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  1. If anyone is going to the factory to see their car, can you have a word with "Stuart" was promised photos as I can't make it, as I'm in Algeria... he was going to send them to Oakmere.... but I guess probably il get the ones already on the camera ???
  2. @Trevsked This link has been posted before, but here it is again. On the second page, half way down look for "in Europe"... you can draw your own conclusions as to who the tuner is. As for the arguement is it true or not, I do not know. But then why state something that isn't? thanks Mark
  3. I'm sure it will be fine and no need to apologise. This is a great forum for information, help and debate, probably the best I've been on for Lotus. And to be honest there is nothing better than being passionate in what you believe. Nothing worse than going somewhere just for lame comments or to get your post "score" up. One forum for the older Lotus cars I visit has lost a lot of the really good posters for those very reasons. Keep up the good work!! cheers Mark
  4. @The Pits I think you have the wrong end of the stick there. The well know TUNER said it dropped power when the valve opened and allegedly produced the dyno sheets, NOT the exhaust supplier, sorry to correct you on that. I also think a few people on here know who that tuner is. Anyway, I suppose its speculation at the moment. I just hope my soon to arrive 380 isn't a disappointment, then again I'm no track monster chasing something I don't have the skill to operate at the limits. I just love Lotus cars, always have, always will; it was a childhood thing. cheers Mark
  5. Jokke, Seems a shame on a new car just out of the box. I thought I would just do the same to my V6 S, but decided against it.So, which one, 430 or 460? cheers Mark
  6. Interesting to read that translated report, re "hitting a wall". I was speaking with an exhaust supplier, re refitting his back box to my 380. He told me while he was at an eminent Lotus tuner, they had observed a massive drop off in power on a four wheel rolling road when the exhaust valve opened on the Lotus back box. I can't remember the numbers he quoted, via the tuner, but 30 to 40 hp seems to stick. He has also posted this on another forum, Pistonheads, if I recollect rightly. I see no reason for him to tell "porkies" as I have found dealing with him excellent in every respect, so maybe this tuner does have a point! Anyway, when I get my 380 and run in properly, I'll put in on a four wheel dyno and see what the output is. Then I will refit my after market box which I took off my V6S and do another run. Obviously will post the results here. Will be interesting to see.... cheers Mark ps I agree, this is a Lotus forum, not a porker love in. If you like Lotus stay here, if not go elsewhere.
  7. Correction to my previous post, owned the Sprint for around 14 years not 24. Don't know how to edit old posts.. ?
  8. Hmmm, concours, interesting subject. Here's my take on it. I have restored 3 Loti in my time, a '69 S2 Europa, a '72 Twin Cam Europa, a '69 Elan S4, all to exacting standards, the S2 however was highly modified. However, I am also fortunate to be the second owner of a '73 DHC Elan Sprint, which I bought from the original owner some 24 years ago, see a couple of pictures in my previous post in this thread. When I bought the car it had been stood for almost 12 years and needed a commissionin and a clean up under the bonnet. I didn't touch the interior or any of the trim, glass, dash etc as it was all 100% original. I didn't paint the car either. I would say the car is very good example, but would I replace the worn carpets, the dash that has some cracks in the veneer, switches that are turning milky? NO, not a chance. Why? because this is what the car is, a fine example of Chapmans best. That is not to say I haven't done things to improve "inherent" faults. Yes, I use braided stainless fuel hoses, because rubber ones split, I've replaced the doughnuts for CV's because the rubber on the doughnuts you get now is sub standard, a larger radiator to improve the always marginal cooling. So who would want to risk an engine bay fire, a drive shat coming through the floor? a warped cylinder head when stuck in traffic, not me for sure. I have seen all of the previous, if fact if you go to "Lotus" a guy has recently had his pride and joy burn out due to an engine bay fuel leak. But I digress. To me a concours car is what it is, a trailer queen, a car that that is EXACTLY as it came from the factory. I say trailer queen as you cannot realistically do 6000 miles a year and keep a car perfect, not today, not with Asda car parks, not on our roads and not with jealous "[email protected]" who who key it in the blink of an eye. So, in fairness, competitions like this should be judged on the miles a car travels in a year; say 0 to 500, 500 to 1000, 1000 to 3000 and so on, then everyone gets a chance to win something with their pride and joy. A concours car is like a painting, its there to be looked at, admired, polished, preserved and maybe driven occasionaly Some of my before and after shots attcahed ..... cheers Mark
