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  1. As someone who works in professional video production his techniques are annoyingly crude, but mixed with his enthusiasm, knowledgeable and unpresuming demeanor his films are standouts in a media world which has become more flash and trash. The first video of his I watched was his Muira test drive, then one of his Testarossa videos. Seeing him wax lyrical about his Turbo HC is one of the best adverts for this classic there is. His subsequent forays in it just cement it further as a car to own and enjoy. His passion for it comes across with genuine pleasure, not the mock awe we see from many other presenters. As someone with a background in documentary production, where things are often presented 'as is' (its literal Latin translation), the Harry's Garage videos evoke an earlier period of factual entertainment, unencumbered with a need for the gloss of showbiz. In perhaps a way that James Burke did when describing quite complex and foreign concepts to a wider, less-informed audience. In a way, less is more. Perhaps in media terms Harry's Garage evokes the Lotus philosophy of 'added lightness'? That is informative without the froth.
  2. @JNW3 I think you're taking social distancing to a whole new level.
  3. Snap! I too, partly inspired by Harry' Garage video, but mainly for testing purposes, took the S1 for a 50 mile round trip yesterday evening.
  4. Rush, - James Hunt & Suzi Kendal wedding - Yellow, parked in the street opposite.
  5. Paul Clapham has owned his S1 from nearly new.
  6. 21. The Missile Bay Progress was waylaid over the winter whilst filming in Spain for Kawasaki, and on return the UK coronavirus lockdown took its toll in many ways, leaving the rear luggage area half re-trimmed for a few months. Apart from the rear bulkhead carpet behind the engine cover having rotted the original rear luggage boards and carpet were in very good condition, with only a little wear. Though the nearside inner wheel arch cover and the rear quarterlight window ‘shelves’ were missing. Three years earlier the carpet covering the bulkhead was removed in clumps using a paint scraper with only the upper portions around the window being intact. Having considered buying a carpet set, I decided to see if I could obtain something more in keeping with what mine had. Over a couple of weeks I acquired 10 samples of corded and box weave carpet from various suppliers, with a couple of them extremely similar to that to the original. I settled on an anthracite cord with a grey fleck which was about the right thickness to offer both soundproofing, resilience to wear and also be malleable enough to cope with the tight corners around the boot boards. Paul Clapham allowed me to examine and photograph the rear quarterlight ‘shelves’ from his original S1, and a template made from which the plywood could be cut. New marine grade plywood was bought from my local builders merchant and the old boot boards used as templates. The carpet from the old boot boards was carefully peeled from underneath to expose the wooden edge, and used to draw a template on the plywood with a sharp pencil, then overwritten in dark ink, ready to be cut using a jigsaw. My local trimmer made the inner wheel arch covers, using the inner rear wheelarch cover on the offside was missing as a pattern to remake the opposite side. Also edging the window ‘shelf’ carpets and bulkhead window to the original style and specification, Whilst that was being done I test fitted the boards before spraying them in primer and given a coating of satin black to replicate the originals. Then cut the new carpet to fit, using strong trimmers glue and clamped in place using lengths of wood I’d used to make the storage box for the rear hatch glass a few years earlier. The trimmer delivered the edged carpet after making a supreme effort to measure the rear bulkhead and window aperture. The seat belt reels had to be removed to fit the bulkhead carpet, which took a few hours, but its addition has been welcome, after been driving the car around the previous 6 months without it my ears are certainly thankful! The rear quarterlight shelves were also completed with correctly shaped and edge carpet and glued down. Deciding to add a smear at the seat belt end to make sure it all remained flat. Originally the glue wasn’t applied to the wood around the seat belt retainer cut-out. The rear upright boards were fitted to cover the backs of the rear lights, and fixed in place to the refurbished angle brackets taken from the original boards. With the car being tucked away in the garage the whole job spanned the winter months, but the results matching the original boards perfectly. Finished off with the battery box top and stainless steel fixings completed the rear luggage compartment and the S1 was another stage further to completion.
  7. Yes, age and Bond related. That British Airways branding came in during 1974, and adorned the tail fin of Concorde's first commercial flight in 1978 to Bahrain.
  8. Audio recording is never as easy as it first seems. Try recording it from a moving motorcycle!
  9. My recording was just a technical test prior to filming with Kawasaki Europe in Spain. I found that the microphone picked up a little too much transmission noise in the rear luggage area (it's an S1 with a flat area, unlike the S3 and ET). So that's what I'd be looking to erradicate next time.
  10. You will find the quality of the mic to be important and the windshield/muffler you use. The less shielding the clearer the sound. A muffler should not be required inside a car. Either the cabin or the rear luggage area. Microphone placement is critical. I would recommend towards the back of the rear luggage area. And as you say, perhaps one in the cabin. Mixing the two as desired. Here's a photo of my basic audio set up. Note: the micophone capsule is a £450 Sony item and comparable to a Sennheiser MKE-416 in many ways (the industry standard super-cardiod microphone).
  11. Oh dear. Well it does sound like it's going to be the most expensive restoration of a £35,000 Turbo Esprit in the world, but we often put a lot time, effort and sometimes money into our labours of love than their market value. You just got to remain focussed I suppose. The main thing is to drive them when they're finished and get a return in smiles per gallon when they're eventually done. They're much better driven, and I've already out 1,000 miles on my S1 since last July.
  12. Yup, original Metallastic bushes all around in mine. Drives great.
  13. Hi @FLOPSHOTGOLF I could provide the artwork which was created for LotusFab's decals if you can send me some in return. You can PM me if you prefer.
  14. You may need to get those front lower wishbones modified if they weren't originally called back in the 197/80's. Before fitting bushes. See my restoration thread for some more details. Good effort on the chassis. Nice to see you using paint rather than powder coating.
  15. @FLOPSHOTGOLF @Lotusfab may have some left. My graphics designer created font accurate versions for him. Most aren't TBH. (my business involves working with this type of stuff)
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