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  1. Yes that's a good reminder of us shooting ourselves in the foot. I tried to order something else from Elise Shop recently and they have a EUR100 minimum order to UK now thanks to Brexit. 🤦‍♂️ Thanks for the info @JimH - the Komotec price seems a bit steep compared to the other options to me.
  2. Hi All, I have a 2013 Evora SR which already has the side barge boards fitted. I was interested in getting a front splitter to match having seen a few pictures of others as I think it will make the front look a bit more aggressive and complement the rest of the car. I'm struggling to find anyone in the UK that can supply these. To be honest it's mostly for the look although if it gives a touch more downforce as well that would be a bonus My car looks very similar to the white and black SR in this thread link although I have a couple of other subtle aesthetic mods with the carbon fibre intake scoops and carbon fibre mirror covers (still to fit). I guess that was my inspiration for the front splitter but the suppliers listed in the thread no longer seem to be available. So far options seem to be GRP in the US who do a nice version in black gloss aluminum that looks similar to factory 430 one - (they also have carbon but I want it to match the existing black gloss barge boards and sports racer larger black gloss diffuser on my car) Elise shop do a CF or GRP one as well but it's more pricey - Komotek also seem to do a 2 piece one but not sure I'm a fan of the look - Anyone had any experiences of any of these or know of any alternatives? It would be good to get any thoughts on quality, fitting and experience after fitment before I shell out the money
  3. I'm running cup2 on my tuned Evora S in the GT430 sizes. I don't use my car as a daily so I was willing to accept some compromise when I made the decision Vs ps4s. Positives: - Super sticky and great for track - Sidewalls much stiffer so more responsive and less damage to edges if you use on track Negatives: - Grip is definitely compromised in cold or wet conditions - Wear rate is much higher IMHO. I wouldn't be suprised to get as little as 3000 miles from a set. The fact that the initial tread depth is much less to start with probably doesn't help. - Pressure variation is much higher between cold and hot. I suspect this is due to stiffer sidewalls and compound used. What this means in practice is that you will spend a lot more time checking and setting pressures. - Road noise is higher but since when did that ever bother a Lotus owner 🤣 In summary would I recommend for daily driver use? Probably not as I suspect the negatives outweigh benefits and you won't see any real performance benefit on the road over PS4S unless you are driving like a lunatic. I guess it depends on how many miles you are driving daily really and whether you are happy to live with the above!
  4. My car wasn't entirely stock when I got it as it already had a full performance aftermarket exhaust system (including headers and cat). I've also ended up somewhere between the 390 and 430 setup as currently have the 390 kit but also with the full CF airbox. So essentially the 430 kit without the smaller supercharger pulley (but with the 390 map) - estimate this is circa 400bhp. The performance increase was certainly noticeable and so far not experienced any negatives or excess heat etc. Noise wise it's hard to compare as my old exhaust system sounded great but was far too loud. The komotek switchable system is much better for neighbours and can actually be used on track. I think the 2bula setup still sounds nicer though. Biggest change on the sound front was that supercharger whine now very much dominates on the interior. This could be down to the carbon airbox though so if you stick with the stock airbox and k&n that come with the 390 kit this may not be so noticeable. Which brings me to my final point. Given a lot of the cost with each upgrade is the mapping and testing each time, it's worth considering whether you just go for the 410 or 430 setup from day 1.
  5. What size are the front and rears and what pads are you using in combination?
  6. Agree with other poster. I had this problem exactly the same. Replaced the brake switch and solved. It's an easy fix and doesn't require any mechanical experience or tools, just a bit of body contortion to get into the drivers footwell! Switch is a generic part and costs only a few £ - don't pay the Lotus tax. Just search on here and you should be able to find thread with all the details and part you need to buy. Good luck
  7. My own limited experience I would say that the Evora feels pretty sensitive to tyres especially on the limit. I've had the different sets over the last 6 months on road and track. Contis, P Zero Corsas and now Cup 2s. Personally I wouldn't mix tyres anyway least of all on the Evora. Sticking newer, higher performing tyres on the front at a time of year when the roads are cold and wet sounds like a recipe to swap ends to me. Your going to have to buy them anyway so how much are your saving eeking the last bit of rubber from your old rears?
  8. From what I can tell there's not a front in Merc fit or rear in the Porsche size so only option (unless you go for the BMW rear spec). Out of interest what is the factory fit on the Evora 410/430 when taking Cup 2s? Anyone able to confirm?
  9. HI Bruss - Did you go for the BMW spec rear Cup2s? One of the reviews I read about the 430 said Lotus used the NO (Porsche) spec cup 2s but I can't find these in 285s anywhere. Same question on the fronts - did you go for the regular version or the NO?
  10. Did you try the cup 2s on standard geo settings on track or did u change both at the same time? I read somewhere else that Cup 2s prefer certain camber settings to work properly. Not an expert on tyres or chassis dynamics to understand whether that is 🐂or not.
  11. I just fitted a connector for the battery conditioner to the terminals on the battery and ran the lead out of the edge of the battery cover. More reliable connector than the 12v in the boot with no Fuse to blow and tucks away neatly in the cargo net in the boot when not in use.
  12. I understood that the MPS4S was replacing and improves on the super sport. Am I wrong?
  13. Hi All Sorry I know there have been a few threads on tyres already - I think I've read them all but still have some questions! Having just finished off my old Conti tyres on a carlimits day today in style (see pic) I'm in the market for some replacements. I have an Evora SR with Komotek Stage 2. I have the option 19 front and 20 rear inch wheels. It's a weekend toy rather than a daily driver so my usage is usually fair weather weekend jaunts or occasional European driving trips. I'm starting to get into doing more trackdays and performance driving training etc. I'm considering the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S and the MIchelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. I guess I'm erring towards the later on the basis this is what I understand is used on the 410. My thinking is it might be better given my usage profile and have the extra power. I can live with less wet weather performance given it doesn't get much time in the wet. Besides, I also have a set of winter tyres anyway, that came with the car. I'm also assuming the Cup 2 is the closest to something like the more track biased Pierelli P Zero Corsa OEM option on the SR, which mine had before the Contis? My questions: General consensus reading the threads now seems to be to go for the 285x30x20s as used on the 400 vs the 275x30x20s originally on the S - is this correct? Are the Cup 2's likely to need any geo tweaking to work properly or are they fine? How well do the PS4S hold out with track use? What's the longevity like on the Cup 2's? Is there anything else I should consider? Thanks - Ric
  14. Thanks for tip. Out of interest where did you mount it. On the glass itself or hidden under a pillar or similar?
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