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    Jason Trevor
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    Evora N/A 2011
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    BOE CAI kit , Plack , GT4 wing , Black Pack , Barge boards , multi element diffuser
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    Buckley , North Wales

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  1. ah great thanks alot I'm in Italy atm skiing but will order one then the cars up for sale Emira ordered.
  2. Mid Jan hey but which year I so hope it is 2022 I have stopped using passenger door they climb over drivers seat ha ha
  3. Yes it was one of the last ones he did I think got the barge boards off him as well .
  4. Hi Bibs I called every uk dealer and even Lotus HQ themselves had a lady there who was something to do with Lotus Europe trying to find one in Europe with no luck arghhhhhhhh! ha ha
  5. Hi I have a BOE and 2ubular exhaust on my N/A and is a really good sound all round induction suck is great and exhaust is great when you boot it , used to have a Plack type exhaust and it was so loud sound great for short runs but a pain cruising at 70 odd
  6. I got mine to work again spraying loads of electrical contact cleaner in there , so now the door remains permanently shut passengers climb over the drivers seat ya gotta be supple. Still need a latch though.
  7. Still looking for a door latch , its almost comical this
  8. This happened on my 2011 MY N/A Evora and it is known to Lotus but they won't do owt about it , my car did have 99k miles on when it went though.
  9. Yes tried ES and Junks with no luck , im crossing everything trying to get one......ahhhhhhh
  10. Well got latch working with electrical contact cleaner for a few weeks and now its not working again , desperate to find a replacement out there. Evora 2010 passenger side door latch part no - B132B4169J any leads please ?
  11. Hello all im after a L/H passenger side door latch for a 2010 Evora part no B132B4169J any leads greatly accepted....Jason Trevor....
  12. Thanks all will have a look when it stops raining
  13. Hi Ya,ll I need a Evora 2010 door latch L/H passenger side part no B132B41695J any leads?
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