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  1. Wonston is closed on Tuesdays at the moment I'm afraid. Not sure I'll be able to make 20th now either and you're not allowed to go to the Wonston without me anyway!
  2. Fit the flexihose. Don't mess around with pipes and flexi ends. Peter
  3. Ah, bit too far for a quick test drive. Pete
  4. @Djs44 Whereabouts are you based?
  5. In my opinion 160bhp is perfectly fine for an S2. I've had over 20 years of ear to ear grins with mine in standard tune. That's what it was designed with. If Lotus wanted it to have more power, they would have made it with more power which they did with the Turbo and beyond. An early Esprit is not about straight line speed but the ride and handling. If straight line speed is what you want I suggest you swap the S2 for a later, more powerful car. My hatchback has 100bhp more than my S2 and trounces it speed-wise but I love driving the Esprit for what it is and how it feels. At the end of the da
  6. Fab evening chaps! Looking forward to next months GILFest hosted by @DaveC72
  7. I'm talking about the bulb that fits into the fibre optic dash lighting thingy. Sorry, might be confusing myself with the rheostat which i think is plugged into it as well? Pete
  8. All right guru's. Who can tell me what bulb I need to go in the rheostat? I removed mine and the glass snapped but the markings on the base are illegible. The end of the bayonet fitting is quite corroded which is possibly why it's never worked since I've owned the car but I've never bothered to look into it. Thanks, Pete
  9. Will we need to pick teams like at school?
  10. Tomorrow no good. Will choose a September date.
  11. Gutted. We're away next week. Mind you I was in 2 minds about heading out tonight. I miss you guys...
  12. In 23 years of ownership I have had the original rebuilt twice. The first time because it had actually fallen apart after 10 years and about 35k miles and the second time it prematurely required a rebuild after a rabbit decided to commit suicide and launched itself through the grille, destroying half the filaments. By that point the rad had been on the car for another 40k miles. At current UK prices that's 4 rebuilds for the price of a new aluminium rad which, rabbits aside, would last me 150k miles and 40 years of motoring. Pete
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