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  1. The ride height needs to be set with 2 passengers in the vehicle plus, I think, fluids etc. Leave the suspension loose then torque it all up when the vehicle is weighed down. That will dictate how high it rides. I have Protech replacements all round. Pete
  2. Pretty sure it's a press fit. Mine swivels but doesn't leak oil so it's not fixed. Pete
  3. @jonwatcool, I'll take a look. Thanks.
  4. I've just swapped the spacers around and the air leak is still there on the front carb unless I tighten the nuts right up though it's still there, just. Suspect carb face or manifold face. No fuel leaks though so a small but important win.
  5. So, replaced O rings and tightened to specified gaps as per advice above and Des Hammill's book. I now have petrol pissing out of the bottom of the spacers. Tightened further to eliminate fuel leaks but still with gaps between spacers and carb/manifold but now have major air leak on front carb between spacer and carb. Tempted to crank everything up as per my original picture where I didn't notice any issues with poor running due to frothy fuel. Thoughts? Pete
  6. I might have the light moulding somewhere in my pile of spare parts that have amassed over the years. Ill have a rummage. Pete
  7. @jonwat Not entirely sure what you're referring to with the gaps. There is no adjustment on an S2 as far as I know, only getting the correct tightness of the the rubber washers. Pete
  8. If anyone is interested I replaced the spindle which solved the leak. Pete
  9. Bugger. 25th is half term and we're away. Typical now I've just got the Esprit up and running again!
  10. Southbound on the A34 looking gorgeous. Isn't this Mike's (forgotten surname) old car? Pete
  11. @exeterjeepThanks Keith, that's just what I needed! Pete
  12. Hi all, I need to identify whether and Excel has an HC engine and is actually an SE or not. The car is not mine so have asked for the engine number but need to be able to decode it to fathom whether it's the 180bhp version. I'm familiar with 907s but not 912s. TIA, Pete
  13. I have a leak around the spindle between the barrels of the rear carb. I'm guessing there's no seal there, only on the ends of the spindle so is it likely to be a worn spindle? Fuel only leaks when engine is revved. Cheers, Pete
  14. You shouldn't have gaskets on the cam towers on your car. Just the anaerobic sealant. The inlet and exhaust valves have different settings. Can't remember off the top of my head what the values are.
  15. I used the outer sleeve of the opposite bush with the metal sleeve. You have to cut it to remove so I put a jubilee clip around to stop it expanding with the pressure of the rubber bush. In hindsight I should have cut the sleeve in half so that it could be more easily removed once the jubilee clip was undone as the bush was locating. Plus lashings of washing up liquid and it went in surprisingly easily.
  16. Thanks Steve @drdoom. I managed to get it sorted with the help of a special tool I made up but those prices are much cheaper than the UK suppliers so will likely buy from there in the future. I sought advice from SJ Sportcars and they said it's just a bugger of a job. Pete
  17. The last time I was pulled onto a recovery truck the guy used a set if these straps so I bought a pair and they've been really useful. They hook around the suspension front or back. Pete
  18. Totally agree with @Fridge. Nothing wrong with points if you can get to them easily. I have lumenition optroninc fitted and not had to touch it in 20 years.
  19. Yes, it's correct. Even better, fit electronic ignition then you avoid the nightmare of have to set the points gap in the most inaccessible distributor position Lotus could have come up with!
  20. Hope y'all managed to polish out the Solihull inspired stone chips...?
  21. Mega late reg for an S2. Could even be an S2.2 with a W plate. Mines the 11th from last S2 and that's was a V plate.
  22. @drdoomI have the later type Steve. Those bushes were easy to replace...
  23. Hi all, Replacing the bushes on my front suspension but currently stumped with the rubber bush on the upper wishbone. Not the one with the metal sleeve. The rubber is wider than the hole. Anyone have a tip on how to fit it? I have a vice and press for assistance if required. Cheers, Pete
  24. Working down in Sussex so may or may not be back in time. Pete
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