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  1. Great story. I've upgraded the front brakes to vented disk and 4-pot calipers (as they were the ones that fitted). Without dusk shields.
  2. My steering rack slots had holes in the bottom. Ideal for manipulating the captive nut plates to align also. Mine has an SJ four branch stainless steel exhaust system, but didn't need any modifications to the chassis. That's not Roger Moore's son in the TSWLM Esprit BTW. Don't believe everything on the t'interweb! It is Richard Kiel's son though.
  3. Yes, that makes sense given the bodywork required. You could of course had it done in Oz.
  4. This is for the seamed nylon in S1 and S2 Marcasite trimmed cars.
  5. I did a year or so ago, but I can't remember who. Anything is possible.
  6. The bulkhead material is different from that used on the dash, which is likely to be Marcasite. I'm unaware of any Esprit S1 or S2 having green interior, but the black/anthracite (ie silvery black) Marcasite turns green with age/UV. As far as I've seen the bulkhead of a Marcasite trimmed car is usually the same material as the centre console arm rest and the door card inserts. On a black interior this is black and resembles the material in your photo. This is available now from UK trimmers. It looks virtually identical, but being a modern fabric will be of higher quality compared to the 1970's synthetic fibres. You are right about Marcasite. It's basically a type of tight, mono-pile synthetic velvet, on a woven synthetic backing/substrate. It has the properties of being able to tightly wrap interior pieces such as the instrument binnacle without folds. Unlike most modern substitute materials. It is thicker and less flexible than the material used on the bulkhead material.
  7. That can be done also. Just takes a lot of research. Problem is the lack of numbers and the length required.
  8. I'm sure you could have one made to a pattern. If it was man made once, it could be man made again.
  9. Can't wait to see this being tackled.
  10. (Additionally) I assume it's what was on your rear bulkhead interior covering, and possibly door card inserts and arm rest top. @Rolls you originally weren't sure whether your car was a Commerative "JPS" car, which has a totally different interior to other Marcasite Esprit S1 and S2s. I assume that you've long confirmed that it isn't. Therefore if your car has this nylon material then it would probably have Marcasite also (in the usual places), but it could have had a part leather interior also. The Lotus Archive would be able to confirm.
  11. It's "standard nylon". Easily obtainable in the UK from a trimmers I don't know the professional name for it.
  12. If that's the case then he should have set a reserve.
  13. Well, they are the new men on a "mission".
  14. TBH the classic car market cannot be considered like the contemporary car market, where the latest performance and features are the selling points. First of series, purity of the original designer's vision, and rarity all factor into the desirability of classics. Which is why E-Type series 1s are more expensive, in fact double that of later series, including the latter V12. Of course other factors are worth considering here also, which is why an Aston Martin DB5 Vantage fetches at least double that the much improved, but comparatively overlooked DB6. Classic car purchases are driven as much by the heart than the mind. For many owners the car's performance days are over, particularly when approaching the half century, when a plumber's Transit van will beat most precious classic from the line.
  15. Yes, it doesn't look like a reserve was set. After the buyers fee and taxes, as well as the seller's fee are deducted it would probably barely break even.
  16. @JNW3 has a good photo of the two together. The Esprit S1 is very low by comparison.
  17. Sorry, I don't know the JPS number. It means nothing to me, and is also duplicated. It's the Vanguard model with that registration number (plate).
  18. I believe this car sold from The Shetlands a couple of years ago, then sold on again.
  19. Sounds like liberal few weeks soaking in a good penetrating fluid (not WD40 which isn't), then perhaps apply heat to those those nuts and bolts. Those rear hubs then need specific attention with a very carefully applied ad hoc press. I used combination of made up apparatus. Tricky.
  20. The bolt, or the threaded plate on the underside? I had to remake mine, so it'll probably be different.
  21. The BMW is an impressive car and no doubt a future classic.
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