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  1. Cillet Bang does clean metals effectively, however for electrical components only with care, carefully cleaning afterwards, and even then, only marginal success. I think there is a far better product for that. Definitely available in the US, but forget its name.
  2. Yes, supposedly sold for £42,500 in May by Silverstone Auctions. Same photos being used.
  3. I thought it was, just wasn't certain. They often are.
  4. Often these are simple press fit. Not sure about the 907 though. Best to check as you have done.
  5. I didn't know that. Gilson Audio was a good shop, the one in Billingham was the most local to me, though I may have been to the one in Middlesbrough on occasion I'm not sure. McKenna & Brown added class to the shopping experience. A visit always a highlight in my early teenage years.
  6. Oh wow! I absolutely lived in their Stockton shop every Saturday. I used to visit their Darlington and Middlesbrough shops too. I remember drooling over a Sony radio-cassette TV unit which was £175 I think. Whilst researching this topic I found a video of one being demonstrated. What memories! My local shop was Gilson Audio, which for some reason had a great selection of car radio-cassette units. Lots of Pioneers. They provided my mid-week and alternate Saturday Hi-fi fix. I didn't know that McKenna & Brown had a Redcar shop. Too far and unnecessary to travel to in a 1967 Ford Anglia, but coincidentally I live about 5 miles from there now. AMAZING.
  7. Mine has an early Philips, a 22RN512 I think. Which has the FM/MW/LW radio bands. I'd considered installing an age appropriate Sony TC-24L which was considered more sophisticated from its 1976 launch, though not really any more feature rich. About that time came an abundance of late 1970's Pioneer units. I remember it well having camped out at my local Hi-Fi shop as a teenager, no doubt driving the sales assistants crazy. A Blaupunkt MR21 Hamburg has also been in the frame for installing in my car, having been considered the unit of choice for discerning Porsche owners, but it's from 1980, and a bit too late for my car. The Philips unit will be upgraded with Bluetooth streaming and other nifty features over the winter, ready for next spring. As far as the Motorola units shown so far in this thread these have been far more modern than I'd expect the fabled LT551 or LT558 units. Coming from around 1980 by the looks of them. Whereas I'd expect them to look like the chromed buttoned Motorola radios that were installed from the early to mid-1970's or so. Hence my question. Certainly by the very late 1970's radio-cassette units were becoming more modern looking (by today's standards), with Sharp coming to the fore more and more. Until Kenwood and Alpine took the mantle of the most prized popular ICE installation for the yuppie generation of cars.
  8. I have had some time to check my collection of Esprit parts and can confirm that the instruction and circuit documentation for the 'JPS' radio-cassette is in fact for a 'JPS' branded unit as part of a licensing agreement as @GTK mentioned. This I believe was fitted to the Ford Capri JPS special. On the discussion about the Motorola LT558/LT551 units a well known specialist in adapting car Hi-Fi, and in particular the Motorola brand, has not heard of these models. So the question is has anyone have or has seen either of these two unicorns?
  9. A great addition @RichardJGC All road going Esprits should have AC IMO. FAB.
  10. You just need to use bigger wagons to obscure the view.
  11. It's time to circle the wagons in case she returns!
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