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  1. Thanks Bruss, managed to release it this morning. Cool air overnight might have helped. It was a strange one, had 3 Evora's and never experienced that before, it'll teach me not to run the tank down too much in future!
  2. Can anybody help with this? My fuel cap on Evora (not the flap) appears stuck, just can't turn it. Does the cap lock with central locking? I assumed there's no lock on the actual cap just the flap. Anybody know or able to help? Otherwise I'm going to need recovery! Cheers
  3. Caught me up between Dunmow and Thaxted this evening, looked fantastic, unfortunately I’m in a Focus so resisted a wave
  4. I bought a silver Esprit GT3 about 18 years ago from a dealer in Manchester. I was exchanging an Elan S2 and drove up there with a mate also a big Lotus fan. What a car that was! It's probably the only car I've ever regretted selling, it was fantastic! We had a great drive back, as excited as a couple of school kids. I dropped my mate off at Stansted then drove on to Chelmsford, I don't live there I just didn't want to go home I got to the Waltham bypass (in those days quite empty) and nailed it only to see a copper at the other end of the straight with a speed camera mounted on a tripod. I braked as hard as I could but he clocked me at 97 in what was effectively a 60. He asked me how long I'd had the car, when I told him he nearly killed himself laughing! I went to court and managed to get away with a few points and a fine by telling the storey exactly how it was, I think the magistrate was also a bit of a fan!
  5. Lee - did you ever get a noise test done?
  6. Lee, How are you getting on with the 2bular? I've been delaying a 400 purchase waiting for Lotus to come out with their 'Track Exhaust' and just about to give up on them
  7. I recently replaced Pirellis with a set of Michelin PSS and ran them at 30/34 which I found too low. Now running at 35/38 which feels miles better
  8. The last 2 paragraphs of this review pretty much explains my 20 years of Lotus ownership! If only I could get my mates to read it!
  9. I use them from time to time, Wayne will look after you, he's been working on Lotuses for years
  10. Ok, I had a similar problem with a 2013 IPS (it was also grey), it would lock up in gear for no apparent reason. The dealer would get it going but couldn't diagnose the cause of the problem, Lotus sent a technician to the dealer but he couldn't give me any assurance it wouldn't happen again. In the end I let the dealer off the hook and part exchanged it for their manual demonstrator. It was an unnecessary expense but I couldn't have a car that would let me down without warning. I appreciate this is not helping much and I hope it's not the same car, disconnecting the battery would sometimes solve it but more often than not it needed recovering back to the dealer. I think it was a software issue but I'm no mechanic. I don't have any paperwork now but would probably recognise the reg if you think it might be the same car.
  11. Did you buy this car from Silverstone?
  12. Interesting comments, I hadn't realised you can run in sport mode below 4,500 rpm with the exhaust off. What about on start up? Is the exhaust automatically on and you have to switch off or other way round?
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