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  1. It should be held on with rivnuts and nice neat machine screws. M4 i think but would need to double check. I suspect the original rivnuts will have rusted and then been drilled/ripped out by a PO and bodged with the selftappers. It may mean that the original holes in the body might be too large for the original sized rivnuts. You could go oversize or fibreglass the holes and re-drill. Pete
  2. Yup, my bad. Thought it was the shift linkage. Sorry. P
  3. SJSportscars do an upgrade which i think replaces the rubber bushes with rose joints. Lots of positive comments. Pete
  4. I see someone has chopped away the exhaust surround on the valance as well. My exhaust and the one in the background of the pic has much thicker tips than the original. Dimensions are about the same but original much finer which I preferred. I still have an original in the shed but clamp rusted to bits (same as one in the pic) and I've never gotten around to finding a replacement clamp to fitwhich would also involve chopping off and re-welding the stubby pipe on the backbox. Pete
  5. Woah! That's looooong!!!!!!!!!!! Should be about in line with the bumper.
  6. Empty roads, cheaper petrol and the fact I'm now a wine delivery driver means I cannot work from home and need to travel to my place of work. The sun's been shining too. Now which car to take on the commute....
  7. Have you got a picture Steve? I've measured off a replacement 'sports' exhaust from SJ but the tips are thicker and, I think, stubbier than the original but probably only by an inch or so. I think I have an original somewhere buried under piles of crap in the shed so could check. 4 inches suggests it sticks out waaaay beyond the bumper...hacksaw time! Pete
  8. Bastard! That's my ideal Excel I'll give you £250.01 for!
  9. Meant to reply last week! These are approx measurements from an SJS replacement backbox. X = 8.5 inches Y = 12 inches Pete
  10. Mine isn't held in with anything either. Just the bracket and some silicon to seal it. Pete
  11. I have found that with my tyres the standard 27ft/lb on the rears works but a little extra on the front makes a big difference in reducing understeer so I have them at 22ft/lb. They are the original sizes. You will need to experiment as I guess different tyre brands will use different compounds and tread patterns may make a difference too? Pete
  12. Yes it can be done in situ. There is a special tool to make sure the seal goes in square. I was lent one by a friendly Lotus garage to do the job many years ago. Pete
  13. Nice write up Dave! I made this simple jig up when I had to deal with helicoiling stripped threads. Simple enough and worked a treat. Not going to be any use for sheared studs though. Pete
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