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  1. Awsome isnt it, not quite there yet but coming along nicely. Here is some of my work from this year. This is a cartoon character i will hopefully animating this summer.
  2. arbell9


    Looks fab Punky. Nice job
  3. Happy Christmas to all, won't be driving at all on Christmas Day, will be sat with beer in hand nursing a full tummy.
  4. Have You thought of investing in a full frame camera, and one that can shoot video in raw format, it's quite a bit more money but will give you the best of both worlds for shooting stills and video. Had a lecture today on the strengths and weaknesses of DSLR video shooting vs a dedicated camcorder
  5. Won't show up brown trouser stains if your hooning goes a bit tits up
  6. Trading standards explains it nicely.*ADV0046-1011.txt
  7. Yep, I fitted the 6-pot monster brakes with 323mm disks to the GT3 that I had. Worked very well and looked the business
  8. More pixels means you can print and show bigger pictures without loss of resolution, but if you never print/display anything above say about 1920x1080 then even 10 megapixels is actually quite sufficient. Its not the technology that makes good pictures but the skill of the photographer in taking the shot and in post-production developing. People get hung up on having big numbers. When you take a big pixel size image and you show it online by shrinking it with compression you lose information anyway. I bought my K-5 for about £320 after the import duties were added, that was just the body. It had only been used for about a couple of thousand shutter actuations and they are generally good for 100k. Got a 100-300 mM zoom lens of ebay for £85 and a 18-55mM lens for about £30 too. A review
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