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  1. I'd have thought so @eeyoreish if you still have the inboard discs. Where are the original handbrake cables routed? If they're clamps to the fboot floor abouve the silencer then yes you have the same setup and will need to reroute the right hand cable. Pete
  2. peteyg

    Gearbox backplate thread size

    Good call @gvy that would save having to get the helicoil. I'll try this first. I think the main problem has been people's attempts to seal the back plate and nasty gunk has accumulated in the bolt hole. Below is what I dug out of each hole, a mixture of silicone and various other sealants:
  3. peteyg

    Gearbox backplate thread size

    Thank you Harry!
  4. peteyg

    Gearbox backplate thread size

    Thank you all. I'll see if I can tap out with M7, if not go to M8 and helicoil. Do you know if the pitch is 1.00 or 1.25? Pete
  5. Hi all, Can anyone tell me the thread size of the 2 bottom bolts that hold the backplate and silencer mount on the back of the 'box? Trying to fix a leak and some monkey has screwed up the threads on the bolts as well as the holes. Need to tap and possibly helicoil. Maybe the legendary @dsvitesse1 will know off the top of his head? Thanks in advance, Pete
  6. A few pics to add to Neil's post. They bolt straight on. As Neil said we may need to chamfer a couple of edges to stop them fouling the brackets but only by a very small amount. Rerouting the right hand handbrake cable was the only real irritation - solved by drilling a hole through the body a little further back than the original exit point. There's no way whatsoever it could be put in place using the original exit point. This does create quite a bit of slack as the cable it too long but you can lose it in the cavity next to the fuel tank and the cable still slides happily. Left-hand cable just needs to go over the top of the gearbox as opposed to round the back of it. We will probably need to add a P clip to hold in place. Can't believe the weight difference @GTK, you'll be a happy boy if you go down this route! PS Ignore the 'plumbing'. That will be put right in due course!!
  7. I'm shortly going to be fitting these to @Nelly Neil's S2 so I'll let you know how it goes. If I forget, remind me. I'm told PNM's advice is to shorten the handbrake cables though not sure quite how seeing as the ends are crimped. I'll probably give them a call for the low down. Wish me luck... Pete
  8. peteyg

    Crank pulley wear.

    That's very odd. How would the belt get inside the dish of the pulley without shedding itself on the rim?
  9. You may find the catch needs packing out with shims to get it to work properly too. Mine needed to be extended by about half an inch. Pete
  10. Does anyone know the thread size for the hole where the brake pipe adapter screws into the top of the caliper? I need to tap it to clean it up. Thanks, Pete
  11. peteyg

    Oil Pressure Oddness

    Impact driver?
  12. peteyg

    Oil Pressure Oddness

    Sorry Neil. No silly torx bolts on an S2. Just good old fashioned hex heads. Can you weld a nut on there maybe or make a channel with the dremmel you can get a hefty screwdriver into?
  13. Mine are all white George. Just a poor low light photo. Not a hint of green in real life. Pete
  14. My rheostat has never worked so I don't know if these bulbs are at full power or not but they work fine. Pete
  15. peteyg

    Hampshire Christmas gathering

    @Kevin Wheeler Thanks again Kevin for an entertaining evening even though there were no martians involved. And please thank Mrs Wheeler again for the lift home! Pete