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  1. Yes to the carpet buttons. No idea about painted bolts. Pete
  2. Don't worry. We have a new guy called @DaveC72 who's taken your place. 😜
  3. I was in front of you in the green Series 2 Land Rover.
  4. I had exactly the same holes. Araldite solved it. Pete
  5. Mine has speakers there too. No idea if they were original fitment though. Pete
  6. Mine has boards covering everything from the bulkhead back. I have seen cars with a board over the boot area which mine never had but I have since made one . Can take pics if you still need them. Pete
  7. I've done mine though needed a press to get the old bearing out. Only other thing is a torque wrench that goes up to 200ft/lb, an extension bar and nerves of steel when tightening the nut hub nut! Pete
  8. I've used Redline EP90 for the last 96k miles in my S2 and always filled to the level according to the manual. Pete
  9. I think they're open until 7.30pm according to facebook page, forgot to ask when I was in there on Saturday with a friend. I'll be there for about 6.15pm after work.
  10. Wonston open 5pm to 8pm on a Monday if that's not too early. Shall we say 25th?
  11. Meee driiinnnkkkk beeeeeer! Plough, Longparish or a cheeky Monday at the Wonston? Could be my last outing in the Esprit for a while with front suspension rebuild imminent amongst a couple of other things now all the bits have arrived. Pete
  12. 2007 Basingstoke, UK to Kranjska Gora, Slovenia in 2 days with overnight stop in the Black Forest in my S2 Esprit. Approx 550 miles a day. Similar trip but via St Tropez and Italy in 1998. Pete
  13. Hope this helps. You will find you need to add some shims to the tailgate in order to get the catch to lock fully. Pete
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