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  1. Just my (possibly wrong!) Scooby sense. It seems a little too cheap compared to others but definitely worth a test drive.
  2. I wouldn't buy it, but yes, on the face of it it's very well priced.
  3. Me too. The reputation of Keighly Trade Centre (and its subsequent spin offs) spread nationally!
  4. Is it wrong to be automatically suspicious of any car that's for sale in Keighly?
  5. Has anyone successfully claimed on a Varta battery warranty? My E38 has died after 18months despite being on a ctek much of the time
  6. Sorry guys, not been around for a while - I'm happy to distribute as long as I'm not out of pocket! Re. Import duty - may be worth noting a nominal or low value on the paperwork to a void a big duty hit.
  7. The floating discs on my Evora (thanks Dave) are rattly as hell, slightly less so with the anti rattle clips. Well worth it though.
  8. Yes, I definitely want one please! Would be a little churlish if I didn’t seeing as I ‘started it’! Re. Distribution- I’m not looking to make anything out of it. But if you wanted to send all the UK ones to me I could collect money and ship from here. Sounds like that could save $15 to 20 per kit? How many are you up for making? Would you want to open this up to the Facebook group?
  9. That’s fantastic @agentdr8 !! There are probably a few in the UK who’ll want one. Happy to distribute this end for you if you want to do batches?!
  10. Foxy

    TLF Trackday?

    For the record, Hethel is a bit is Blyton. Croft or Donington ftw.
  11. 100 brave points for you sir!
  12. It’s the only way!!
  13. What did you get in the end @Beady? The stormtrooper is still going strong
  14. Foxy

    Evora Sport 410

    @blindside Looks great, but sorry, your harnesses are fitted incorrectly. The ASM strap should be inboard for both seats.
  15. @Maxi_z What were your starting (cold) and target (hot) pressures? How much rear camber?
  17. Dunno! About £600!! Interesting, thanks Nigel - so could well be the diaphragm as Gav suggested.
  18. Not sure I understand the numbers being quoted for camber here. On my S1 the service notes say -1.55deg is optimum. I wanted more neg rear camber but could only get -1.43.
  19. Yes, the updated cables were about £300. MUCH cheaper than the MY12 ones. I believe it was 4hrs labour for the cables, but I left the car with Gav for a week or so (my choice).
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