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  1. I couldn't make Saturday but took a run down on Sunday morning and had a wander about. Nice little event and well done to all those that worked to pull it together.
  2. Best wishes Brandon. Was always a pleasure to talk to you at MMC. Dickson.
  3. I have my original having replaced it with a black nose badge, if still looking.
  4. D.J.

    I'm freeeeee!!!

    Congrats. I work central Edinburgh - will keep an eye out for it.
  5. Long shot. None at factory or at deroure. Anyone got one?
  6. Just got my Evora back after having front near side drop link replaced and the bushes removed, lubricanted and re-fitted. What a difference! I had the clunk noises too. Car feels so much more solid. The part itself is cheap although a bit of labour involved, but well worth getting this sorted rather than living with it as a niggle as makes a huge improvement to enjoyment of the car.
  7. Can let you know at end of next week. Mine is going in to get the 3rd cat removed and replaced with a decat pipe.
  8. Thread resurrection! I want to move to all black/silver badges too. I am sure a year or two ago I seen an Evora for sale where the steering wheel centre badge was black/silver. Has anyone fitted this? Seems to be the smaller size 50mm. If so, where sourced and is it easy to do? Not sure I want to be pulling and working too energetically in that area with the airbag.
  9. Yes, but after the Exige S, the Evora is going to feel slow in comparison! I know of an extremely well looked after S2 Elise in central Scotland that isn't on the market at the moment but owner looking to sell. Does this forum have PMs/U2U's? If not, you can PM me on SE if you want more info.
  10. Thanks all for the warm welcomes. I am sure you all spotted it isn't full SR trim; mirrors and front splitter still showing the paintwork, but I like it as key parts for me are roof and side pods. Just noticed I left the front compartment that houses the washer top-up open when I took the pic. Sometimes Lotus panel joins aren't the best but not as bad as that! Dave - I bought an Elise 10 years ago and started to get the track bug. After going around Knockhill plenty of times I wanted something faster, better, more raw etc. so moved to the Exige S. But during ownership I had continued back problems. Not putting this down to the car, but I am quite sure it wasn't helping. When you approach roundabouts on dual carriageways that have the painted lines across the road to make you aware, it felt like I was losing my fillings in the Exige, so I can only guess what it was doing to my back. So, wanting to stick with the Lotus brand and having lost enthusiasm for track days, I have bought the Evora.
  11. D.J.


  12. Hi all Thought I would sign up here having just bought an Evora. I have been on Scottish Elises for about 9 years, having previously owned an S2 111s and an Exige S 240 PP, and recognise one or two names from there. Since Saturday however, I am the owner of a 2010 NA 2+2 Evora in ice white. Had a good look through the Evora section and already helped me answer one or two early questions. I expect it to be a good source of info as I continue to learn about the car. Cheers!
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