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    Jason Trevor
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    Evora N/A 2011
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    BOE CAI kit , Plack , GT4 wing , Black Pack , Barge boards , multi element diffuser
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    Buckley , North Wales

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  1. This happened on my 2011 MY N/A Evora and it is known to Lotus but they won't do owt about it , my car did have 99k miles on when it went though.
  2. Yes tried ES and Junks with no luck , im crossing everything trying to get one......ahhhhhhh
  3. Well got latch working with electrical contact cleaner for a few weeks and now its not working again , desperate to find a replacement out there. Evora 2010 passenger side door latch part no - B132B4169J any leads please ?
  4. Hello all im after a L/H passenger side door latch for a 2010 Evora part no B132B4169J any leads greatly accepted....Jason Trevor....
  5. Thanks all will have a look when it stops raining
  6. Hi Ya,ll I need a Evora 2010 door latch L/H passenger side part no B132B41695J any leads?
  7. BOE kit is amazing transforms the car , I’m gonna get mine rollin road tested soon to find out the figures
  8. Mines,s there atm Gareth replacement wiper motor clam off job and air con fault turns out to be a hole in pipe and Lotus not got one at all. Hope we can find a solution while clam is off. Also replaced ABS sensor so sport mode back hopefully and a clean MOT. Then the big question do I sell for a 400 they let me take out 410GT and what a car it’s awesome
  9. My camera did the same and stopped working think after a jet wash so no longer do that. I took off rear bumper and fitted this camera Alpine HCE-C1100 HDR Camera I connected new camera to the old camera cables in the boot behind the Plastic cover cap that covers the boot locking mechanism , and it worked didn't fancy routing new cables to head unit. I bought camera off eBay The seller was called "audio_for_fun " This is item number 4958043888603 Also replaced a faulty parking sensor while bumper was off
  10. Throttle response is better and definitely feels quicker , its off to Oakmere Lotus for a ABS sensor problem Monday so when its back gonna put on rolling road of my mates and find out for sure..
  11. There were a few reported airflow problems with the Radium kit in the US. BOE kit does not throw any engine codes and its a ITG filter is possible to mock it all up yourself but I could not be arsed. Thought I had got away with import duty as I got BOE kit just as lockdown started but had a nice import duty bill off UPS a few weeks later from what I can remember about £120 Paul.
  12. Don't let the mileage worry you I have a 2011N/A with 109000 miles on her. Had a new clutch at 80k and all fine. It's in Persian blue with black pack GT4 rear wing custom barge boards and diffuser , Plack style exhaust with small muffler and BOE CAI intake sounds awesome. Its up for sale soon as I fancy a 400 but just gotta try one first
  13. Thanks for the answers , Chris Niels re Oakmere it is then
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