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  1. Hi all does anyone know the Evora wheel speed sensor part number , I know the Lotus number is A132J6001F but the list price is £116.33 each. Elise parts have them and its a Bosch part but still big money. Mine have GM stamped on them , thinking there must be a more cost effective option out there?
  2. I know this is a old thread but I have a 2011 N/A with standard headers 3rd cat delete and a Plack style rear exhaust with a small muffler , just fitted a BOE CAI kit and cars seems great but now and again seem to be getting higher engine temperatures and then it settles down. Not had chance to do a good run under this lockdown times but was wondering if the ECU needs a tune and is it running a bit lean. Can the ECU be readily tuned and who in the UK is good im North Wales based.
  3. New key I think Gareth I had one from Oakmere last year about £60-£70 i think
  4. Hi all question do you have to remove the front clam on a Evora to replace the wiper motor mine is very noisy and I need to replace it?
  5. Hi I have exactly the same problem faulty wire to sensor 4 where did you get replacement cable from please? I have removed diffuser but the exhaust heat shield seems to be in the way of me getting to the sensor cables did you remove this or bend back the black plastic diffuser trim piece that contains the sensors? It's tight in there...
  6. I have been looking in to doing this as well it seems mad shipping something from the US when it probably left our shore to go there , been to Demon Tweets today and they said if I had dimensions it should be possible to put a kit together.
  7. Name: Lotus Evora Click to view: Lotus Evora
  8. I bought the 100k miles Evora that everyone was talking about 2 months ago and am chuffed with it . Missed buying the car 6 months ago from Silverstone lotus who did not advertise it very well . it went to a trader who sold it to a friend of Martin Donelly who owns a race team . He did the 3rd cat decat and had a custom rear silencer made for it . Drove it for a bit then decided he wanted a Nissan GTR . Seems he changes his cars alot ha ha . I bought it for a lot less than Silverstone had it up for , its got full main dealer history and reciepts for £17k , sport pack and tech pack. Spoke to the original owner who used it every day as his main motorway driver and he sold it for a Evora 400 . Not worried by the mileage its been well looked after and also had the costly clutch done and gearchange is very good , i drove a launch edition with 30k miles on it before buying this and the gearchange was like stirring treacle . I sold my Elise R with 102k miles on her really easy i think they are such unique cars and so much fun . Okay she needs a front end respray just gotta work out where to take her and have berge boards and new diffuser to put on , also like the black pack look . Persian blue by the way . god i waffle on..........
  9. Jason Trevor

    Jason Trevor

  10. Oulton park with Lotus Cup and NORLOG friends great day .
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