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  1. Thanks Paul. I caught up reading a lot of posts on the S1, and I was under the impression Pilks could re-manufacture any glass, but in laminate. I think Fabian mentioned it? I do not think the spare wheel retainer was anything special from the various photos I have seen. Very easily made. My next question on here will be about which areas of the body shell should be painted matt black. There seems to be some confusion as to whether the sill tops, ie the complete door jam, should be in contrast with the rest of the car. Seems Lotus may have done different things at different times, a bit like the spare wheel retainer. All to minimise the unsightly shut lines of the doors. Regards, David.
  2. Thanks Bibs, Even though my business is all over social media, and I'm and ex-Systems Analyst I don't get forums. I sent him I direct mail also. Regards, David.
  3. Fabian, Any news on the availability of the clear rear quarter glass for the S1. Cheers, David (at Brands Hatch)
  4. Thanks C43 and Andyww, I noticed that SJ Sportscars now stock the linkage. I've also ordered the cross gate linkage mod, as others recommended it for earlier Esprits.
  5. That's Geert. I've been told that SJ Sportscars stock the original bushes, though I cannot find the part anywhere. I checked out the IGUS website for their spherical bearings, but I could quite see the same one with the dimensions mentioned in this thread. Any ideas? Thanks, David.
  6. Hi I'm looking to replace the bushes in my S1 gear linkage whilst restoring the car, and I'm interesting in knowing any long term reports of using the IGUS bushes. I'm hoping they're easily available in the UK, and simple to fit. Thanks in advance, David.
  7. Hi, Anyone got a photo which shows the location of the front brake pipe to flexible pipe mount on the chassis? My S1 chassis doesn't appear to have them. Cheers, David.
  8. Thanks Buddsy, Changes and Molemot. All useful information there. We'll be disassembling the engine over the next 2 weeks and check these out before we decide how to proceed. I've seen cylinder 4 water jacket problems before on other engines, particularly Rootes 1592cc. Possibly because of being furthest away from the water pump perhaps? Cheers for the photos. First class. Regards, David.
  9. Thanks Changes, I've restored plenty of cars previously. Most still in my possession. I was really looking for specifics and advice from folk who will have worked on and restored a 907 engine. I think you've slightly missed the point of my original and subsequent posts. Regards, David.
  10. Thanks Buddsy, With some work already completed, I may not need to completely strip and replace parts, but I do need to check the current state. Hence my original post. Regards, David.
  11. Hi thanks for the responses. Although I was really looking for details of any 907 foibles rather than the general things to check in any 4-pot engine. At this point in time I'm looking to assess the current health of the engine before I take further steps. This may involve turning over, running then partial or full strip down. Depending upon the outcome of the initial investigation. The engine is currently still sat in the chassis, along with the carbs, exhaust, gearbox etc. However, the body shell has been removed completely. Along with the fuel tanks etc. It should be easy enough to connect up electrics etc. As I am undertaking a complete, nut and bolt restoration of this car. The engine is an unknown quantity, as the owner had passed away before I obtained the vehicle, and it was not in a state to run. Let alone drive. However, it has had some work completed. Such as some head work it appears, stainless steel exhaust system etc. Thanks once again for any advice that can be given. Regards, David.
  12. Hi, I'm about to restore a 907 engine and I was wondering what members thought of the main things to check and replace, beyond the usual timing belt, cam tensioner and water pump. Thanks in advance. David.
  13. Is the offset correct for this wheel on Ebay? The Wolfrace website states 30, not 31.
  14. Steve, Did you fit any fuel overflow protection to your Dellortos? If so, how? Cheers, David.
  15. Hi, just catching up on interior restorations, and wondering what the latest consensus is on the best Macacite replacement? Has anyone tried importing Crypton Suede into the UK from the adopted home of Superman? I'm toying with either using upholsterer's velvet, or repairing the various tears in the original Macacite and dyeing it with Dylon Suede. For me, the measure a replacement material is the way it follows the contours of the instrument binnacle without rucking. Most other areas being largely flat. BTW regarding Nick Fulcher's comments above about there never been a black Macacite, the Lotus Archives confirm that the interior of my February 1978 S1 was indeed black. Certainly the non-faded areas of Marcasite appear black. Or at least extremely dark grey/anthracite. Splitting hairs? I'd therefore be interested in hearing the thoughts from other S1 owners on their original "black" Marcasite interiors. Cheers, David Jinks.
  16. This is the most likely explanation. As is usual a mock-up of the Esprit was used for most, if not all, of the interior shots. However, since TSWLM was shot on film, a blue screen would likely have been used. Not green. Green is used in video because of it's high response in that part of the spectrum, and away from flesh colour. Gav mentions "colour timing", which is not a term I'm familiar with, and I think refers to the post-production process of colour grading. You can't time colour, though it can be changed throughout a scene during the editing process. However, it's not the same thing really. The green interior of the Esprit in the exterior location shots will have been muted to the director's taste, and possibly to match the mocked-up car. Subsequent prints and releases will have different looks. Blu-ray being probably the best, if it has been made from a re-mastered original print of the film. Just my penneth worth. David Jinks, Producer/Director, Fridge Productions Ltd.
  17. I too admired Caroline Munro's floatation equipment.
  18. Looks like Chris J was referring to a 1982 Esprit Turbo. From looking at the three S1's at LotusFest last weekend (2x Monaco White and 1 x Colorado Orange), from my understanding the rear of the road wheels are generally powder coated black, but body colour in some instances. Mine were definitely red at some point as there are flakes of paint on some surfaces, as is the body colour. The outer side is polished with the embossed Wolfrace & size information in black it seems, though I need to check that last detail. Like you say, they were also laquered. I'm not sure I will be lacquering them though. I'll have to discuss this with the wheel refurbishing expert as to what is best long term. My car is currently in a sorry state of affairs, though largely complete. VIN 78020341G. Manufactured in February 1978 and first registered in May 1978. It has two headlamp motors and the battery box at the rear (driver's side) of the luggage compartment. It's mainly in need of a n/s drop glass, and a o/s quarter glass. I'm currently researching Marcacite options in case I decide to completely reupholster. As I'm restoring it myself it'll be about 18 months before it makes any appearance due to my workload etc. Cheers, David.
  19. I'm restoring an S1. The rear side of the wheels are certainly powder coated. Do Monaco White cars have wheels with white insides, rather than black?
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