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  1. Hi very nice the Gold Leaf livery! Does the 475 kit keep the original fresh air tube connecting the left hand air intake to the new carbon air filter? Thank you Lotus greetings Henrique
  2. Brought the Lotus home yesterday, and the problem is gone ? Thank all for the interest in my problem Best regards H
  3. Thanks everyone The part will be here next Tuesday (hopefully), 15 days with the car in the shop
  4. It's what the mechanic diagnosed, tomorrow I'll phone the dealer and draw their attention to this. Thanks a lot
  5. The thing is that it's taking a week only for the reply to the mail asking for urgency in the part.... Tks
  6. There's still no forecast for Lotus factory to send mass air flow sensor... is this normal? In fact there is still no reply for the urgent e-mail that was sent by the Portuguese importer requesting the part last monday... I've got a 170.000km car replacing a 3000km new car ?. What's going on? Colin, how much time was your car in the shop? Best regards H
  7. Nope, it's a naturally aspired (NA) engine (Z4 M Coupe 2007). Yesterday came home in im and it's got quite a quick even in 6th from 2k rpm. (Had forgotten already the roundness of this engine, a real workhorse with +170k km). The good news is that the dealer requested the mass air flow sensor from Lotus with urgency. So shouldn't be long hopefully. Thank all for the help
  8. Hello everyone I've been having trouble with my new Evora 400, the car is now 3000km, but already during break-in displayed once this problem: the engine stalls during start; is very sluggish in acceleration from about 2500 rpm (seams a snail compared with my Z4 M... although after break-in and above 5000 rpm the car becomes what it's supposed to be in the numbers that Lotus claims), but below that only noise ?; in relaxed driving sometimes the electronic stability advisory comes up; when I go to work, I do a lot of free way, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but when I hit traffic and come out of steady speed the engine does not adapt to the changes requested in regime for traffic driving, it's rise in rpm isn't smooth and round, as if it's torque curve would be very bumpy (pardon my lack of English terms for discription as I am Portuguese); as I'm used to the Z4 M, when I smash the accelerator in any gear and from any rpm, I'm used to an energetic kit, and this doesn't happen in the Lotus (so disappointed in the engine's lack of soul, because in all other aspects the car is fenomenal, I love the car but the engine makes me feel embarrassed ?), in the Lotus when I kit the accelerator just a lazy acceleration is felt... They tell me in the Lotus dealer shop that it's a problem with the flow air measure gage, and thus the rich mixture, I'm going today to have the car checked again for the 3rd time in 3000km... Can anyone help? Thank you in advance Kind regards Henrique
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