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  1. Simple question for a change. Which direction does the dizzy rotate so I know which way to plug the leads back in. Forgot to make a note when I took them off! Pete
  2. peteyg

    M25 Red Stevens

    Sadly no. The Esprit has been off the road for 6 months but will hopefully be back in action this weekend, so I have a week to run her in before CC. See you there! Pete
  3. peteyg

    M25 Red Stevens

    Junc 13, barrier got in the way so couldn't get a good enough look. Was that you Blanchard per chance? Pete
  4. T332 *** - Sweet
  5. Thanks Kato, Already checked LEW. Was keen to hear from NA owners using the plate filters. I noticed on the K&N website they only list them for 1980 2.2l models onwards. Were the air boxes the same size after them moved them to the side of the engine bay? Pete
  6. Any views on replacement air filters -Green, K&N etc? To fit S2. Pete
  7. Shah, The bumper is mounted with 2 bolts each side that are hidden behind the side lights. All you need is to make a mounting rectangular mounting hole for the light and 2 holes either side for the bolts. I'll whip my bumper off and get a photo or you as soon as I can. Pete
  8. Hi Dave, I don't have the Lotus one but it looks very similar to mine. There's a great description on how to use it in the yahoo S1S2S3 group files section. If you can't find it, let me know and I'll email it. I find it works well but my carbs seem to go out of tune every 1000 miles or so. Do you have the instructions on how to prepare the manometer as the tube lengths and joiners are quite important for getting a proper reading? Pete
  9. Was filling the landy at the garage when I saw a beautiful sight. Sounds fantastic!!
  10. Nice one Slade, Agreed Alfa's are groovy. My sensible car is a GTV coupe but I'm trying to persuade myself to step up to the 147 GTA with the 3.2 V6 - 250bhp and FWD = scary! Although it must be the first Alfa in history not to suffer the massive depreciation I wsa hoping it would. Saw the Brera V6 AWD on the road a couple of days ago and it looked very pretty. Pete
  11. Hi Ian, Just fitted it to mine along with the SJ tubular manifold. The fit was relatively straight forward and very snug. The only thing I have experienced is that these mounts take up quite a bit more space than the original so can't see any space for the heatshield. Think I'll have to go down the insulation rap route for protection. On the other side the oil filter mount needed a bit of work as the original angle wouldn't allow it to fit the locating notch with the new mount in place. Only a case filing the notch to give a bit more room. Let me know if you need anymore details & pics. Pete
  12. Thanks guys, I have the notes but no coloured dots. And what does MOP mean, can't find reference to that (or is it on the tech section?). What should my MOP be? Cheers, Pete
  13. Right, cams back on but I'm not sure about the alignment. The book talks about dots but on my pulleys the inlet has an IN and EX raised and a raised dot inline with the IN on the opposite side of the pulley. On the exhaust cam just the raised IN and EX. Is it simply a case of getting the IN on the inlet pulley lined up with the EX on the exhaust pulley? Sorry if I'm being daft but don't want to screw this up. Pete
  14. hi Trevor, A 1/4 inch dent would allow the bar to locate properly but would still be touching the manifold. Then there's the question of engine movement, how much space should be allowed for that? I agree with you on the rigidity thing which is why I want to change the bracket as surely a bent or dented bar will have lost a certain amount of strength? All I need to do is allow the bar to locate about 3 inches to the left at the front and, problem solved. Pete
  15. Hi Tony, Not sure if you've fitted the exhaust system et but this is where I am at the moment. Finally got manifold fitted. Goes on fine and you could do it with the head on but it will be a bit fiddly. The new back box you have is correct. I thought I could use the old back box but it comes up too short so I'll have to order a new one which is a shame! The removable brace bar is going to need moving to create space as the manifold will not go in with the bar in place. Think I'm going to have to manufacture an extension for the bracket at the front as bending the bar will mean it won't fit into the current mountings. Oh well... Pete
  16. Thanks guys. Got it sorted. Already read the LEW stuff but had a feeling the S2 has a slightly different layout to the descriptions in the guide.
  17. Nice one Will! That was my first 350 on the road - put a huge smile on my face and upset the passenger because I was ignoring him!
  18. Hi guys, what needs to come off to remove the cam belt? I can't see well enough with the engine in the car so need some advice please. Also the piston on the tensioner appears to have come all the way out. Should it be like that? Pete
  19. On the Newbury Road A339 halfway between Newbury & Basingrad. 'bout 3pm ish
  20. Shah, Just a personal view but I'm not a fan of spoked wheels on the G-cars. The Speedlines are perfect but if you wanted to change, I'd go with the Lambo style as I reckon the solid shape would blend better with the car's appearance (as well as your colour choice). Evenyone talks about the wedge shape but I think the S1 & S2 cars are suprisingly curveaceous compared to the turbo and the wheels need to compliment that. Pete PS Michelin have revived their XWX tyre from the 70's in the correct width for the rears 205/70VR14 but it's an ugly tread and
  21. Hi Dan, Keep at it! Your new setup is different to mine. The old manifolds are it can be removed! My new one has the 4 pipes already joined at the end going into a single pipe, but the result will be the same. Seems a better idea would have been to get the 4 pipes going into 2 and then into a single a this would make for a much smoother air flow...but I'm no expert, just a thought. Pete
  22. agreed it's not fun driving in the wet (even without a turbo) but think about it, Esprit were designed for this country. 5 or 6 years ago when we had the massive floods all over the country I did a daft thing and decided to go on a trip from the midlands to Reading and back. On the way down through Oxfordshire I went through a village where there was a good ft of water across the road. People were turning around, not crossing it and I kid you not started laughing when they saw me. Stiff upper lip, slip clutch keep engine reving stop water going up the exhaust - no worries. Got through to looks of disbelief from bystanders - god I wish I had the bond theme tune on the cd player!! The way back in the afternoon was worse - serious torrents covering the roads to the point where my I went through one and water flowed into the footwells over my feet but the old girl didn't miss a beat. In the end I couldn't get home thanks to the moat that had been created to stayed at a mates house 'till the river subsided. (hadn't had a chance to fit the submarine conversion kit). Moral of the story is - the engine is in the back with no fan to splash water all over the electrics. The air intake is high up so won't suck in any water and the thing is so light it'll probably float if you do get into trouble! Took about 6 months to dry the carpets out though...
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