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  1. Hi, I have produced a replica number plate in vinyl to display under a picture of my car. However, here it is available for all via eBay! Please click here You can chose the colour of the Elise silhouette, colour of the background and your registration number. Measuring approx 29cm by 8cm, not suitable for use as a 'real' number plate! Best regards, happy new year :-)
  2. Hi S1ARM, Thanks for bringing 'Lotus on track' to my attention, I'll have a look - anything to bring down the cost of track time! Yes, I bought from Lotus Silverstone - great service :-)
  3. Hi All, Many thanks for the very warm welcome. By popular demand, here's a pic!!! Cheers :-)
  4. Hi All, Fantastic site and forum :-) I'm Rob from Gillingham in Kent. I have recent purchased an Elise 1.6 CR. I have wanted an Elise since the launch of the S1 when I was only just old enough to drive. After owning many Roadster style cars, I took delivery of my Lotus this July. I have taken it on the GP circuit at Silverstone and would love to join in with some events next year. Best regards, Rob.
  5. Hi - many thanks, I will pop over to introductions :-) Cheers
  6. Hi everyone. I'm fairly new here and this is my first post! I have a 2015 Elise 1.6 CR (which I love), although more power would be good. I would be grateful of any advice about adding a supercharger to this engine, recommendation of which kit and the right specialist to fit. I know I my be just as well off to switch for an SC, but I do love my car. Sorry if there have been posts here before for this subject. Many thanks for your help and comments, Rob.
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