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  1. Happy New Year All! This lockdown, now work has slowed down and as long as home schooling doesn't get in the way too much, I will mostly be reassembling my engine so that the car can be used for 'essential' trips. Managed to helicoil a stripped exhaust cam carrier stud thread that resulted in oil dripping all over the manifold and get all that back together at the weekend, having started the job at the end of November 2020...
  2. I'll 2nd the use of Jack Nuts. Copper grease the bolts when you screw it all back together. I've never had a problem with them seizing . Pete
  3. @Kevin Wheeler I had some inexpensive-ish Nankangs on the front of the Esprit until I couldn't get them anymore. Was very impressed with the grip so don't write them off. Pete
  4. Well I started dismantling the Esprit engine about 3 weeks ago in order to hellicoil a couple of stripped threads for the exhaust cam carrier studs that I couldn't be bothered to fix ages ago but the oil leak directly onto the manifold got to a worrying level so needed attention. Been so mental busy with work it's 3 weeks since I've been in the garage and doesn't look like I'll be able to crack on until January. Ended up having to work last night so wouldn't have been able to make dinner even if we had been allowed out. Festive hugs and kisses to all! Pete
  5. peteyg

    Tool kit

    Sorry @benja-p sold it last month. Pete
  6. Use blue antifreeze. Never needed to jack the car up when refilling. There is a 90 degree metal elbow by the rad on right hand side. I've had to replace this twice because of perforations in the metal. Worth checking. Pete
  7. Looks like I'm going to be working that evening now so February sounds good! Pete
  8. @Rudi K The inner card, attached to the door on which the removable card hooks is quite flexible. If you have small enough fingers it is possible to 'pop' it up under the lip with the door card in place. I need to do this on my passenger door. Drivers side door hooks on easily. Pete
  9. Thanks Steve @drdoom. Please post some pics if you get a chance. Pete
  10. Hi all, Can someone talk me through the window motor removal? I need to get it out of the way in order to re-glass the the 'enlarged' screw holes for the screw that holds the door trim in place. I want to avoid, if possible, messing up the angle of dangle of the window runners etc because they are such a pain to get align so is it possible just to whip the motor itself out? Thanks, Pete
  11. No idea @LOTUSMAN33. 20 years ago I asked for it to be painted Essex Blue. That, it is definitely not despite the leftover tin of paint saying it is. Hoping it's Lagune Blue as that's the next rattle can I have to try on a front spoiler I'm repairing. Already tried Bermuda Blue and it's too dark like the Essex. Think it's just the angle of dangle of the photo. Foxy is nice and low too...
  12. It's not a hard job if you've replaced clutches before. I removed the gearbox on my own. I recommend a second pair of hands for when you need to put the gearbox back on and a gearbox jack for removal and refitting. You just need to disconnect the driveshafts, slave cylinder, gear linkage etc. I le ft brake discs attached. Change the spigot bearing whilst you're at it. Pete
  13. @ANDYRIf you need to exercise the S3 at any point I'm near Winchester. Happy to chat Esprits, roadtrips and skiing! Pete
  14. I've had Spax all round from SJ fitted for years. The rears are adjustable. Get them set up correctly and they work fine. Nice to be able to adjust damper setting to suit driving style. Only had originals on before so can't comment on other makes. Pete
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