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  1. Self tapers into the body unless someone has cut away the bodywork where the holes should be. Pete
  2. @pbharcourtI'll try and remember to bring one to the next gathering Paul and you can see if it's a match. I'm away next week so hopefully June. Pete
  3. OEM. The polybushes are too hard for road use. Pete
  4. Hi Chaps, I have been given some cigar lighters by and Ex-Lotus Engineer who thinks they are original early Esprit fitment but can't remember exactly. Can anyone confirm from the photos? The markings say MADE IN GERMANY 12V GEPRÜFT My S2 has an aftermarket one fitted so I can't compare. I only have the lighters, not the housing but if anyone needs one they might be for sale. Pete
  5. There's a notch on the backplate you have removed that holds the drive gear in. I used a blob of grease to keep in place whilst refitting the plate. Pete
  6. Great to see everyone at the Mayfly, farmyard smells and all! Can't make the next meet, will be sunning myself in Sardinia (conveniently near some well known Lotus filming locations). but hopefully see you in June. Happy to enquire about another Wonston Arms gathering for June maybe? Pete
  7. @giorgio67 Hi Giorgio, I'll try and dig i out tonight after work. If you don't hear from me in the next couple of days, give me a poke. Pete
  8. Pants Kevin. If I was anywhere near home I'd be happy to help but we're elsewhere for Easter. Sorry! Then again it'd be embarrassing turning up with only one mirror...
  9. Avaliable here. Pete
  10. Sounds about right! I've had to return 2 to the supplier for failing within a year or two of fitting. Pete
  11. I don't think the original U/J above the steering rack is available anymore. When I replaced mine, the replacement needed 'modifying' to work at the correct angle so If you plan to replace it yourself, have the dremel handy. Pete
  12. @andydclements HI Andy, I put polybushes on the steering rack mounting brackets to replace the perished rubbers. Everything else is still rubber. Pete
  13. Very sad. Had many an entertaining chat with John through this forum, both technical and social. RIP
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