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  1. Happy ending. I have found a refill that fits and works without needing any modification other than trimming to length. I've stocked up with a couple for the future. None of the Trico one's I could source fitted. Pete
  2. @Zippster Hi Andy, What colour is your Elise? I may have seen you around. I'm just outside Micheldever Station. Pete
  3. Check the indicator stalk like what @eeyoreish said. The copper contacts can oxidise over time so a quick scrub with emery paper to make them shine might be all you need. Start simple... Could even be a loose wire on the back of the stalk. Pete
  4. Is that the one with no parking...
  5. Hi Steve, Yes I have the inclined rad. They were fitted to later S2s but maybe also federal cars? I can get you some better pics of the braces if you need them. Pete
  6. Which rad do you have Steve, upright or inclined? Are these the braces you are referring to below?
  7. Pants! 15th no good. Wife is working so need to be on Dad duty. Enjoy!
  8. Dear @Bibs, please add sticking tongue our and wavey deer antler imogee to library...
  9. @Bibs already subscribed , your highness. Guess I need to update the frequency. Pete
  10. Gutted I didn't know anything about this meet. Must check into here more often!! Pete
  11. SJS sell replacement glass if you do break it but it's not tinted like the original. It breaks quite easily too so don't be shy with the heat. Pete
  12. Hi Lutz, Great to see your progress. Have a look at this to answer your piping question. There's my description and photos. Good luck! Pete
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