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    Jim cudd
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    1980 Elite, 1989 Nissan 300ZX twin turbo, 1992 Misubishi GTO twin turbo, 2008 BMW 650i convertible
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  1. Thanks Paul offer much appreciated but I am now working in Cambridge until Sat. Determined to get to one of these meets eventually!
  2. Sorry the Elite is without a fuel tank at the moment - took it out to clean/seal. Got her running from a jerry can but don't think the Flowerpots is in range!
  3. Thanks - I have ordered one along with a new fuel pump just in case. Got her running this afternoon but still I think being starved of fuel = I guess due to a semi blockage at the banjo. Pulled all the crap away to expose the banjo and it seems a bit tight (space wise). Guess I need to pump all the fuel out before playing with it! Have sent a pm - Thanks!
  4. Yes I have an inline fuel filter which was full of crap - cleaned that out and refitted. Getting fuel to the carbs in fits and starts but still won't fire so maybe crap made it to the carb jets? Will need to find someone to take a look as carbs are not my strongpoint (come to think of it nothing is really)
  5. Well the Elite managed 400 yards out of the garage and died. Fuel issue yet again. It really is starting to p me off. Cant make the meet.
  6. If time permits and I can get her going will bring my Elite. (assuming still on @ Kings Head?) Do I just turn up with appropriate beer money? This is just up the road from me - not too far to push her home........
  7. Thanks ramjet - as a newbie to this forum I will do so - shame I cannot make the meet due to work stuff! Next time
  8. Cant get to this unfortunately but will def bring the Elite to a meet in the near future.
  9. Is this the Flowerpots east of Winchester?
  10. I am up for pretty much anytime Oct.
  11. Hi - I am the new owner of Mark's Elite - he has done a great job with it. Up for a meet in the Hants area - just let me know Cheers Jim
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