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  1. On 02/09/2021 at 10:29, KusaKusa said:

    believe Lotus mentioned in an article recently that they want to move to a sales boutique and vehicle delivery sales model, similar to Tesla. Honestly, with their current positioning and future focus on EVs, this is probably the most cost effective strategy for them. At least in the US but not sure about the UK.

    Which is why I cancelled my Emira order… it’s a JOKE

    Ditching dealers who have been with them for years to sell out of a shopping centre allegedly. Chapman would be turning in his grave.

    I won’t ever buy a new one again.

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  2. On 03/08/2021 at 07:56, C8RKH said:

    I was being tongue in cheek at the fact that people were already discussing paint protection for Lotus' last ever ICE production car a minimum of 12 months before it was out!

    As for paint shops. I must be blessed, as I have two near me, one I have used personally and they did a great job, one that many people have used and highly recommend them. To say they are all cowboys with such a broad brush is a little harsh. You may have had a bad experience or two, but really, all of them are cowboys, I think not.

    So how does that work with the PPF that the factory puts on when the car leaves the factory?

    Not very well if it has to come off I believe. I quoted what several detailers have told me who wont touch fresh paint. Please dont shoot the messenger..


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  3. Hi Dave,

    I have a deposit down, but still feeling a bit meh at the moment, for sure it’s not going to be like my Exige, but a trip to Mendig would go someway to fixing that. The Elan is staying that’s for sure.

    We will see, I need to see one and drive one, that’s a definite. Maybe let the better half have it 😆




    27 April 21: Lotus company update and Emira name announced

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    30 April 21 - Pugwash - UK V6 manual

    7 May 21 - Mark030358 - Undecided 

    15 May 21 - JCR - Undecided 

    17 May 21 - DarrylV8 - Undecided

    20 May 21 - Evotion - V6 Manual

    20 May 21 - Evotion - i4

    22 May 21 - KennyN - V6 Manual

    4 June 21 - DJW - undecided

    23 June 21 - KJD - V6 manual

    25 Jun 21 - scotty435 - V6 manual 

    28 June 21 - DaveC72 - i4

    6 July 21: Emira reveal at Hethel

    6 July 21 - Duncs - V6, but cost dependent.

    7 July 21 - Lockey - i4 

    7 July 21 - freefall_junkie - V6 manual UK

    7 July 21 - glen8 - i4

    7 July 21 - Al_C - I4

    7 July 21 - Neilread - I4

    7 July 21 - Philnotts - V6 Manual

    7 or 8 July 21 - JJ - Cost dependant

    8 July 21: Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 1 (Thursday)

    8 July 21, 09:39 - mctaff - UK - V6 manual

    8 July 21 - MJON - i4

    8 July 21 - Wake - i4 (V6 cost dependant) 

    8 July 21 - Johnhoward - V6 Auto

    8 July 21 - JimH - i4

    9 July 21: Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 2 (Friday)

    9 July 21 - Beady - I4 (probably)

    9 July 21 (8am) - Beancounter - probably i4, but maybe v6 manual 

    10 July 21: Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 3 (Saturday)

    10 July 21 - Washy - undecided 

    10 July 21 - Al - completely undecided. 

    11 July 21: Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 4 (Sunday)

    12 July 21: post Goodwood Festival of Speed

    12 July 21 - emstan - V6

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  4. Had my money down a good few months now, but still feeling kind of meh….

    Its kind of like when I was a kid and looking at the Europa Twin Cam (to me the finest looking Lotus ever built) and thinking just wow, and my dad looking at a Ford Capri and him thinking just wow… Where one was just something from another planet, the other was, well, a Ford with net headrests…

    And that’s my worry, a modern day Capri ….. 


  5. 4 hours ago, worldwidewebs said:

    Anyone here placed a 'deposit' on an Emira and care to share who with and how much? Just been in to Oakmere and they wanted £1k, which seems a little 'toppy' given the factory aren't thing orders yet

    Oakmere had my deposit a few weeks ago... its not an issue as its refundable if you dont like it....


  6. 1 hour ago, mdavies said:

    Hear, hear!

    Doubtless much market research went into the overall infrastructure of the Emira to aim at the admittedly essential target of getting more buyers from a wider, less committed range of people. Hence “easier to access, better equipped etc. etc.” No argument there, but are those the unique features that will make new prospects fall for the special, unequalled, memorable experience that is driving a Lotus? Surely not!

    My three headings for assessing a sports car are appearance, lap times and the driving experience. And the greatest of these, by miles, is the last.  That experience is not a one-way street though, something the car gives you. No, it’s an interactive process, a multifaceted mix of what you put into the driving and how the car's responses feed back to you.  The more put in, the more got out.

    Many test drivers and potential new long term owners will surely not start at the £90K plus level of the 6 cylinder version but the 4 cylinder at £55K.  What will be the hook that will embrace them?  The appearance? So it’s a car for the posers?  The lap timers? So it’s a car for the track rats?  No, of course, it has to be the driving experience, always Lotus’s magic.

    I said “the more put in, the more got out”.  I should have said “the more the driver can put in, the more they get out.” Given that, is it not true that three pedals and a gear stick are hugely important components? To feel the stick slot home from one gear to another, matching the revs to the gear change, blipping the throttle just right for downshifts - hearing the bark of the engine, heel and toeing to do that under braking. Timing everything according to your line around a bend.

    So what will these new test drivers experience? None of those above anyway. Never mind, they can slip in and out easily, play with the infotainment, relax with the help of the driver aids. Oh, and turn the steering wheel and press the brake pedal.

    The less you can put in, the less you get out.

    And yes, I’m very disappointed.

    Lets wait and see, all that is written here is speculation..... admittedley it will be easier to get into 🤔

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