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  1. it will be a bit of a drive to get up there for you
  2. Thanks. I like the idea of the 12v connector in to boot. I think that's the way forward...??
  3. The previous owner said he had replaced the battery. So I guess that had helped. I was wondering how to connect a battery monitor / trickle charger. With the engine cover closed, is there enough gap for a cable to get through. At present, when it is parked up it will be outside, under a cover. But as long as I can keep getting 4 weeks plus being parked up. I'll be very happy. But I want to put some form of trickle charger on it. I don't want to ruin the battery. All my previous cars. Apart from my Elise 111R. We're all left with out problems. Even had an M6 parked for 6 weeks in snow. And that started without hesitation.
  4. Thanks I did have it at 2.1 bar. Then went of for a short run. But two tyres still were flashing. With the TPMS alarm on. I'll just have to check the pressures again. And keep driving... And that's good to know the battery can last so long. Due to work I will be leaving it parked for the same amount of time often.
  5. Hi all I recently bought an Evora. A 2010 N/A .After being away from Lotus for many years. Had several Elise's I'm just interested to find other people's experiences of having their cars parked up for an extended time. I parked it and it has been over 4 1/2 weeks. ( due to work) I was expecting a totally flat battery. And having to use the emergency boot release. I was dreading using this from what I've seen on line. About the problem this brings But to my surprise. It started without any problem. Let alone being flat. From what I've read, This in not normal. Or is it just some people have been unlucky. Also. How Do I reset the tyre pressure monitoring. It still shows an alarm. Even though I topped up the pressures. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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