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    Esprit footwear

    Retro Adidas trainers. I keep them in the car.
  2. The gearbox suspension bushes can work forwards under engine load and weak or broken engine mounts. However mine were solid and re-used. I left the replacements for the next owner if they ever are needed. Your choice. You need to refurb that brake caliper! Best done as a pair. I took my chassis on the back of a pal's flatbed Transit van. I sent the steering rack to Killey-Clinton in Birmingham. Very reasonable and prompt service. Staffed by ex-Burman employees (the original manufacturer).
  3. Try Hawks Fasteners in Middlesbrough. I bought all my bolts from them, but having a UK car I'm not sure which bolt you're referring to.
  4. I've experienced a slightly different reaction from some drivers of very nice fast cars on a few occasions. In a couple of wide open 40mph zones where many drive at speeds approaching 50mph. Having pulled out from junctions as I've passed I've seen them actually noticeably slow up in my rear view mirror to about 30mph to keep their distance. As if my gleaming white Esprit will take attention away from their own cars, or perhaps they think my 1978 car will outshine their white Porker GT3 or Ferrari 355 GTS in the performance stakes. As if! As for holding up tailgating and speeding cars, I've found it only inflames the issue. Impatience begets impatience. Just let them pass and enjoy the remaining drive.
  5. Worthy of Q himself. It is the the new auditorium layout for the Lotus Museum isn't it?
  6. Without trying to stir further resentment from @Bernie1806 given the failure of the auctions and fellow posters sniping/considered opinion (delete as appropriate) I'd be interested in hearing how The Market advised and prepared the auction details. As has been stated by the seller, the resultant PR was high and it was picked up by much of the classic auto press in the UK from what I've seen. I'd say both the original higher price and second slightly lower price for the JPS was healthy for a decent original example. The price for the Sport 350 also compared favourably with Richard Hammond's lower mileage celeb edition a month or so earlier at Silverstone. For anyone looking to auction their pride and joy I'd be interested to know how The Market approached auctioning this collection. Who wrote the copy (description/PR etc) and advised on the pricing/reserve figures - if at all, and orchestrated the photographs - most of which provided excellent detailed coverage, but lacked some of the details mentioned in the descriptions. I'm assuming that these new, post-Covid online auctions are sold as an entry level way for sellers to auction their cars, rather than their mainline live event auctions. For me, the new Car & Classic online auction seems well run and successful, with a couple of Esprits selling through that recently. I've not seen much of Silverstone's similar offering to judge. As an aside, I did notice when dipping in to the live auctions that on my mobile browser (Android) that a live auction was marked as 'Closed' when in fact it still had a few hours to run. Something I feel should be mentioned to the auction house. I kept screen grabs from when it subsequently occurred. However I am unable to post them on the forum.
  7. Loving the pedal box as much as that Sunbeam Tiger (?). I also own a 1961 Alpine.
  8. This looks the best one out of those two. You need the length to adequately cover the gap you make where the waistline trim enters behind the bumper, but other than that just a strong enough rubber so that it's not floppy, which results in a wavy edge where it grips the bumper. This seems to fit the bit on both counts. Also having a thick enough base (bottom of the 'U') to take up the space from the edge of the bumper and the body shell. Let me know how you get on.
  9. Check out this link out
  10. Over the summer I finally found some rubber 'U' edge trim for the bumpers to replace the stuff SJ Sportscars sell that is a little too thin and ends up wavey. And completed the front luggage area with the tool roll.
  11. I can see the direction you're taking with this.
  12. Could be, but unlikely I think, as it's especially risky to blow the auction so close to the close of sale. Funny if the original highest bidder got it even cheaper.
  13. Good job you "dried fit" those sills! Were they originals or aftermarket ones?
  14. Should have taken the previous offer. Oops!
  15. I'd leave the sills off, as they'll need painting first.
  16. Check out this profile For fasteners
  17. Great timing. Something to work on during the autumn and winter months.
  18. The rubber trim from eBay, and I bought all the fasteners from a local factors.
  19. I sourced my own stainless steel bolt and haven't had any issues. Unlike SJ's front and rear bumper edge rubber trim, which is wavey on both bumpers and looks cheap, and falls between the rear bumper edge and body shell. I finally bit the bullet and sourced higher quality profiles elsewhere. The rear bumper rubber looks like it will stay in position, and the new front rubber is exactly like that which was fitted originally.
  20. Yes, those descriptions are world-weary and full of hyperbole. With no photos to illustrate the extensive use of stainless steel fasteners it made so much about.
  21. "Original and low mileage" is how I'd have describe it (assuming the auctioneer's description is accurate). So you choose as a buyer if that's what you want, or a fully restored version where some aspects may be reproductions. Such as interior, equipment etc. £63,000 was a very good price IMO. I think the seller was badly advised. Something I would have expected better from the Bonhams association. For me that is were the auction has been let down. Oversold. They had enough previous sales to go on as to not over egg the custard as to expected prices and associated reserves.
  22. A full restoration yes, and more. Yes, you'd expect better from an organisation associated with Bonhams. It'll be interesting if sales of some of the recent Esprits are made via other online sites. Saying that, The Market has sold cars, including Esprits, quite well until very recently.
  23. Does the description mention receipts? I'd like to know where and how they spent £40,000.
  24. It's got to be noted that Richard Hammond's identical car sold very well at auction just last month. I assume this car was in similar condition? Though this auction site is quite new, there was plenty of marketing of this collection prior to opening, unlike the stand alone S1. The site has also sold similar cars in recent months too. Personally I felt that the auction was very much over egged, with grandiose descriptions and expectations to match. The estimates overblown and appear to be highly speculative. These, when combined with the inaccuracies or omissions, which were probably known within this niche market, for me undermined the authority of those running the auction. The fact that the 'JPS' reached a good price, but didn't even cover the reserve, suggests to me that the seller was either badly advised or has overvalued this vehicle in particular. As you'd expect from online and socially distanced auctions today, the quality and quantity of photos are good, though repetitive with some duplicates. However they do omit some of the details suggested by the descriptions in some cases. When expecting a high hammer price you need to put the work in to these aspects. It'll be interesting to see what the flagship cars achieve.
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