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  1. Amazingly those wires are factory correct, and mentioned in the WSM.
  2. Looks in very good condition, but be very careful not to flex that 'flexible' circuit board at the back. Has your cluster got the wired amendment to the warning lights?
  3. That's better than some Alfa Romeo Sportwagons. However I think I'd have to remove some missiles and what looks like Q's sub-aqua club gear before I could accommodate those paint tins.
  4. I'm interested in finding out the load capability of the S2, as I too have things to take to the local tip.
  5. I too wasn't happy with Kypton Suede, though it is a decent enough material otherwise. Have you looked at synthetic velvet? From looking at about 18 carefully selected black/gunmetal/anthracite samples I found nothing in the UK that had the same fine pile as Marcasite. Alcantara, if carefully selected for similar properties ie thickness and flexibility may be the most up to date and quality you can expect.
  6. @Lotusfab & @ChrisJ you haven't installed the rear hatch yet, along with its glass. That's quite a weight. I wouldn't attempt anything on the suspension yet until the car is complete. You'll be wasting your time, as you'll be aiming at a moving target.
  7. Have you taken into account the heater matrix? It sits higher than the radiator and cooling pipes. Often on other cars this has to be on (open) I believe, when maintaining the coolant system. Just a thought. BTW I had no such problems with this S1. I expecting a right faff.
  8. The pipe doesn't go all the way to the gauge, but to a transducer in the engine bay, and then electrically to the gauge.
  9. I agree. Just removing a full oil filter for maintenance access can mean that it can then take a while for decent oil pressure to register at the gauge (Veglia). Be patient.
  10. I suppose the S2 doesn't need a lower airbox as it has the air inlet "ears". I've found a photo of my bare chassis which has the two holes in view directly opposite each other. I think I already have rubber grommets to fit. The fuel pump is only able to bring fuel across the higher route until the fuel drops to a certain level. Leaving 20 or litres still in the tank. Yes it's a lot, but it's simple physics I suppose. I'll sort it next spring. Currently investigating rear wheel alignment shims.... My S1 goes in on Monday morning.
  11. Thanks @peteyg that makes a lot of sense! I don't know how mine was set up like it was. Possibly a PO fix, though like yours, the fuel lines looked original and came away in bits. I still have them as momentoes. I'll look to make this change next spring. I'll have to drain the tanks before undoing one of the pipes (carb-side). Has your car got a lower airbox, as I can't see it in the above photo? Mine sits inboard of the driver side body shell, suspended from the chassis below the seatbelt mounting. UK RHD car. I think the fuel line will just go straight across, and above the lower airbox intake. Thanks once again. A lot of help. David.
  12. That number plate isn't standard and I believe is illegal. Q Branch have been informed. Commander Bond.
  13. @peteyg My late S1 has the SU fuel pump is located in the same position as the S2. When I disassembled it in October 2016 the carb-side fuel tank hose was routed over the top of the rear of the chassis, in front of the cabin bulkhead. Though broken up, and with the fuel pump in a box of assorted parts. Fitting SJ Sportscars replacement fuel line I followed the same principal, although suspicious of its practicality, since the pump has to draw fuel out of the tank, then up and over the chassis. On a recent road test, now that the car is restored and working, I ran out of fuel, but found that the carb-side tank still had 20L of fuel. Filling the cam-side tank solved the problem. On inspecting this problem further I spotted a circular hole in the chassis adjacent to the pump. It's shown in your lower photo I think. However, in the same photo your line appears to come in from above. Indicating the same route as mine. With the copper pipe also returning along the same path and to the carbs. I've looked to see if there is a hole in the chassis that would take a rubber grommet and fuel line across the car, presumably below the water cooling pipes, and out to the pump. However, the lower airbox obscures the view and access. I've been meaning to contact @Lotusfab about this, as his S1 has the same fuel pump positioning. Regards, David.
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