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  1. Though I'm sure the AC system of a UK Esprit S2 will be different to Federal S1s, but @bondbabyremoved the AC system fitted to his US S1 and may have retained some fittings.
  2. Glad you got the bodyshell sorted @JonSE as I know that getting it done right was a big concern of yours. Crack on with that suspension ready for the engine and transmission to be fitted would be your next priority. The rest will fall into place. Progressing the small, self-contained jobs in any downtime whilst waiting for those larger assemblies.
  3. Depending upon how far they are stripped and what work is done to the window frames the doors will be a pain, and though helpful, you'll find no matter what you do prior to paint they'll still need a lot of work on final assembly. I assume you checked them prior to disassembly? I cant remember what state your car was when you bought it. I'd advise new phosphor-bronze hinge bushes as a bare minimum. And do nothing until they are fitted into the door beams. If you have marked the position of the window frame and check strap attachment points ie. the angles and position along the beam, that will be your biggest advantage. I had put in a light score mark on my beams for this purpose. Though a more thorough and professional finish, I'm not sure I'd recommend powder coating your window frames due to the effort it takes to refit the quarterlight glass. And given it's relatively rarity (on an S1 at least), the danger of damage during that process. Depending upon how far you intend to disassemble the doors there is little benefit from marking the penny washer shims, though all information is useful at the end of the day, as an indication at least. You'll find you'll have to start from first principals. A seemingly endless task. So to recap do that after you've fitted those bushes. Not the original plastic type which won't last. Contrary to other comments about door SJ Sportcars' door rubbers, I have not found them a problem. Like any new rubber they just need careful banging into place and adjustment of the window frames afterwards. I noted that the S1 featured on the recent Top Gear programme leaked from the tops of the doors. That car would benefit from some attention in the door frame angle. Which will mean more than adjusting with the penny washer shims. Mine took a little effort to get right. Patience is a virtue in these circumstances. I'm also not sure of the worth in spending time on the bonnet and rear hatch, but the lamp pods may benefit from a test fit. Overall, better off spending time progressing the other parts of the restoration. Heater box, steering, suspension, interior panels, and gearchange linkages etc. It is a momentus task to completely rebuild these cars without wasting time on stuff you'll need to redo once painted anyway. I hope that helps.
  4. Wow! Those have shot up in price since 2016.
  5. You can't beat carb cleaner. I use it on lots of things. Mine's made locally too.
  6. I know a few folks up here that had new chassis's for their S1 and 2's when Lotus were selling them off. I only know of a S3/Turbo chassis going spare.
  7. This was the one stored in a garden for years? Interesting.
  8. Can't you repair? Body comes off easily. Worth the effort IMO. Cheaper than a replacement chassis.
  9. Those ones have been on years and the price is a joke. A bit like my enamel Lotus badge 😆
  10. £1,000? The glassing isn't difficult. SJ Sportcars sell reproduction rear light surrounds for £62 each+VAT. Including an S1 recessed rear number plate surround they would be less than £200 delivered. Fiat X1/9 lights come up at reasonable prices on eBay quite often. I'm not sure how you've come up with that figure. IMO it is something to do whilst in the bodyshop, or at least prior to painting. For me these elements are as much defining of the S1 as the barge board front spoiler.
  11. in front of the rear wheel well, behind the passenger seat (on RHD cars).
  12. Considering that side glass is unobtainium now I hope she does try repeating that pose.
  13. Unlikely, given that the above water live action sequences were filmed in Sardinia (and Pinewood).
  14. The Copper Fire Turbo was restored by @Final Edition
  15. Which was Roger Moore's idea which Cubby Broccoli and Lewis Gilbert humoured him. But it worked in the cutting room, so they used it.
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