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  1. 1. Martyn - Esprit SE 2. Bibs - Evora 3. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE 4. top-plumber - unmentionable 5. Bazza - S3 Esprit 6. markw996 - S4 Esprit 7. JAWS - Evora 8. Rupert - Elise SC 9. Scott - Elan M100 10. Charlie- Esprit S4 11. Clive - Evora 12. Clivef -Elite or Elan M100 13. Lara - Elise Sport 14. Sparky - Esprit GT3 15. Stuart - Elan M100 16. Rizla603104 - Esprit S4 - the purple nasty 17. Robin - 82 Turbo Esprit 18. Paul - Esprit V8 19. Stephen - Elise S C/ Racer 20. Phil - M100 (LEC lotusflasherman) 21. Steve M - Evora IPS
  2. Cheers guys, after warming it up with a hair dryer for 5 mins it become much more flexible and so I was able to man handle it into shape, still a bit on the long side I would say, but fits. Once the engine warms it up some more I guess it will find its natural shape; elephant trombone style. ?
  3. Hi All, I just bought a replacement air pipe from the airbox to the turbo from SJ Sportscars, the quality of material seems far more robust than the original however it has very little flexibility and cannot be compressed in any way to make it fit. See photo of the original vs new. The new one seems too long. I'm loath to cut it because the diameter reduces from one end to other meaning it may not fit if cut (plus it was £100 so to get it wrong would be expensive!!) Any suggestions on how to get it in?
  4. The source of the 27mm came from here: I saw it linked in another thread on here. I assume the 27mm originally came from trial and error (or perfectly adjusted factory floats) and is measured after floats are lifted out of the fuel reservoir. It seems to work.
  5. jaydubya

    Rockingham event

    Cheers Phil, I've registered and paid on their website. Looking forward to it.
  6. I'd check your float heights, these cars are very sensitive to it. Mine was running a little rough and turned out to be this after a carb rebuild (and me diving down other rabbit holes). Check it from the top of the carb to fuel level (27mm) rather than measuring the 14-15mm float "droop" as described in the manual. The 27mm is a far more accurate measurement and made the difference for me. There is a thread on here about this method. Hope that helps!
  7. jaydubya

    Rockingham event

    1. PhilW - G Turbo 2.Charlie Douglas - High Wing Esprit 3.Jon W (jaydubya) - White G Turbo Charlie mentioned this to me a couple days ago, I've dropped it into my diary!
  8. Hi guys, I won't be able to make it, my Esprit isn't playing ball after some work today Gutted as I was really looking forward to it. I'll still come to the show but someone else can have my spot.
  9. Are you 100% sure you have fuel, there could be a blockage or fuel pump broken (but still spinning). I'd double check you have fuel by pulling off one of the feeds to the carbs/regulator and just check its coming through when being primed (wear some goggles though). Cheers
  10. 9 hours ago, rizla603104 said: Martyn - Esprit SE Chris (Esprit22) - Esprit Turbo ChrisJ - Excel SE or Turbo Esprit - hopefully not both like last year Chipp-M100S2 Nr2k - s1 elise Owen - Esprit GT3 Phil Flash - probably M100 could be Elan+2 Dan E - Turbo Esprit Markw996 - S4 Esprit Loose Cannon - EspritGT3 Mark Hur - Elise S1 Steve A - M100 Bibs - Elise S1 111s Choppa - Esprit S3 Neal H - Evora 400 Sparky - Esprit GT3 Pete - Esprit Turbo
  11. Just to update and hopefully help someone in the future... I spoke with Eurocarb this morning, and they very kindly sent me a diagram of the revised DHLA40 carbs which are in the Turbo Esprit's after ~1981(ish). This clearly shows the spring and weight config (parts labelled 42,43,44) hope that helps.
  12. Thanks chaps, my gut feel is the setup in picture 2, but I'll give Dellorto/Eurocarb a call tomorrow and see if they can clarify for sure. I'll let you know for future reference. Cheers
  13. Clicking on "part 50" on the dellorto website parts diagram it shows 3 different weights, 2 of which are discontinued. Mine appears to be one of those, the spring is also still available to buy, but nowhere does it tell in which order they are assembled! D'oh!
  14. 100% sure the springs belong there, they are connected to the weights, same on all 4 that came out ... but all the pictures I can find on the net (including the Dellorto parts diagram) show a solid bar with no spring. My car is an '84 and it's running the original DHLA40 carbs. I found an old thread of an '81 carb rebuild but that had the solid bars. Cheers
  15. Hi Everyone, Hope somebody can help... I'm just finishing off a carb rebuild on my Turbo Esprit, fully stripped down and everything has gone together quite nicely, no parts left over at the end etc etc ... However! I forgot to note which way round the pump jet weight fits onto the ball bearing. Which way round is it, picture 1 or picture 2? Thanks in advance!!!
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