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  1. You need some serious leverage on the alternator to get the tension. Ideally a two man job so you have both hands free to tighten the nuts and bolts when in the correct position. Pete
  2. I put a very small amount of grease on when replacing the clutch. Pete
  3. Without wishing to be too pedantic, your dials are the wrong way round... Originally, Fuel was top right, Temp bottom right, Volts top left, Oil bottom left. Pete
  4. The alternator is fairly standard. Go for the off the shelf replacement. Pete
  5. The face level vent is for cold air only as are the two vents by the gearstick (if you have them late S2 and S3 fitment) and the one by the glovebox. You only get hot air going to the 2 demisters and into the footwells to keep your toes warm. Pete
  6. That's where the temperature sender should screw in. Pete
  7. Just caught you out of the corner of my eye as you turned at the traffic lights onto the A30 towards Dummer/Winchester. I was in the blue S2 heading towards the M3.
  8. Sorry @Bibs, no way to get out of work on 19th. If @Advantage is at a loose end he's welcome to chauffeur? Pete
  9. That's it. If you want a gloss finish on the mirrors paint them the same colour as the body. If you want them black make them satin, unless you are painting the whole car black in which case the satin vs gloss contrast might be a bit odd. That's what I think anyway. Pete
  10. @Fridge No lower airbox on an S2, don't think I've ever seen one. At the end of the day the fuel pump should be pumping fuel so even if part of the fuel line is slightlyhigher than the bottom of the tanks you should still get fuel being sucked along until the tanks run dry. Pete
  11. Hi David @Fridge, The fuel pipe should go from the right hand tank, into the chassis tray underneath the water pipes. I see no reason why it shouldn't exit through that hole in the chassis next to the fuel pump but mine pops over the rail just above that hole to keep it as far away from the road and debris as possible. The main point is that the majority of the hose sits below the bottom of the tanks. It definitely should not go over the chassis by the bulkhead. The copper fuel pipe that connects to the braided pipes into the carbs runs forward along the chassis rail just behind the water tank and across the bulkhead above the water pipes then down into the fuel pump. Hopefully these photos make it a little clearer. I can try and get some more if you need. Ignore the very cracked fuel line, these were taken as I was replacing it. Pete
  12. What a handsome craft, such lovely lines....
  13. 1. Satin black to match bumper, ears, window surrounds etc. 2. No scuff plate
  14. The bracket bolts onto the body, not the chassis, behind the passenger seat (RHD).
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