I'll post the number of clicks later) but it feels like the car bounces a little, nothing disturbing, but my S didn't do it. So any helps here on settings would be appreciated. I'm looking for mainly road use but have 5 tracks days with my insurance, so track settings would help too. Perhaps that's another thread. Came with the latest instrument cluster too, wasn't expecting that and I didn't know it had tyre pressure warning sensors... So the $64,000 question... Was it worth it... YES, Would I do it again, YES. As I get more miles on her I'll post a few updates. Finally, some pictures...
  4. Big day tomorrow.... pick up day ??????
  5. Bit of an update and maybe a tip... longish story so please bear with me... so new car, new policy needed. Me, "Hello, new car can I have a quote" Them " yes sir, what is it?" me"Exige Sport 380, brand new out the box, cost £xxxxxx pounds" Them " Sorry sir, can't do that will existing broker, will need a new policy" me"Ok, what's the damage ermm and do I get any money back, unlike when I cancelled my Mustang insurance after a month cos I sold it and you gave me back say £35 out of £300?" Them "Let me check that sir" 5 minutes of silence.... Them "Yes sir we can give you Prorata per dat, you can have £160 ish pounds back" me " Ok, happy days, give me your best shot at a quote" them " that will be £xxxx pounds sir less the £160ish" me" ok will get back to you, thanks" time passes, day becomes night, get a super quote from a company in Manchester, decide to go with them, not the cheapest, but tick all the boxes. so ring back original insurer to cancel policy... me" hello, I want to cancel my policy, my name is Mark, policy no 12345" them "please hold while I check your details" time passes, grass grows....eventually them "ahhh, sorry sir, you have a quick start policy which means there is NO REFUND for cancellation after 4 months of use" stones silence, followed by... me" I have an email from your colleague dated xx June saying if I switch brokers to xyz broker I am entitled to £ 160 ish back" long fucking stoney silence.... them" let me check sir".... eons pass, leaves fall, eventually... them" ahhhh yes sir, it appears you are prorata on your policy, you are entitled to £160ish less our cancellation fees....." me"thanks" me to myself, "Note, never use those wankers again, would have robbed me blind if I didn't have the previous email in black and White electrons...." TOP TIP.. before cancelling a policy, get a quote for a lot more expensive car and find out if you get a transfer value from one broker to the next. Worked for me by accident. On a brighter note, went with Henderson Taylor in Manchester. very impressed, nombullshit, agreed value, 5 track days, specialist repair, legal... etc etc very happy Mark
  6. Thanks to all who replied ? Cheers Mark
  7. @Jayemm, Not sure your £10k with all the carbon is correct, but a great video nontheless.... And the colour FANTASTIC in the flesh.... cheers Mark
  8. @cbaileyuk, no it was about 3 years ago. It need a new front clam. The paint match was just incredible, especially in Starlight Black. Glad you have the same opinion re Oakmere, helps support local business. cheers Mark
  9. Imho Oakmere are a top outfit, look after customers really well. Paul who deals with the service/repairs is excellent. When some prick opened a door into my daughters Elise he said not to worry "will be just like new after we fix it" and it was. Great people to deal with. cheers Mark
  10. Tried AIB, Footman James, Adrian Flux, Classic Line and one other... AIB second most expensive after the £2200 quote. my problem is my NCD is used on another car, however my original insurer let me use it on both cars, they came in at £800, but I need to clarify the agreed value ( I don't want gap insurance) and in the event of a mishap I can choose my repairer. cheers Mark
  11. The owner or the car Had to go back to Oakmere today for the Elise, they put their green one in the show room.... stunning!!
  12. I'm away all the coming week in Norwich of all places, but needs PPF, Tracker etc so big day is the 17th... ?❤️❤️❤️
  13. Well, To say there is a wide price difference is an understatement. Got four quotes today as my current insurer could not update my policy. Prices ranged from £2200, down to £540 ish, Midrange was about £1200 with one at around £800. No tickets (touch wood), no accidents (touch wood), member here, member Club Lotus, owned. V6S from new. Two other cars in the household and I'm bleeding old too.... Just unreal. Main comment was the price of the car, which to me seemed stupid, at least double what I normally pay.... oh well.... cheers Mark ps all reputable brokers too dealing with this type of car. Only good news was I didn't need a Cat 5 tracker, which would have been around £500 more than a Cat 6 one...
  14. Took my daughters 111S to Oakmere for a service today and unknown to me Mr Green had rocked up at Oakmere the night before unknown to me... so, took some snaps, the carbon is stunning....
  15. I'm probably going to fit my 2bular on my 380 when it arrives. Jim will make the adapter so it fits. cheers Mark if I don't then I'll post it for sale on here only done 500 miles and is mint carbon and tinted tips too.
  16. @Dave, Never had that on my V6S? Or at least I never saw it under the carpet... strange, but thanks for the info. Mark
  17. Well, almost there. No delivery date but I have to say this is looking like the dogs wotsits... Not sure what the net thing is in the boot? haven't/don't recall seeing that before.. And I even thought I had a coffee cup in the engine bay
  18. Hi, Could be the pedal assy. read somewhere else they sometimes need some WD40. Hope its not the clutch, I had it when mine had very few miles on the clock. What year is the car? cheers Mark
  19. Well, thats clearly NOT the case as I asked, via the dealer, to have my roof section painted like the 380 cup and according to the dealer they refused, as they said they want to keep that feature for Cup cars. So I'll be doing it in vinyl. ... and pigs will fly. Marketing suicide to say they were bringing out a 410 car, who would buy a 380 if they were to say this. I reckon a 410 before Christmas... cheers
  20. Just looking at the options cost and the base price of the 380 Cup. Personally I could not justify the extra dosh. If a basic 380 Cup comes in at £83K then with the options as ordered for my 380 Sport this would have been creeping towards £90K and this does not take into account that the dealer will have little to no flexibility on prices/discounts for the Cup cars. In fact I asked for a Pt Ex against a 360 Cup around 18 months ago and was offered ZERO discount at the time. So for the extra holes in the wings, nice spoiler and different clocks the Cup was a no-no for me. But it still a fabulously good looking car, and there will be some very very lucky owners out there. But sadly we will soon see the £100K+ Lotus, probably before the end of this model era, at which point I won't be buying anymore new ones So out of interest, here is my spec with list prices... cheers Mark
  21. Thanks Antoine, appreciated. regards mark
  22. So, what about all the engine questions you were going to ask? I wait with baited breath.. thanks Mark
  23. Sat in the middle of the Sahara when these popped into my inbox....
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