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  1. Only happened once, but after uploading all great went for a spin, parked car on drive. An hour later went to put car in garage and “extra sensor” config not showing. Turned off dash then back on again and there they were. Still bugs with this dash.... As a “collective” are bugs bring reported? My dash is going back when things return to “normal”.... cheers
  2. @GFWilliams Had the car out today and nothing displayed on the gearbox temperature signal from the ECU. Strange though as the engineering unit is in Deg Celsius.... cheers
  3. Sums it up, everyone should own an Elan 👍
  4. Try Sue Miller... or buy a good O ring kit?
  5. Balls of steel driving an elan at 10:10 like that... nice one, bloody brilliant in fact!!!
  6. For a 430, are you sure? if so that's bombed massively in the last 12 weeks...
  7. Not so sure you can without leaving a gap at the top. For me, at +6' it would need to come down a lot. The fix to this problem would be to have a similar arrangement to that of the original dash that you can add by customisation, same with the indicators. A moot point but Is a dash road legal if you can't see the indicators? This thread bump has reminded me to get some other bits and bobs for the dash, I plain forgot with all the crap happening in the world. cheers
  8. Be interested to see how that works out. I dipped mine and looks OK, but could be better. If its ok can you pass on the details of who you are using? thanks Mark
  9. Looking for a Lotus 5 speed box (for an Elan), anyone have one under the bed they are willing to sell? cheers Mark
  10. Did you buy all the expansion modules that you will need to make it work?.
  11. Classic car buying is 90% age related, well with me anyway. Would I buy and Escort, Sierra nah, never in a million years. Now give me a Lotus Cortina, 1600E, Europa, Elan, TR5..... Plus I bought in this market because I wanted the cars, not to make money. just my 2p.
  12. Hi George, The gearbox sensor is on the can bus, so just added it. Not driven the car yet so don't know if it work yet cheers
  13. All this guy did was take more money for less product (with his penny pinching) and also was not entirely honest with his customers ie models (please don't get me started on that)... Lets hope the next car is masterpiece 👍🏻
  14. after tensioning, then inside the door there are two screws, fore and aft. You can use these to adjust the "slope" or "contact" of the window with the seal. I would guess its the top seal where the water is getting in. To be fair mines dry as a bone with the soft on. cheers
  15. Drop Hanger 111 a line, else its clam off, engine out. cheers
  16. Will lotus price most of us out of the market as it seems that's the way things are heading, especially what we have seen in the last threes years (less for more)
  17. What a brilliant collection....heres my JPS...
  18. Of all the cars I have ever owned and to my eternal shame I am truly truly sorry to say I bought the ex Mrs a brand new Vauxhall Tigra...😔😔😔😔😔 could have been worse, could have been an MG..... Oh hang on bought her an MG Metro Turbo too ...😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 And I don't even have any pictures of it, but I do remember it emptying its sump outside a chemist one day, a common problem they had.... not my car an inter web picture....
  19. Roman Purple to be exact 🤓 it was a Ford colour.
  20. Answers to most... 1) Yes and Yes 2) No 380 smaller than 350, 410/430 don't know 3) Don't know for sure but think 350 and 380 the same 4) Yes and don't know 5) yes and probably yes cheers
  21. I had both the Twin Cam and the S2 Europas, just so so so special. I wrote off my S2 a number of years (a lot of) ago and bought the Elan. I would honestly only swap it for a “proper” JPS Europa... there said it. cheers My old S2
  22. Closely followed by this.... A car that still looks fantastic today...
  23. Being ever so slightly biased, this.... Has everything, including the iconic engine....
  24. Slight change..... cant recommend highly enough....
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