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  1. You want one of these... a 460 Sport....
  2. “ clear nail varnish is applied to seal and protect.” @alias23 who’s nail varnish 🤫😆🤫
  3. Hi Imran, I used my MacBook Pro and //s to update my dash. No issues with it... The WiFi icon will appear not to work, however if you go to network setting you can see if its connected or not. However, you must tell RS that you are using a mac, its selectable from a drop down on the upper left tab (cant remember its name and I’m in bed now, so can’t open my machine). The go to cloud and download the firmware to RS. Once downloaded click on transmit and jobs dome (I think, from memory).... Call me tomorrow afternoon if you want... cheers
  4. Update on my turned AIM dash... I received a phone call from AIM this morning and we talked at length about this issues that had developed with my dash and future on going development and support. I won't go into too many details, however I was assured that there are only a very very small number of units with issues. Further, AIM stated they would be willing to offer a replacement unit in lieu of repairing the old one. To be fair to AIM they did not have to do this, and the fact that they made this very generous offer shows to me that they are very much customer and product focused. I'll wrap up by saying I am delighted with this outcome, and would like to thank AIM for their outstanding customer service offered to me. 👍👍 cheers Mark
  5. With a 9 meg limit @Bibs 😔 thanks
  6. @C8RKH Thanks for the support. The dash was shipped back a good few days ago, hopefully it will come back fully functional. It is perhaps that a few of us early buyers got faulty units, however I am sure it will be fine. Its just frustrating taking things to bits multiple times. cheers Mark
  7. Some help needed guys. So I bought a 5 speed Lotus box from an Elan +2 to fit into my baby Elan. I also bought an Elite 5 speed gearbox for spares as it was really cheap. There are the same box internals but with different tail and bell housings. It looks like the Elite has the large main input bearing while the +2 has the narrower one and what really impressed me was the Elite gearbox looks mint. What was missing from the Elite gearbox was the nose section that bolts to the case, so can anyone tell me if.. a) The noses of the two boxes are the same and if not b) Can anyone sell me a nose please. I’ve attached two pics of the boxes, you can see the nose on the Elan box and the input shat bearing on the Elite box. cheers Mark
  8. to be fair the winglet mounting holes look good, far better than the Lotus OEM ones where the countersunk screws aren't countersunk enough
  9. ahh OK. Good luck with that. Reminds me of the Europa door with the long bar. cheers Mark
  10. Yes its under warranty, I should think so. "Grateful" you'r joking aren't you, if you bought a new TV and it didn't work would you be "grateful" to have it repaired? I'm not angry, frustrated is the word. Mainly because it has bugs but I have to take it out, refit the old one, take out he old one and fit the repaired one. As Kenny mentioned above, probably a lack of thorough testing. Not sure why I need to explain this but I will. I work overseas and not in the country very often (<3 months year), I asked for the dash to be shipped to me in January, when it got fitted. I went back to work February and came back to the UK in March. I had intended to send the Dash back in March and had some email correspondence with James Mulley at AIM at the end of March. To quote James "We are not able to do any hardware work in the factory at the moment and won’t be able to until this corona virus situation is over" Further, your rights under the sale of goods act diminish as time progresses from the date of sale. By the way I'm not having a pop at your post about me being "angry", that's what forums are for and that's your prerogative. I respect your opinion, as I have on other other stuff we have talked about in the past. But really George, just because you have done a really good video of the product, which AIM now have on their FB site is no need to try and slate me. Try asking Kenny, Andy and a couple of others the same question. Basically the kit (or perhaps just the early versions) have issues, end of. Plus this kit is nothing like the GARW unit, which has been developed by one man, this is a large company and the kit is twice the price, so I personally expect it to work. cheers Mark
  11. Decided.... mines coming out tomorrow and going back Monday to get fixed. Will also take advice on getting my postage costs back too, why the fook should we have to pay for something to be repaired, that is only months old and that is clearly not fit for purpose? Even if its only £20ish... cheers
  12. What model Elan is that? My "baby" has bobbins in the sill and frame surround.. However if its stuck your only option is to cut it off? cheers
  13. An AIM dash would have to work 1000% better than the ones currently on offer... see other threads for how BAD they are.... sorry, but its true.
  14. Totally agree... and basically in could be fooking dangerous..... Do they have a Facebook page where we can "give some video" feedback? I suppose they would take notice then ....... cheers Mark ps lights on warning buzzer missing too not incorporated (later cars only?).... not so plug and play is it, more like read and weep!
  15. 😂😂😂😂 But at least you can see how fast you are going.... 😉
  16. Well, it just gets worse and worse, lost for words really..... anybody had this before..... Had to pull over, switch off, start up and the dash went back to normal... cheers
  17. I use ACF 50 under the arches and on the metal work under there. Pretty good stuff and helps the wishbones, whose finish on these cars is poor. cheers
  18. Clutch is the only issue to worry about... expensive as its a lot of labour. However H111 I believe have this down to a fine art thus much cheaper. cheers Mark
  19. Hi Dave, I don't have any expanders, it was just the "extra" inputs you can add from the ECU. Strange really, I'll post again if I see it happen (will try and get a video). cheers Mark No, Just returning after lockdown as I has a pixellated screen at times and also the HVAC light modification needs to be done. To be fair the dash is fine, just has a few bugs. Which one is correct? Not seen this yet, but not been out enough...
  20. Only happened once, but after uploading all great went for a spin, parked car on drive. An hour later went to put car in garage and “extra sensor” config not showing. Turned off dash then back on again and there they were. Still bugs with this dash.... As a “collective” are bugs bring reported? My dash is going back when things return to “normal”.... cheers
  21. @GFWilliams Had the car out today and nothing displayed on the gearbox temperature signal from the ECU. Strange though as the engineering unit is in Deg Celsius.... cheers
  22. Sums it up, everyone should own an Elan 👍
  23. Try Sue Miller... or buy a good O ring kit?
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