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  1. Thanks @whiskybob, but don't let @Paul Coleman hear you say that. He's just sold an E-Type. There's quite a few very nice S1 restorations about these days. Like most classic cars, my work is still on going, but largely complete. It's certainly fun to drive.
  2. Yes, as @LOTUSMAN33 says, the waistline trim is cut away in a curve so that it fits under the cutout in the bumper edge. Some the 'U' section often supplied in the UK isn't great. I'd prefer to replace mine with something better ideally. BTW my front bumper bolts on from the front through bonded on reinforcement washers in the body shell. These bolt heads are recessed in the bumper beneath the Lucas light backplates. They work fine.
  3. I'd try and get the manufacturer to bond their door aperture sets in house, as if done correctly it'll be far better. At least you have a decent extinguishing system fitted I seem to remember from our Team S1 group chat 4 years ago at Brands Hatch. I can't afford one at present as my business has tanked since June, with both the NHS and my construction clients struggling to catch up with their backlog and also social distance. I find using the car prevents fuel going south due to standing. A fellow very long term S1 owner successfully uses fuel stabiliser "off season". However t
  4. 100m isn't too bad. What's that equate to, 20 sets? And they fit all G-cars. I assume they made them up as a complete door seal, joining the two ends? Did you have to use any sealant to fix the centre hubs? Folk often do it seems.
  5. I don't know Fabian. Mine were from SJ Sportscars, and bought with a ton of other parts in my first consignment in November 2016. I'm not seeing any excessive pressure on the door mechanism either. I've asked a couple of other S1 restorers of their experiences also, but none have had issues either. Using seals bought before and after mine. Mine were long, but I took my time to hammer them into the corners using a rubber mallet, as directed by my pal who's QA for Nissan in Washington. They did look over long, but they went in OK with perseverance. The doors were left closed for t
  6. False economy to not replace the pressure plate, but as you say, it's costly.
  7. Great work. Worth the extra effort, as otherwise you'd have a very frustrating jobs lined up ahead.
  8. How are your polished wheels holding up @williamtherebel? Preparing mine for a cars and coffee event tomorrow morning. Which may be the last for quite some time unfortunately.
  9. As I've mentioned previously these reputable registration plate companies probably will not provide any plate other than what they consider road legal for the age and style required. I use Polar who make excellent plates and have some styles that others do not, or immitate badly. Their expensive but superior 'Mirrorline' range for instance, used on one of my other cars. However they don't offer any other styles in their 1970s-80s be range as Tippers etc. Also, some of these companies use the same plate manufacturer. Tippers provide for a couple it seems. At the risk of sounding
  10. Here's a simple video I shot whilst testing out the car over the weekend on the North York Moors.
  11. Amazing difference in those rear lights. Well spotted @stephenwhyte.
  12. Whilst messing about with cameras over the weekend I've just realised I managed to click over the 2,000th mile since getting it back on the road in July 2019. It hasn't been faultless, but it's getting there nicely, and when the roads are right it drives like the wind.
  13. I'd be interested in knowing the correct way to set up adjustable (rebound) dampers, as I fitted ProTech dampers all round, but know little about how they should be adjusted. Though the car drives great. Cornering like on rails, the front can tend to crash over large pot holes, whereas my modern cars are largely unaffected. My local moors roads can be uneven due to severe winters and lack of maintenance. I recently upped the inspec 18psi fronts to 25psi which has improved matters. Tyres being Maxxis MA-1s which improved things greatly. The rears are Dunlop Classic and remain at 28psi
  14. Personally I suspect it's a bit too thin.
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