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  1. I always insist on staying with the car for the MOT so I can tell them 'it's supposed to be like that' otherwise it would be a fail everytime. Fortunately I have now found a 'classic friendly' garage where even though the testers are half the age of the car they actually listen. Here's a useful place to start if anyone is looking for an MOT station Pete
  2. Yes, thanks Kev @Kevin Wheeler for organising, again! Can you please pass on my thanks to Pete again for the lift? Fun to finally have a ride in an Elise despite now needed to make an appointment with a chiropractor...and I thought my 60 year old Land Rover was bad! Good news is we didn't hit anything on the way! Pete
  3. Most grateful Kenny @KennyN! Pete
  4. If @KennyN is able to get me home, I'm in! Pete
  5. Deffo the same, possibly limited to S2 Elitle/Eclat like the wing mirrors. I bought 2 Elite heater boxes off ebay just to strip the motors. Pete
  6. Lotusbits. The motors were also used on Elite/Eclat of a similar vintage. I think Giorgio has a thread on here trying to source the motors but has struggled to find the original manufacturer so it appears 2nd hand is the only way to go without doing what your PO has done. Pete
  7. The carb mounting washers should be tightened to a gap the width of a 2p coin is what I've always been told. Pete
  8. Here you go. Are you missing the cut outs in the shelf to allow it to sit either side of the seat belt reel? Assuming S3 is same setup as S2...
  9. You need some serious leverage on the alternator to get the tension. Ideally a two man job so you have both hands free to tighten the nuts and bolts when in the correct position. Pete
  10. I put a very small amount of grease on when replacing the clutch. Pete
  11. Without wishing to be too pedantic, your dials are the wrong way round... Originally, Fuel was top right, Temp bottom right, Volts top left, Oil bottom left. Pete
  12. The alternator is fairly standard. Go for the off the shelf replacement. Pete
  13. The face level vent is for cold air only as are the two vents by the gearstick (if you have them late S2 and S3 fitment) and the one by the glovebox. You only get hot air going to the 2 demisters and into the footwells to keep your toes warm. Pete
  14. That's where the temperature sender should screw in. Pete
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