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  1. @MesTCS Thanks, picture looked stunning!! Just had an email from my local Lotus garage tonight informing me Lotus won't do Tri coats anymore to many issues. I'll probably go for the Kawasaki Green if I get one. cheers Mark
  2. @nerobi.. yeah, thats what I understood as well... Getting to the point where an "affordable supercar" suddenly becomes "unaffordable pipe dream" in that space of 4 years. Just been to Oakmere Bacon Butty morning to have a look at 380's in the flesh. Nice, more than nice, but I thought the Kawasaki Elise Cup was then best car they had for price and looks. Of the 3 exige owners I spoke to, two of them said they would upgrade their own car rather than buy a 380 So still thinking... ;(
  3. @Samol... WoW... lost for words, I really am.... boiled brake fluid, cooked pads, soft side walls ... I can't even spell asymmetrical without spell check... Alll I want to do is polish a rocket.... As for night driving, try Ann Summers.... I'm sure they have semi slicks and all that kind of rubber stuff....
  4. @ Samol Interesting ... never looked at it like that, I suppose you might be right. Is it because its new or better? Interesting question. thanks
  5. Hi gearbox, Yep that was the quote. However, as was noted a good trade in deal for a 2.5 year old car. But after reading the quotes on "future" changes to this model in that magazine article, it makes me wonder. cheers mark
  6. @ Geartox... Hmmmm ?.. I'd forgot about the extra 30 hp or so.... £1K per hp.... ???... I can feel the kick in the pants already...
  7. @ Mes Can you do a render with "Candy Apple Orange" or "McLaren Orange" I need to pick a colour soon and I couldnt render a rabbit in a stew... Out of interest I have a 2014 V6S with approx 3K miles, quoted 32K to upgrade... I asked for Full Carbon Fibre, Bespoke Paint, Sound Deadening, Steering Wheel, Air Con and Floor Mats and not much more... Needs SERIOUS thought at this price.... but I'm tempted, really really tempted... Its just that I can see a 410 car in 18 months to keep the sales up. As an example, I have a 73 Sprint, out of the box stunning car, Lotus made these due to falling sales in lieu of a new model. History, I think, is going to repeat itself.... cheers Mark
  8. Interesting article in an Autocar magazine I just read while sat in the dentist. Basically the article was on about the "maybe" SUV project,but there where a few snippets re the Elise and Exige, both current and proposed. The one that hit me first was that the price of the "new" Exige could be over 100K Sterling... WoW thats a hike. And also that tweaks to the existing range will continue upto the new models coming out. It, the article, mentioned weight reduction etc etc but I just wonder, is the 380 hp the most we will see from Lotus in these cars? A 410 Cup for instance..... interesting. cheers Mark
  9. Went to CN's (Oakmere) to price one up (well the addition of the extras to the base price) between the holidays and told they have a yellow one order as a demonstrater. Will try that when it arrives. But a very very large hike in price over my V6S, still might do the komotech, will see after a drive. Mark
  10. Hi George, You got a contact number/website for the guys that did the rear wrap? thanks Mark
  11. Makes adding a Komotec Ex460 to my two year old "S" a no brainer.... Very nice tinkery bits, but not +70K nice. Mark
  12. Cheers bibs, thanks for that.... OK so here goes a link to my Photobucket account, two videos at the top with Jim's spectacular exhaust.... cheers Mark
  13. Trying to upload a video... says I can only load a & Meg file ??? help.. And yes, tip now adjuted out
  14. Well, after listening to the clip I had to have one. Fitted at Oakmere during a service. Quality and service EXCELLENT.... but what a noise... FanFekingTastic... And a pleasure to deal with a proper gent too. When the warranty is up I'll be back for the headers... cheers Mark
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