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  1. DCNesprit

    Engine/gearbox rebuild

    Ive tried but i cant register or get any response on their site.
  2. DCNesprit

    Lotus Esprit Turbo

    Lotus Esprit Turbo
  3. DCNesprit

    Vehicle: Lotus Esprit Turbo

    Name: Lotus Esprit Turbo Click to view: Lotus Esprit Turbo
  4. DCNesprit

    Engine/gearbox rebuild

    I am looking for the right person to rebuild my engine and gearbox in a 2.2 litre 92 Esprit I have been getting service at local dealer. they are good but kind of expensive. All help would be appreciated.
  5. DCNesprit


  6. DCNesprit

    stalls at idle

    I just got a 92SE turbo. It was running good at first. I changed the plugs, fluids, filters and it started to stall. I changed the idle sensor and the O2 sensor.. no help. I checked the wire connections. everything looks good. car has 6ok on motor. could it be injectors, bad gas? Any help would be appreciated