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  1. Yes, paint the whole body, it realy makes the car look good! Mine was red when I got her with the black chip resistant stuff on spolier and sills. It was not the original colour and I thought it just made the car look like a cheap f$""%i. Got her resprayed in Essex Blue all over and WOW what a difference. Painting sills and spoiler makes the car look so much lower and the lines cleaner. Keep the bumpers black though as I think they add good definition, don't like the S1 & 2 cars with the bumpers painted too - but I guess it's a personal thing! You can see the before and after pics: Pete
  2. Nice one Shah. Just the job. Alway feel sorry for you guys and your federal bumpers! Pete
  3. Hi chaps, Does anyone have a picture of their front spoiler. Need to get an idea of the curvatureas mines a bit bent (ooeerrrr). Decapitated a pheasant at 70mph a couple of years ago which split the fiberglassand did a quick fix but looking at it it's quite lop-sided. Unfortunately I don't have another for comparison. Cheers, Pete
  4. RAINEX! After getting through 2 wiper 'boxes I just give her a coat of rainex every month or so and have hardly used the wiper since. The water flies off beyond 45mph. When you do use the wiper, make sure the windscreen is well lubricated! Pete
  5. Hi all, Just got a replacement alternator. The old one was a lucas with a nice easy 3 pin plug to connect the wires. The new motorola one is identical except for the back - no pins just bolts. Can anyone tell me how to wire it up? Obviously I'll have to cut the plug off the leads. Pic attached to show old & new. Cheers, Pete
  6. S1s with the Wolfrace wheels should have 195s on the front 205s on the back. S2 with their sexy speedlines should be 205s all-round.
  7. While I've got the top half of the engine in bits, I thought I might as well clean up the parts that show so it looks all pretty and stuff. Any suggestions on the best way to do it. I'm thinking about the inlet manifold barrels and block where the metal has become dulled and grimey from muck and moisture. Obviously want to avoid getting water in the nooks and crannies where it shouldn't be and I'm not after the 'chromed look' finish. Ideas welcomed. Pete
  8. The manifold does come out from the top with evertning in situ. It's a bit of a wiggle but it works. SoI guess the consensus is the the engine will move far enough to swap the mounts without having to undo gearbox. Thanks.
  9. Yep. Left hand side of the 'box is the oil level plug. You can't miss it, it's the only one there! Pete
  10. Looks like crap copy of the new Alfa Competizione - which I think a much much prettier! It'll probably be more common too...
  11. Can the engine mounts be swapped with the engine and gearbox in situ? The lh side is all cracked from the exhaust heat and while the head and alternator are off access to the mounts is easy. Does anything on the gearbox need loosening in order to raise the engine enough to slip the mounts in and out? Cheers, Pete
  12. Has anyone got a motorola alternator. If so how ids it wired. Just got mine as a replacement for the lucas unit I have. The Lucas has a nice 3 pin socket but the motorla doesn't. Don't really want to start chopping up the loom. Any suggestions? Got the new alternator from SJ. Pete
  13. peteyg

    LeMans Classic

    The Classic this year runs on the 7th - 9th July. It's not dissimilar to Le MAns timing wise but obviously the vehicles are older. Cut off year is 1979 but there are cars from the 20's racing. They split the cars into 6 groups - 20s & 30s, 40s&50s, 60s etc and divide the race amongst the groups so each group runs for 4 hours total in 2 2hour sessions. To be honest for me the racing was fun for about 20 mins and the highlight was being able to hear the GT40s at full pelt. The really interesting bit is the huge amount of cars and car clubs that turn up - lots of lovely and unusal metal to drool over! I saw 3 Esprits last time (one of which was mine) which was a shame. It was also scorchingly hot so not very comfortable and the whole place was a dust bath - still, can't wait to do it again! Best bit was the drive there and back - even in a slow car like mine with no air con and windows down at XXXmph it's not a very sociable journey as far as the passenger's concerned! It is the kind of event that needs booking as early as possible with acommodation hard to find and ferry prices going through the roof as summer approaches! Pete
  14. peteyg

    LeMans Classic

    Anyone planning on going? It was fantastic 2 years ago! Pete
  15. Hey Mike, Which bit of the chassis does it touch? I'm assuming the diagonal brace bar that is bolted on at both ends? I've just got the head off which needs cleaning up and some stud treads renewing. Think I'll give Steve a shout and find out what exactly needs doing. Will take plenty of pics and let you know! Cheers, Pete
  16. Has anyone fitted an SS manifold to an S2? I got one from SJ and Steve said there needs to be a minor adjustment made to the chassis as the manifolds were designed on an S1. I thought the chassis were the same on S1 & S2 cars other than the brace below the gearbox? As it is going to be a while before I fit the thing I didn't bother asking him at the time exactly what needed to be done. Any advice gratefullly received and I'll put a How to on LEW when it's done. Cheers, Pete
  17. I don't think there is a brake upgrade without major surgery to the suspension etc. I looked into it a while ago and all I could find were the ebc pads for the front and grooved discs for the back (they hadn't managed to make a pattern for the rear pads at the time). I put greenstuff pads up front and cant honestly say they made much difference - stopping power is still appauling! Pete
  18. Same as MGB. Also used on Elite/Eclat so if you can find any of those to pilfer, that's where I got my replacements before working out why the kept melting!
  19. A PO of mine drilled and tapped a hole so a grease nipple could be screwed in - make topping up very quick and easy! Pete '79 S2
  20. There used to be a pink S3 in the Midlands area. I can remember seeing it about 15 years ago. Can't remember much else form that long ago so it must have stood out. Odd colour but it actually didn't look too bad!
  21. Anyone catch Miami Vice this evening on Men & Motors? Sadly it was in the hands of a bungling bad guy but he tried to get away in an ice blue G Turbo - sweet.
  22. peteyg

    White S1 - A3

    Wednesday on the A3 between M25 & Guildford - ooohh you sexy thing!!!
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