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  1. Or @Bibs you could just use this. @TBD the early Esprit is prime for an electro conversation. And a number of us Farrah slack wearing old timers have considered converting an S1 etc. Perhaps using secondhand Tesla motors , "avionics" and batteries fitted across all available space freed up from the fuel tanks, engine etc. Retaining, and possibly improving the balance would be key. As would making the conversion flexible enough to utilise new improved battery technology when it becomes available. The experience could be immense.
  2. Finding some of the earlier parts of this recent episode difficult to follow. However I cannot see the reason for painting the inside of the engine casing if that is what is being suggested. I'm not even sure what you could use that would withstand that environment?! Are we entering a new era in car restorations? I better dig out my old school recorder pipe cleaner for my tail pipes ....
  3. A bit of bonding at today's large cars and coffee event at Wynyard Hall, NE England.
  4. A bit of bonding at today's large cars and coffee meet at Wynyard Hall, Wolviston, UK.
  5. @drdoom it's LOUD! But the interior is incomplete, and due to the high prices folk charge that's not likely to change for quite a while.
  6. 14. XXX As the winter slowly progressed into spring my thoughts turned to doing more work on the actual car. With the aim of completing most of the exterior items by the end of the forthcoming summer. I’d bought a high quality electric aerial to match the automatic period radio/cassette unit bought back in August 2016. However, the motor unit was too large for it to be placed in the front wing. @RichardJGC confirmed that a smaller version was available which would fit after some modification. I spilt the control circuit housing and was able to place within the door jam aperture, once the inner wing had been filed a small amount to allow the aerial to fit vertically within the space and out through the wing aperture. The cables were threaded through to the cabin via a grommet within a black PVC conduit and tie-wrapped to the dashboard bar to keep them tidy for later connection to the head unit. During this time I also revisited the door bars which I’d had media blasted to their original look. These were to be left in bare aluminium apart from the hinges which had been finished in black. I had initially obtained plastic replacement bushes from SJ Sportscars. However I’d since learned that fitting brass bushes were a better solution so the bars was sent off to have bushes machined and press fitted. As the fine weather was still sporadic, I ticked off some of the smaller jobs that would allow me to tackle the more time consuming ones once the long sunny days returned. This included tidying up the inner sill covers. The engine cover was also completed with the same under bonnet NASI insulation as used by Porsche 928, as recommended by @Tony K Using 2 to neatly cover the underside of the engine cover. The cover being finished off with a new rubber edge seal. Hopefully this, and the butyl sound proofing in the cabin would help insulate against engine and road noise. Other items like the new boot pull cable and assembly were also fitted. As were new number plate lights and stainless steel screws. The ‘L’ shaped retaining lugs securing the vertical boards covering the rear lights were also cleaned up and painted satin black. All of the boot board fixings were renewed in stainless steel. The binnacle, steering column and switch gear plate had come out really good in their newly painted Nextel. The dashboard and binnacle demister grills were fixed in place, as was the passenger side air vent. Being careful not to mark the new Nextel finish, which had fortunately come out in a pleasant and practical darker shade than I’d expected. As I had feared unwelcome reflections in the windscreen in strong daylight. With the inner sills in place I fitted new seat runners to the seats and bolted them in, figuring that I had more room without the doors in place. By now summer was fast approaching and my next tasks would involve pushing the car out onto the drive once more to provide greater access and the beginning of my final assembly stage, which would begin with fitting the doors. Something I was warned by @Final Edition that would take a long time to get right.
  7. All in good time @Lotusfab I'm still writing up the assembly and publishing in a logical and chronological order. Having got the car running and set up I'm now tackling the finishing aspects, so you'll have to wait a while. There's no rush.
  8. @Jeanvm I still need to put these through their paces now that I've had the suspension geometry set up professionally. Write up to follow. I'm extremely happy with the settings on paper. The car is finely balanced, particularly side-2-side. On the 120 miles I've done since would certainly suggest the tyres are doing their stuff.
  9. I've driven approaching 1,000 'shakedown' miles since getting this on the road last July (7 months). It's just had it's suspension geometry set up professionally.
  10. For those folks wanting more details of the rear Dunlop tyres ....
  11. They're only 'box fresh' once. Drive the nuts of it and then spend a fine day cleaning it. My Corgi Toys are all battered. I still get them out once in a while. I've just put over 200 miles on mine since Sunday afternoon. My hatch lip sits proud when open. Enough to grab a passing street urchin to lift it further at least.
  12. This sold on eBay for about £12,000 one Sunday morning in late summer.
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