  9. Knew I'd be away in Algeria keeping the oil flowing, but I'll be there next year with this "baby" ? Cheers mark
  10. Can I ask a rather mundane questions to existing 380'owners.... So, I want to put PPF on the car so any recommendations to suppliers 3M for instance? but the question is the canards. They have to come off to fit the film, so are they held with captive nuts? Sorry it's not an LSD, Brake or shocks or engine question ... thanks Mark
  11. Re the earlier video....... Kawasaki Green.... mmmmmm and just for Colin I'll be wrapping the roll hoop a la the 380 cup as his observation is 100% on the money. Interesting that B&C will get their new 380 Cups before I get my 380 Sport, how does that work? Oh well at least I can save up a bit more ? At 1:17 on the video see the badly fitting roof seal, poor that is. And at the end of the video the yellow car has the painted supercharger and CF spoiler winglets. Should advertise the cars as they now sell them.... cheers Mark
  12. I ordered virtually same spec from Oakmere .... just waiting
  13. Brilliant... so you dont need the slippery CF sills either.. Mark
  14. Not being a track guy, where does driver body weight come into the equation? I'm 6' and maybe 210 pounds, yeah a bit overweight So I guess if I lose 14 pounds and thats a saving of £5k on Titanium exhaust option But seriously, where does driver weight come into this if you are a serious track demon? cheers Mark
  15. They have even got rid of the netting behing the seats (no joke) in the bog standard 380... Just where am I going to put my little breakdown card
  16. @vd9 yes, full carbon everything, track pack, paint job, trim, radio, sound proofing... you just got to work into your price the deal you are going to get for a 380 against a cup 380. cheers mark
  17. @vd9 i estimated that if I put all the extras on the cup that I put on the 380 I have ordered, combined with the lack of dealer "flexibility" on price, it would be +10k more and probably a one year warranty too. having said that it is a lovely car, but I just can't justify that cost. cheers Mark
  18. I really hoped it would be a 410 engine, then I would have bought onE. Instead have took a 380 with options. And as the warranty starts to expire I'll Komotec it. You can bet a supercharged 410, when it eventually arrives, and it will ( probably November ?), will start at +£90k, thus with options will Exceed £100k. An article I read maybe two months ago quotes the CEO as saying this will be where the price is for the next generation Exige, which is probably too expensive for most, and is a real pity.... cheers mark
  19. Saw it, rang dealer, confirmed my original 380 order, however looks lovely...but will be expensive after options.
  20. As I said previously " a chunk of change" more than a 380 was mentioned to me. And speculated this maybe another 15 to 20k on top of the 380 price, and thus would I pay it? So bearing in mind the spec I chose for the 380 I have "on hold" is in excess of 80k list, it all depends. But then again who knows what this car is. Someone mentioned 311 with a roof, that's a good call, as I heard the sales figures for those weren't performing as well as expected. Still, can't wait to see what it is.. and I do have to agree with Gary, in that you buy a new car and it's superceeded in a matter on months is really pants, shocking to be honest. As that means we are being used as cash cows. More profit for not a lot of change. cheers Mark
  21. I work in the Oil and Gas industry, currently 4x4 in Algeria. However this week I'm in Norwich at the Hethel Engineering Centre to conduct an FAT for a piece of kit we are installing. As this place is literally 500 m from Lotus, I think I'll go knock on the door and just ask for a bloody look!!!!! getting tired of this.... ????
  22. Is the Evora 410 gearbox the same as the Exige? As the rpm limit on this machine is 7000rpm. So if the boxes. Are the same then to say 6800 is protecting the gearbox does not ring true... cheers
  23. Here you go... UK Customer price list.pdf
  24. No chance Stuart... better half would kill me
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